About Ron

Hello Everyone, I’m Ronald J. Kennedy, the author and Illustrator of ‘How to Select a Compatible Mate’

The character profiles I’ve created are strictly for laughs and I pray there’s Not anyone in our society like this. LOL! You’ve always heard folks say; ‘Everybody needs love!’ This is important in all our lives. You can sit aroundLove conquers all all you want claiming how you don’t need anyone. (That’s a damn Lie)! 

You’re probably disgruntled because you look around and most people are coupled off, but not you. You can’t seem to find anyone! This is a problem everywhere. No matter what city, state or country you’re from.

This is why I created many articles on this subject. To showcase that there are many relationship problems ‘on the horizon!’ A good, loving relationship can be accomplished on all levels of life.

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Thinking back when I was a young buck, I know I had my share of young ladies and made a lot of love. I was a regular ladies man! I had friends that would hang around me, so that they can meet women! (They knew I’d ‘draw them in.)’

Back in the day, the rebel cry was ‘Make Love, Not War.’ We would never fight over a woman. The only ‘war’ we’d have was with the area street bullies. The worst thing that would happen to us was a roughing up every now and then, by these neighborhood bullies.

They would rob us of whatever little money we had in our pockets. (sometimes tried to hide things in our socks, but we couldn’t outsmart those jokers. They just made us take our shoes off!)

A quick ‘shake down’ and it’s over!

shakedown-1340048_640Not the way things are today, especially on the city south side. Way too much violence! So sad!

Cartooning & music were my other two major loves (next to women).

Also, if I was not focused on my school work and got good grades, my mom would remind me to improve myself with a belt on my behind.

But my art creativity still remained at the forefront of my life. Love to paint!

Below are some of my paintings I had outside on display during one of my art fairs. A real fun time that weekend!


This fair would feature oil paintings, framed drawings of unique subjects, hand-crafted dolls, airbrush pictures, metal sculptures, watercolors, etc;

This was an exciting time every year! We all bonded together like family. All art lovers alike to get together for a great time!

After I did not achieve my goal as an art instructor, I became interested in the movielovefolks

business. For some reason, holly wood producers found Chicago an excellent place to shoot movies. When they came to film, I was right there auditioning!

But when I wasn’t doing this, you’d find me back at work in front of my drawing board. Business as usual.

My love of art will never die! Just as comedy writing and illustrator of “How to Select a Compatible Mate” is just something that feels right to me.


I’m so thankful to God each and everyday for giving me the talent which He instilled in me. But I also take NOTHING for granted. So I would say to all of you:


Never put limits yourself! Dig deep within yourself and tap into that hidden talent!



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