How to be more attractive to men

How To Be More Attractive To Men -12 Great Tips To Follow

How to be more attractive to men

Updated On: August 16, 2023

Do Women Always Buy Something New On 1st Date?

“Seventy-five percent of women say that they buy something new for a first date. Only 35 percent of men say that they buy something new for a first date.”

Being attractive is important to men and women (Especially women!) How to be attractive to men is the main focal point regarding attracting the opposite sex.

In This Article:

Pamper yourself.

Plan Your Wardrobe Carefully.

Try On What You Plan To Wear.

Pick the appropriate outfit for the occasion.

Clothes make a statement.

Don’t wear clothes that are too revealing.

Make sure your clothes aren’t too casual.

You have to look and dress the part.

Dress your age.

Make sure that you don’t overdo the jewelry.

Check your shoes.

Wear clothes that are similar in look to what you wore when you first met.

Here’s a case study of two of our clients, Tish & Marcus: “Tish and Marcus were set up on their love connection date. (Tish always took pride in how to be more attractive to men. Just to feel & look more beautiful inside and out). After talking to Marcus for two hours, Tish felt like they had a lot of things in common.

She really wanted to impress him. Even though she had plenty of beautiful clothes in her closet, she decided she needed to buy something new. But poor Tish was on a budget. What to do?”

How To Be More Attractive To Men
“Look what I’ve done to enhance the size of my boobs.”

“Her mama, knowing how excited Tish was about meeting Marcus, sent her some money.

Tish bought a sexy bustier top, low cut in front, and it left her shoulders bare.

When Marcus saw her in that sexy top, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Their first date lasted until the next morning.”

Getting Yourself Ready. Getting yourself ready involves more than just throwing on some clothes fifteen minutes before your date gets there.

Take some time to look good, smell good, feel good. Look sexy, appealing, and sensual. Taking the time to look your best will give you the confidence you need to really go out there and connect with the other person.

And of course a glass of wine before your date arrives helps with the nerves too. (Unless you also need a ‘hit of weed.’) How you get ready mentally, that’s your own business.

Now check out these 12 tips that can help get you going towards a successful meeting and hopefully a long-term relationship.

Getting Dressed.

Pamper yourself. If you can afford it, get something new. Get your hair or nails done, and get the car washed. Just do any little thing to get yourself feeling more excited about the date.

Plan Your Wardrobe Carefully. Make sure that you’re not rummaging through your closet and pulling something out two minutes before the date that’s wrinkled, stained, or smelly. Plan in advance what you are going to where. Don’t be afraid to ask opinions. That old Flash dance” sweatshirt that’s been in the closet since college, may not be the right thing to wear on a first date. (Although it may be great for painting your bathroom).

Try On What You Plan To Wear. Your weight may have fluctuated, you might be missing a button, or missing a zipper or the zipper may be broken. Try some things on and pick out the outfit that makes you shine. There’s nothing more depressing than putting on that black slinky dress that you’ve been planning in your mind to wear for a week, only to discover that your belly sticks out further than your boobs! But regardless of what you do, you’re always thinking how can I be more beautiful.

Pick the appropriate outfit for the occasion. Don’t wear a cocktail dress or a tuxedo to a baseball game. This includes wearing clothes that are weather appropriate. Complaints about being too warm or too cold can put a damper on your date. If you’re not sure about the dress code for the date, you can always ask. If you aren’t able to ask, plan to dress up a little more. People tend to feel more comfortable when they are overdressed, instead of under dressed.

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Clothes make a statement. Think about what you are wearing when you put it on. Clothes say something about you, and you don’t want to turn off the person you are with. Wear clothes that are appropriate for that person. If you are going out with a conservative person, don’t get too funky.

Don’t wear clothes that are too revealing. There’s a difference between looking sensual and looking slutty. Don’t be afraid to be sexy, but remember there is such a thing as going too far, especially on a first date. A little cleavage is sexy, but if your breast are falling out the side of your dress, then you are giving off the wrong impression and you’ll complain about why your date never looked into your eyes.

Make sure your clothes aren’t too casual. Big baggy clothes make it seem like you didn’t care enough about the person that were going out with to want to look good for them. You don’t need to change your entire look for a date, but a first date should be handled a little differently. Let’s face it, first dates are like acting in a real playing game.

You have to look and dress the part. You have to save parts of the ‘real you’ until you have spent more than a few hours with someone. Part of that involves dressing to impress. Admit it, you don’t want to go out in public with somebody that looks like they are wearing their pajamas. Wait until someone wants to go out with you again, before getting too casual. Unfortunately, people are judged on appearances first. Let a person get to know you before letting down your guard.

Dress your age. Don’t wear tight clothes or clothes that are too short, too trendy, or look like they came from a teen store, unless you’re in your teens.

Make sure that you don’t overdo the jewelry. This includes a ring on every finger, five gold chains, or multiple earrings in weird places, like your eyebrow or your tongue. It can draw too much attention, which could be a turnoff. This goes for men too. A man who wears a necklace, a bracelet, a watch, and a ring is wearing three pieces of jewelry too many.

Check your shoes. Most people notice tacky and unkempt shoes right away. People do make assumptions about how you take care of yourself based on how you take care of your shoes. Also, make sure the shoes match the rest of the outfit. This means the color of your belt and shoes should match. Ladies, if you’re wearing open-toed shoes, make sure your naked toes are presentable. (Nails nicely trimmed, toes painted) Your feet shouldn’t look like ‘the werewolf.’ Guys shouldn’t wear open-toed shoes, unless the date is going to the beach. (And avoid wearing socks with sandals, a major fashion don’t.)

Wear clothes that are similar in look to what you wore when you first met. It can be a great shock if you met in a conservative business suit and you show up for a dinner date in torn shorts which expose your hairy bow legs.

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In Conclusion

Make yourself presentable at all times. This may be ‘the one.’ You’ll never really know someone until you start planning some type of activities.

It doesn’t have to be anything special at the start, maybe an afternoon get together at a local restaurant or coffee shop. If has an art talent, maybe a trip to the art museum would be sufficient.

But just remember to always have your ‘radar up’ to get a good feeling for the person. Look here for additional dating advice regarding men & women


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