How To Get Your Ex Back – But Here’s 7 Things You Should Not Do.



Originally Published: May 9, 2021

Updated: December 20, 2021

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“Research shows that just 15% of people actually won their ex back, while14% got back together just to break up again, and 70% never reconnected at all.”

Admitting Your Mistakes Within Yourself Is The 1st Step Towards Getting Your Ex Back.


Don’t Rush In:

How To Get Your Ex Back
“Hey dude! Still trying to find your ex-girlfriend’s cell number?”

I understand the anticipation of ‘hooking up’ with the ex brings on some measure of excitement. How to get your ex back is currently your main focus right now.

As a guy whose been through a bunch of crap regarding love and relationships, we tend to blame the ex for our breakup. But in reality, is that the proper way to think? Is that fair?

This Is the part of your life that you want to correct. But do it carefully & slowly. Your past love is all that you think about.

Sometime after a breakup, you realize the breakup was over something silly. By then, your significant other is gone. But not far enough where you feel another chance is out of reach! 

Change Your Ways:

How To Get Your Ex Back-7 things you Shouldn't Do.
Guy trying to figure out how to get his ex back.

You remember that after your breakup, that feeling of rejection, was almost unbearable. Eventually, you have to deal with the painful truth to heal your broken heart. You kept having these thoughts in your head like, “what’s wrong with me???”

You may or may not want to admit it, but your past actions was mainly why she left your ass in the first place. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but the truth sometimes hurts!

If you’re at a point where you feel like nothing you can say or do can turn things around with your ex, I completely understand. I’ve been there myself. But I’m here to tell you that you have more power and more hope than you think.


Be More Respectful:

How To Get Your Ex Back

She’s pondering a future of loneliness.

Respect goes a long ways! This is what keep relationships intact. Don’t start bringing up the past and the stupid shit that eventually broke up the relationship.

She’ll start thinking about it. Remember, you’re trying to get her back, (NOT run her away…AGAIN!!) Some guys resorted to the fact they’re going to be alone forever! But it don’t have to be that way!

So never give up and just stay positive! You want a relationship where you can finally feel value, respect among each other and loved in a way that you’ve NEVER experienced before.

“The 7 Biggest Mistakes Men Make”

Dudes Trying Hard To Get Their Women Back:
  • Apologizing for your behavior
  • Sending flowers or chocolates
  • Promising to become who she wants
  • Dressing nicer
  • Showing your anger or pain
  • Contriving manipulative strategies
  • Showing your desperate or needy
“…..These things only reaffirm her decision to leave you.”

They may get her attention, something you’ll definitely need to achieve at some point, but none of which fixes anything at all about the root problems behind the breakup.


Communication is ‘Key!’

Breakdown Of Mistake List:

How To Get Your Ex Back-7 things you Shouldn't Do.
This dude know he ‘screwed up.’
  • Apologizing to her because you know that you acted like a damn fool while together. You think this will make things all better. Don’t waste your breath, my friend! She heard enough of your apologies during the relationship.
  • Sending gifts, like flowers and candy, tells her you’re trying to buy your way back in. She won’t fall for it. Nice gesture, but this move won’t change your personality.
  • Promising you’ll be a ‘changed man,’ is a joke to your ex. Making ’empty promises’ won’t get you back in good with her. This will come across as a phony move! She’ll feel you’ll NEVER change. Remember, you said this many times before while together.
  • You’ll wear ‘better duds,’ you say!? While together you were the biggest slob in the neighborhood. wearing same old sweats every day, so she knows you won’t change.
  • You think that displaying fits of anger and pain will make her feel differently about you? Not a chance! You say you’re mad because of the breakup and wishing you both were still together. So whose fault is that?
  • If she think you’re planning some strategic, manipulative ways to get her back, then you’ve lost out before ever getting started. (Trying to be slick will look bad for you in her eyes).
  • Acting desperate, needy or (‘thirsty’ as they say in street, dating terms,) will make you appear super jealous if she gave you another chance. Or maybe you just looking for some other reason than love….like a place to stay or financial help.

I know that you’ve heard before how good communication is ‘key’ to making a relationship successful. You’ve probably had friends that have busted up with their ladies because of lack of communication.

Then you find out what little communication they did have was when they argued. The argument could have resulted from commitment phobia. (Maybe she wanted to take the plunge, and you didn’t) Why make that same mistake?

She’s probably taking a ‘second chance’ on you hoping that you’ll be more open to better communication.

Most women don’t forget what happened in the past! Unless she’s so ‘smitten, back in love’ with you, then you better get it together and show her you’re a ‘changed man’ by opening up more.


In Conclusion:


We always say there’s ‘Someone for Everybody.’ Regardless if your trying to figure out how to get your ex back or you trying to hookup with someone new, the dating rules all apply regardless of who you court in life.

So give it your best shot. If you can rekindle love with your ex, then ‘Go For It!’

“Oh, and by the way before you leave, please visit my home page for more exciting articles regarding Love & Relationships!”

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  1. Hi, a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this amazing article. I realize it would be of extraordinary assistance to the general population as it has been of help to me. Discovering love lately has accepted another turn likewise with the inception of online media and dating webpage. Tracking down a decent man or lady isn’t actually an issue any more you should simply play the correct cards.

    1. Yes, I agree that when you play your cards right and also being in the right place at the right time, it certainly helps. I always say “there’s somebody for everybody.” You just have to have patience. Please give my post a ‘like’

  2. Good to see there are so many possibilities to find a partner and even better that online dating is on the rise. If anything, these sites will broaden your base of comparison and choice, rather than wait and see on the streets or going to venues where everybody is masked.

    It looked to me as if finding a date would be increasingly difficult the normal way. The ever-growing social media are a source as well, but I am not sure how safe they are. In this respect, how do these dating sites protect you from scams, imposters, and the like?

    1. Thanks for commenting, Jerry. To answer your question, a person searching has to do their homework by research, track record and long Gevity regarding these sites. Comparing the good and the bad and the amount of complaints received. All are rated differently.

  3. Online dating has certainly become far more popular and part of the new normal that came from the Corona virus. It is as you say, no social distancing is required, and no wearing of masks. Personally I have been wary of using dating sites as I have heard about scammers using it. So I will have a closer look at the two recommended sites that you have. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Online dating, over the last couple years, is growing by ‘leaps & bounds.’ More folks than ever, especially seniors, has been using the internet to find true romance. But seniors do have to be careful and do their research (or have someone help them do research). Not every dating app out there is bad.

  4. Thanks for sharing a well written and informative article with us all hhere. I have to say that it has been a very interesting read indeed. Personally, I have actually met a couple of Exes online. But it was more circumstantial and chatting on Facebook rather than an intentional date hunting exercise

    1. Well my friend, dating apps may not be for everyone, but it’s on the rise because of how much society has changed! Things just aint what they use to be!

  5. Online dating is definitely something to look out for, not just because of the pandemic. Nowadays nobody has the time to go out and find their true love, It’s just easier to sign up to a website and let it do the hard work haha.

    Hopefully the pandemic will end soon though, so there will be more opportunities.

    Don’t give up hope!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Reka. This pandemic stuff is a real ‘ass kicker!’ Many turn to online dating just for the mere fact no one wants you in their face.

  6. This is pretty interesting, because it is so true that I had given up all my hopes when the virus hit. And now things are getting back to normal, but it is still like I don’t know what is going to happen since I live in India. It is difficult for us single people and your post was more than helpful!

    1. Hi Shrey, thanks for commenting. hope you’re staying safe. (I hear the virus is soaring high in your country). I too hope things will return to normal soon. Singles have it hard in regards to dating & relationships. Let me know, if I can assist you with anything.  

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