How To Stay On Her Good Side | 25 Rules Guys Should Follow With Caution


Original Publish Date: March 17, 2017

Updated & Published: February 12, 2022

How To Stay On Her Good Side

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“In the population examined, 411 women (68 percent) reported experiencing one or more episodes of controlling behavior; 38.1 percent reported experiencing only controlling behavior; 11.4 percent and 10 percent reported receiving controlling behaviors plus physical or sexual victimization respectively; and 8.6 percent reported all forms of relationship violence.”

Are You Trying To Be Slick?

Have you ever been in trouble with your woman lately, and you have no one to blame but yourself? How to stay on her good side should be your top priority. (I’ve been there a few times before myself).

Now your buddy, being a single guy, is planning a great evening at his place and you know a lot of loose women will be there. Your woman absolutely despises him!

She understands that’s your childhood friend, but she still hates him nevertheless. You lied to her before to hang out with him! (Remember, you pulled the “gonna go to my mama’s house” crap).

Now in your mind, you think you’re getting away with something. But in reality, you not getting away with shit! Trust me! She knows. (You ever hear of a “woman’s intuition”)!

How To Stay On Her Good Side
This dude know he’s headed for the doghouse!

I must start things off with a very known fact:

Every man who’s ever been involved with a ‘main lady’ in their life, has found himself at one time or another in her doghouse.  

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Walking On Eggshells

How To Stay On Her Good Side
This guy is trying to talk his way out of not going in her dog house.

Remember, you always want to stay on her good side!

To please our women, we have to walk around softly and be mindful of how we speak to them, and careful of what we say and do to keep the relationship.

But as men, we’re not going to be ‘pushovers.’ we want our own identities. Be leaders and not followers.

Our egos will not allow anything less! But lo and behold…we done gone and screwed something up!

Below are 25 important rules to remember: if you want to keep your ass out of the doghouse. In other words, think of these as the most cautious things you could ever say or do regarding managing relationships.


RULE #1 Never forget – even her feelings have feelings.

Women feel things far more deeply than the rest of us. They can be downright bottomless wells of sensitivity. You may feel pretty happy with yourself for properly diagnosing some feeling you’ve noticed she has.

But don’t get complacent: Whatever it was, you can bet there are five more coming right behind it.

RULE #2 -Develop an attention to detail that would put Scotland Yard to shame.

Maybe she has a new haircut, some type of new hairstyle or nail color. Maybe she left for work this morning a blonde and came back a brunette. Whatever it is, if you don’t notice it, YOU’RE IN TROUBLE!

When you see her at the end of the day, play a silent round of the old children’s game What’s Wrong with This Picture? (Hint: There’s only one right answer: nothing – I love it! Even if it’s a five-engine red Mohawk.)  

RULE #3 -Learn to listen like Barbara Walters.

However long or complicated the conversation may be, just nodding your head occasionally and saying “uh huh” won’t cut the mustard. Trust me, sooner or later you’re going to need to remember what she’s saying. Pay a little attention now, and thank me later.

RULE#4 -It’s fine to have friends who are girls…as long as they all look like Mike Tyson.

Don’t expect her to be any more thrilled about your cute girl-friends than you would be about her new buddy, the hot, muscular neurosurgeon.

If you want to stay out of the doghouse, say goodbye to all lady friends who have more than one facial tattoo and less than three chins.

RULE#5 -Learn when a request is actually a command in disguise.

“Do you want to come with me to the kids’ play?” “Do you feel like going to the school board meeting?” “To see the Robertson’s baby?” “To the Johnson’s housewarming?”  These sound like request…. but there NOT!

RULE#6 -Just as in any other penal system, repeat offenders get longer sentences.

You’re probably thinking everyone makes a mistake once in a while. That would be your FIRST mistake. Justice might be blind, but she has a perfect memory.

Even if you throw yourself on the mercy of the court and get a suspended sentence for your first offense, the second time the judge will throw the book at you.

RULE#7 -Take a lesson from golf: Always keep your head down.

One of the quickest paths to the doghouse is getting caught looking at other women. Even when you think you’re in the clear, You’re NOT! Women all have that sixth sense.

When you feel temptation is near, keep your head down and stare at your feet. If that’s too hard, think about investing in a pair of horse blinders.

RULE#8 -Even if she asks for details about your ex-girlfriends, she doesn’t really want to know.

No good ever comes from talking about ex-girlfriends. Bringing them up is like summoning a ghost – once in the room, they’ll haunt you forever. We recommend telling her you spent spent most of your life in a seminary before you met.

RULE#9 -Your relationship is not an adult film…it’s a sitcom!

We know, you may have seen some things online that looked pretty…stimulating. Unless you’re a rock star, though, don’t even try talking her into trying anything you’ve seen in dirty movies.

Trust me: your relationship’s more like ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, without the joke writers. the laugh track or the commercial breaks.

RULE#10 -Learn from our old past, former president Nixon: The cover-up is always worse than the crime.

Deleted text messages are as bad as incriminating texts. If you wouldn’t want her to read it, don’t send it in the first place – ’cause she will, every time. And mobile reception in the doghouse is terrible.

 RULE#11 -Never use any kind of fruit to describe the shape of her body. Fruit can be very good for you. Fruit metaphors? Not so much. Pear, apple, melon, cantaloupe – reach for the wrong image, and you might get that same piece of fruit thrown at your head.

RULE#12 -There’s NO A for effort.

Sorry, but if she ask for a cucumber and you come up with a zucchini, you’re in trouble! “Some kind of vegetable” isn’t enough to keep your head above water.

RULE#13 -Fair: A place with cotton candy and pony rides.

Get use to it: When it comes to relationships, life isn’t fair. If you want to ‘win’ her, every so often you need to lose an argument. Check your ego at the door – and your superego and your id, while you’re at it.

RULE#14 -Begging is far more effective than facts, logic, and rational thought.

You may brandish “the facts” like a seasoned lawyer – but this is not a court of law. In an argument, logic will only make her more irate. Think less like a lawyer and more like a prisoner on a pirate ship: When all else fails, – “beg for mercy.”

RULE#15 – There’s NO such thing as a friendly game of “What celebrity would you sleep with?”

Dude, you really ought to know better, but one or two glasses of wine and a shot of vodka and there you are, revealing your secret yearning to make out with Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez. Innocent enough, right?

RULE#16 – NEVER side with your mother over her (unless you want to move back in with mom).

True. For the first eighteen years of your life, your mother’s opinion was the one that counted. But now there’s a new sheriff in town!

Tell her your mom disagree with her, and you and your poor mom could get get thrown in the stir.

RULE#17 – No good can come of forming a band AFTER the age of twenty – nine. 

From where she stands, forming a band can only lead to bad things: Your being gone nights on end, wearing childish T-shirts, and coming home to a cold dinner and a cold shoulder. Try it, and your ‘opening night’ may be at a little club, down the end of a deserted road called “the Doghouse.”

RULE#18 – Don’t Complain about your plate unless you want it replaced by a bowl. 

Unless the steak she serves you is extra rare with a side of E. coli. it’s Best NOT to criticize her cooking. Remember, before she came along you were probably eating frozen dinners everyday. So whatever she’s got cooking, it’s an upgrade!

RULE#19 – A woman’s pet is never just an animal. It’s her furry soulmate. 

They’re all dog and cat whisperers. Don’t assume you can make fun of her cat or yell at her dog. She’d probably sacrifice her life – or yours, at least – for the animals.

RULE#20 – She can’t put you in the doghouse if she can’t find you.

When you know you can’t win the match, sometimes it’s just best to stay out of the ring. Try running away and living in a tent for a couple of days till the smoke blows over.

RULE#21 – NEVER, ever throw a “mantrum.”

If she feels like it, she can freak out and get hysterical and throw heavy objects at your head. No penalty, no questions asked. Try raising your voice above a whisper, though, and suddenly you’re the Devil himself.

RULE#22 – Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Don’t be lazy in bed. You need to make sure she achieves the actual pleasures she deserves. If you don’t, perhaps someone else will.

RULE#23 – If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Oddly enough, even if you’ve done nothing wrong, your friends’ indiscretions and misadventures can land you in the doghouse. If they cheated or lied to their wives and you were with them during the crime, you are, unfortunately, guilty by association.

RULE#24 – 8:35pm…The time when texts from other women become creepy.

Text messages from women you work with, or from female friends, are inevitable. But once the sun has gone down, those same texts no longer seem quite so innocent….maybe because they’re not.

And now, before I end, here’s one more extreme rule that targets ALL married guys. I’ll call this “The Grand Daddy of All Rules” (It stands alone in the rankings): 

RULE#25 – “Your Wedding Ring Should Only Leave Your finger, If Your Finger Leaves Your Hand.”

To the numerous fellows that ended up in the doghouse after getting caught taking off their ring on the way to the pub, strip club, or some other ‘hunting ground’ or ‘watering hole,’ will always remember the day.

A woman figure once that ring goes on your finger, the only things with a license to remove it are a wood chipper, meat cleaver….or an alligator.

But just a side note to all you guys that just can’t seem to get it together regarding their relationship; STOP SCREWING UP!

Maybe you’ve lied so much to a point that your woman knows all your moves. (That’s why you find your ass constantly in her dog house).

“Oh, and by the way before you leave, please visit my home page for more exciting articles regarding Love & Relationships!”

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  1. Hi Dear!!! This article sure made me laugh! I think must that in our world most of families women to be the main person of our family. I am really such in instances–talk about having more feelings! Me totally believe that a person needs his own Freedom , but if he does not his own thing most of the time. I believe that if a person is happy with his life, he should simply move on and enjoy with your wife life, about a person wife and being for the rest of his wife life.
    Thank you Dear.

  2. Hahaa… I love your definition of this dog house, it most certainly a place no one should ever want to be.. Thank God am not a

    Wow! 37 years of married life! I must commend you for that and I hope I get to live through so many years in matrimony. 

    This article really shows how far you’ve come and I bet you wrote from experience., so it’s definitely something every guy should take consider.

    I will make sure to pass this unto my brothers as I believe they will benefit a lot from it.


  3. I swear I almost lost it when you mentioned the having friends that look like Tyson bet LOL. And the whole wearing kid shirts (in the starting the band tip lol) was wicked funny too. 

    And after three-decades of marriage, my hat goes off to you because these days a lot of people can’t seem to go the distance for some reason or another. Hopefully they find this post and implement some of these lighthearted tips.

    1. Thank you Nate my friend for reading and enjoying my post. If all goes well by us guys and we abide by all the rules, then maybe that may keep us out of that lonely place called ‘the doghouse.’ But as men, we tend to slip up even if we don’t mean to. That’s just the way we are. but with tons of practice, we’ll get better! lol. Please share this article with others.

  4. Oy! As Fran Fine would say.

    This post made me laugh out loud – especially the bit where “even her feelings have feelings”. I have to say I agree with that statement. Actually, I agree with most of the rules (not all but many) and want to congratulate you on over 3 decades of marriage.

    What an achievement! We’ll be celebrating our 5th year anniversary sometime this year and we might commemorate it by doing something silly and outrageous, like running away to Gretna Green. lol

    Maybe we have a shot at transforming our sitcom into something slightly more dramatic…maybe Outlander? lol We do live in Scotland, after all. Hah!

    Thanks for the post. I love it!

    1. Kevin and Jade, let me aplaude you guys for five years of marriage. You all are a ‘match made in heaven.’ Congrats. I was headed into long staying power in my marriage, (The years were accumulating) until my wife passed away. But I continued to move forward with my life. As they say, “Life goes on.” Yes you guys should do something crazy on that day. Just don’t go running down the streets of Scotland ‘streaking,’ Y’all may get arrested. LOL! Please share my post with others!

  5. Dear Roland,
    Thanks for the brilliant and lovely article. I love this article. All the rules that you had told are fully true. Now I think that I take its printed copy and give it to my friends and family to read it. Because it would help them to know the rules. It’s good advice to the man. This post is naturally interesting to everyone and many of them are interested to maintain these rules to their woman because it’s a love-related post and often are attracted to this subject.
    Thank you for your valuable advice. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi my friend. It’s Ronald. I’m glad you liked my post. Thanks for reading. I guess you’ve heard the saying, “rules are made to be broken.” Problem is, if a dude break any of these rules and he got a crazy-ass woman, he’ll end up with a broken neck living in the ‘doghouse.’lol. We as men, ain’t perfect, but we try to do our best to walk the ‘straight & narrow’. But sometime our best ain’t good enough! Please share my post with friends.

  6. You know I can actually say your posts are satirical. They make humour of things that are real. These facts are just too true. Staying away from the dog house is really hard and one might be needing to go out of his way. Its not easy because the ladies are always hard and they keep on demanding. My girlfriend likes talking and if I don’t listen then I’m done for. She wants me to notice everything she does. Well, I guess we don’t have a choice. We want to enjoy out relationship? Then we have to stick to what they want.

    1. Reality must be faced high, in my opinion, on a fun-filled scale. The ‘dog-house’ is real (But not too much fun!) Guys, we know around our women, we must walk on eggshells. We try keeping the piece, but still manage to screw something up. Hell, all we can do is try our best to be obedient and beg for sex. Please share my post!

  7. This is an interesting write out on how to smooth in a relationship and maintain peace.

    As a girl aka woman, I feel that there is many truth this is write out .

    In this interesting and humorous 17 rules, it pretty much sum up to what woman actually wants.  

    Ironically, most women want it all or nothing.  Though women can really be very difficult to win over, whoever the enlightened one will reap more benefits than all the hard work he puts in.

    Deep and real relationship helps a man to grow by leap by bounds, if only any man can see it.

    Thank you for this wonderful post. 

    1. Hi and thank you for posting your comment. Really appreciate it. You as a woman, probably think these rules hold firm. But as a man, I know rules are ‘made to be broken.’ (All men would say that, especially THESE rules). Men seem to be walking on eggshells lately, trying their best to please their woman. Some succeed, but most fail. Oh, well. My friend, do me a favor, please let me know if your receive this reply by sending me an ‘OK’ from your dashboard back office comment section. Thanks much. 


  8. Thanks for the awesome article Ron, I can imagine ladies all around the globe nodding and clapping in synchrony as they read this! You hit the nails right on the head here!

    I totally agree with Arta’s comment below… I think I too will have to print these perfect instructions for my partner and leave them all around the house so he can learn (and learn fast) haha 🙂 

    The one line that had me laughing out loud “say goodbye to all lady friends who have more than one facial tattoo and less than three chins.” lol this is so true!!

    Great article Ron, keep up the terrific writing.


    1. Kiara, don’t be too hard on your guy at home now. (Us men do slip up every now and then). Hell! We damn sure do not wanna end up in you ladies doghouse. Seems like we make one visit there, then Bingo; we tend to have our asses right back again. (With you women, we have to walk on eggshells). LOL. Please pass this article on.

  9. These are some sound advice here and I agree with most of them. I think not referring her body to a fruit is a great idea, that’s a one way ticket to getting into the dog box. I love my girlfriend for who she is, not what she looks like and I tell her she’s beautiful everyday. Even if she’s a little chubby, she’s still perfect and I make sure to tell her that. Build up their self esteem and make them feel good about themselves, they will shower you with unconditional love. Well that’s what I’ve found to be true so far, lol.

    1. Yes Brandon, you make a good point as to one way of staying out of the doghouse. Give a woman plenty of love and affection, and you can guarantee yourself less time in the doghouse. But be careful, you may screw up in other areas of your relationship which will for sure, land your ass right back in the doghouse. Thanks for reading.

  10. Not only is this article amusing and well written but it has some great tips as well!! 

    I have actually gone against the grain with some of these and been sent to the doghouse. I used to take requests as what they sounded like but soon learnt that they were not really requests at all but more like orders!

    Still, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    Thanks for this informative and amusing post


    1. Hi Tony, thanks for reading my post. We as men, who tries to do right, always end up in the doghouse no matter what we do. Women just don’t understand. Now we all know, women aren’t perfect either by any stretch of the imagination. But they seem to hold one thing over our heads, they know we men can’t do without (I think you know what that is!) We have to keep it together!


  11. Haha! The 4th rule on having girlfriend that look like Mike Tyson is just Hilarious!! But  I agree. I need to be hottest looking of all her girlfriends. And the rule on keeping their head down should be observed by all means. There is nothing annoying as a man you are with staring at another woman even for a split second. These are important rules and must rules to be followed. Thanks for reminding the guys on these. Looking forward to more content from you. Great article!

    1. Hi my friend Carol. Thanks for checking in with me. As you know, all rules are made to be broken! None are cast in stone! But I know, we as men, must obey by the rules, if we know what’s good for us. (The doghouse awaits us!) We know it’s a cold, dark and scary place. It’s a place one is banned to the cold shoulder, the evil eye, and the itchy couch. Please share this post with others.

  12. Wow! You cannot be more spot on with this post than what you have written here and I love every bit of reading on here. Wow! Simply awesome to see. It is inevitable for us all as guys not to find ourselves in the dog house when it comes to our partners. However, with this guide, the chances of that happening to us is very much more limited well. This is very great and I fancy this a lot. I’d share with my guys too

    1. Hi my friend. I’m happy you enjoyed my post. Like you commented, every guy should abide by these rules to keep their asses out of the doghouse. Rodarrick, you know as men, when walk around normally on ‘eggshells’ on a regular basis. We always have to be aware of what we say or do. Trying to please your woman at home can really be task. But hell! What can we do but obey? Please share this post with as many singles & couples as possible.

  13. I must strongly agree with you that being in a relationship sometimes is always hell for we guys and it’s a kind of situation that whatever you do. still bounce back to that faulty side and you’re confined to fixing someone’s feelings, you keep her heart so dearly more than you keep yours. Anyways, I’ve been reading through articles today, but this is the best I’ve been able to to read, it is very useful and will be of help even to those of us that are married. Thanks.

    1. It’s really amazing to me how we can easily end up in the doghouse; even for the smallest things. We’re only human and can’t be expected to do everything right. We try to be sweet and loving providers for our women, but sometimes it’s never enough. One slip up and BOOM!!…..Doghouse! Here we come! Please share this with others.

  14. Women are such complex beings. Living in harmony with a woman takes a lot of work and understanding and admitting you are guilty even when you are not or apologizing even when you are right. If you intend to be in a happy relationship with a woman then you need to be ready to do all you can to make her happy because when she is happy that is when you can also be happy. Seems strange but that is just the way it is.

    1. Manuel, I couldn’t agree with you more! These beautiful ladies out here can turn out to be funny, complex creatures. We love them to death, but as they say, “You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them!” So as men, to keep the peace, we must continue walking on ‘eggshells’ until the cows come home! LOL.

  15. This is really interesting and very factual, very realistic and practical, it is what most and every experience in relationships. These 20 tips are very useful and achievable with ease. It can get really frustrating to feel like a pet dog chained to the wheel to obey and please its owner but I believe by having understanding and patience, relationship will be made easy and that’s just what you have defined in here, I commend you for sharing it.

    1. It seems we men are expected to perform a certain way in regards to pleasing our mate; in the bedroom and outside of it. But the slightest slip and there we are….in the doghouse! It’s that cold lonely place that we don’t wanna be in. A place where we struggle to figure out what the hell we did wrong. May we’re in the Twilight Zone? Please share my post with others. 

  16. Hi,

    You have an interesting topic here. Women are wonderful creatures. I would say a woman feels the feeling of feelings. I don’t even know what that means. I think that is how it is with them. They are very sensitive. Little is a lot and a lot can  be little or nothing.

    The listening part is a serious issue. Even when I try to fake listening most times and just smile and hope the story will end soon, she just catch me in the process by asking about what she has been talking about and I have no clue. 

    Having friends who are girls could be fine for one and dangerous for another. We could go on and on on how to stay on her good side. I really like the way you have outlined this here. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. I clearly understand ‘rules are made to be broken’, but if we break any of these rules, we’re most likely to get our asses whupped…..then get thrown in the dog house. Sometimes we have to dance around issues on eggshells, hoping things will work out, even if we don’t know what the hell we done.

  17. Thanks so much for the outstanding article! I have to admit when I first ran across it I thought this would be one of those cheesy lists but these tips are great!

    I chuckled quite a few times reading through them but honestly they are all 100% right on, though probably not typically discussed. I especially agree with tip #20: no good comes out of a man (or a woman for that matter) taking off their wedding ring. I also love your mention of furry soulmates. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Shan. Thank you for reading. You always hear the saying that ‘rules are made to be broken.’ We guys slip up every now and then, and I don’t have to tell you were that leads us. No matter how much we plead, beg or lie (smile), we end up in the dog house until further notice. But we try our best to follow the rules. (Or give it a good shot anyway)

  18. Keeping the peace is always a smart idea – in romatic relationships and otherwise. It’s usually easy if you approach your relationships with an attitude of mutual respect and keep communication open. Take time to listen to your partner and also take note of unspoken cues and signals that your partner may be sharing. No one wants the peace to be disturbed in their relationship — listen and talk and you can usually find the best way back to a harmonious place. 

    1. Aly, communication and understanding are two main elements missing from enjoying a satisfying and happy relationship. (Not enough of that going around now-a-days). When a lot of miscommunication is flying around among both parties, it seems somebody always end up in the doghouse (usually the guy!) Please share this post with others.

  19. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. sometimes it can really be very stressful to please a woman and i would almost go crazy trying to understand my wife. thanks for this

    1. Thank you for the compliment Benny. I enjoy writing articles like this, giving dudes a ‘heads up.’ But I’ll tell you Benny, as long as you keep this list available, do what’s right and walk around on eggshells, you should be ok with your wife. You shouldn’t be visiting the dog house anytime soon! Please share this with others.

  20. Deliciously funny my friend, totally irreverent and yet outstandingly relevant and effective good advice for the man who is married and wants to stay married!

    Of course if you want to do the opposite then you have the opportunity to ignore this advice and live in a world of perpetual hurt and pain…..kinda like Hell but without the good bits.

    Thanks this made me chuckle and think at the same time!


    1. Hamish58 I guess like anything else, all rules are made to be broken. But guys should think twice before bending these rules because the doghouse will be waiting. It’s a cold, dark lonely place where dudes can try figuring out what the hell went wrong!! Some never learn! Please share this site with others.

  21. Hi Ronald,

    I love your rules and I enjoyed reading them.

    I too have a loved one that we have to build a strong relationship together and she is a very sweet person we tend to not argue a lot it’s really rare for us to argue on anything because we grew up together but these rules will help us even strengthen our relationship.

    I would also suggest always to leave some time for an hour and just talk with your significant other a pure hour just talking helps.

    Don’t you agree.

    1. Yes Michael, I agree with you that good communication is the glue that holds together relationships. So scheduling time (at least one hour), for long serious talks is a great plan. Ironing things out before any misunderstandings erupt is what every couple need. Also, it’ll help the dude stay out of the doghouse, at least for a while. Please share my list with others. 

  22. You have a really good sense of humor and obviously a lot of experience with women. I am married myself now for 16 years, but wonder if men when seeing your 20 points, still would want to marry any of the ladies. lol In any case, I can relate very well to the things mentioned and anyone marrying a lady better take notice! Unfortunately, for me it is already too late, but I can now see what I might have done wrong or could do better. So, thanks for your advise. Is there also a list of points that women better stick to in their relationships with men?

  23. This article is so true and funny! It really made me laugh so hard. I am a woman and I agree with most of the advice you’ve given on this post. 

    Rule number 2 is so true, we sometimes change something very minor and expect our partner to notice it . I also like number 3 , sometimes I talk with my partner and I realise he hasn’t listened to a word I was saying. And my favourite one is number 19  🙂 

    Kind regards,


    1. Hey Yoana, you woman sometimes love to keep us poor guys on a short lease. Y’all never wanna hear our side of the story. no matter if it’s good or bad! (You know we have an excuse for everything!) LOL. But of course, all of our excuses are gonna be good because that’s the last place we wanna end up….in your Dog House!! Please share my post with your social media downline.

  24. I have to say, this was not only one of the best, most intelligent articles I have read in quite some time, it was also written expertly, with just the right amount of comedy, without negatively impacting the point of each suggestion. Which, by the way, were spot on! The only question…is there a man alive who can pull “all” of this off? 😉

    1. Thank you Jason for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed my article. To maintain a decent relationship, it does have to work both ways, But as men, we do seem to get ‘the short end of the stick.’ If we don’t walk the ‘straight and narrow,’ we end up in the doghouse….and No sex! Please share my post with others.

  25. Hey Ronald, thanks for a concise article, it is indeed a timely information to me. The rules/ tactics to handle and choose a partner is quite impressive. Understanding women and their behavioural pattern is a complex phenomenal, I have been having female friends which my spouse is aware about, off recent are attitude towards me and my female friends change drastically, and I have beginning to loose it. Having read your article, I think I should make amends. Thanks for saving my relationship from falling apart.

    1. Thank you my friend for checking in with me. I’m happy to know that I was able to swoop in and save your relationship. (Just doing my civic duty for society)LOl. But when it comes down to understanding women, like you say it can become pretty complex. (I’ve written an article on that very topic, and need to post it soon) Stay tune!

  26. Relationship is something that requires both parties to be able to relate with each other, understand what the likes and dislikes of their partner are. I must say staying on the good side of a lady is like being righteous, thanks for these tips, they are very practical and realistic to apply.

    1. Hey Bruce, hopefully these tips will keep most dudes out of the doghouse and back on the right track. But then again, we just can’t seem to get it right. No matter what we do or what we say, it doesn’t always go our way. Please share my post with others.

  27. Congratulations on the 37 years of marriage! That is a a goal everyone should aim for. 

    This is a fantastic article. I love the list. it all really makes sense to me. There are all sorts of love languages and everyone is sooo different. But let me come back to your list. These are very important rules to live by if you want to maintain a healthily relationship with you loved one. Thank you so very much for this amazing article.


    1. Thank you Jordan on the congrats. I appreciate it. I guess after seeing my years of marriage then writing this article, I guess you say I write from experience! (Yes, I’ve spent many times in the doghouse during my 37 years of marital bliss.) There’s always ups and downs in all relationships. Good and bad! But as guys, we still have to ‘walk on eggshells,’ Please share my site with others.

  28. Thank you so much for what you have shared here. Honestly,I fancy everything you have shared here and definirely, it is worthwhile to see. Being with a woman can really be annoying sometimes but on the overall, it can also give a great feeling too. Hence, knowing the rules to follow to ensure peace reigns at all times is good to see here. Thanks

    1. Well Nath, as the old saying goes; “Women! You can’t live with them, can’t live without them!” Women can be very complex creatures. So much to understand about their minds, where they coming from! Us as men, try walking the straight and narrow, trying to keep the peace. Often time failing. But we try! Please share my site with others.

  29. These all ar golden rules. 

    I am always wondering how come people can get divorced after like 20 years of marriage. 

    Always the truth is somewhere between, but I believe if all men would read these rules at leat 20% of the marriages would be saved 🙂 

    I am not yet married but I have done some stupid mistakes, that you mention here in your post. 
    I Will got through them again and will apply them. 

    thanks a lot -;) 

    1. Hi Michal. Thanks for checking in with me. I know many guys have fell short of perfection, when it boils down to applying to these rules. Of course, the ladies has got to understand us guys ain’t perfect. We do make mistakes. Michal, you say you not married yet? (Make sure you study these rules close.) If you looking for a place to find a mate, then check out my other site that have helped many singles:

  30. Very important. I think the ladies have some very twisted moods because one minute they can be in their best mood and in the next, they can easily switch up which is not something the guys want to see. The fact that you can give some details on the rules one need to follow is pretty cool and I find that maybe I should try it out.

    1. Hi Suz. As men we do slip up from time-to-time. (Can’t be perfect you know.) We end up in the woman’s doghouse after making too many mistakes! Mistakes that’s sometime are just plain old stupid. Like I say, we not perfect. How long do you think we can walk around on egg shells? Please share my post! Thanks.

  31. Well, thanks for providing these useful tips. I chuckled a bit because of the humor, so it’s really well written. I agree that there is a LOT of rules that guys like us need to keep when engaging in a relationship with another woman. I guess even an old saying ‘women always right’ is true for most of the parts 🙁 Nevertheless, I’ll share these rules for my bros out there. Thanks

    1. Thanks for checking out my site. They say, ‘Rules are made to be broken’, so that’s why we end up in the doghouse, too many of the rules have been broken by us. For too long, we been screwing up!  We do ask for forgiveness, but Too Late!…the ‘doghouse’ is already prepared for you. Please share my post with others.

  32. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful topic, I like it because is educative and important to human life, is good to know the rules it makes you stay on her good side, you will never hurt are feelings, it will be a perfect relationship if all the rules are abide and know what to do as a guy. 


    1. Thanks for checking in with me. Keeping our woman happy is what we must do as men, to keep the peace. Some women enjoy keeping us in the doghouse, over the smallest incidents. I say ‘guilty until proven innocent.’ Please share my post

  33. Hi there Ronald, I really enjoyed reading your article ‘How To Stay On Her Good Side | 25 Rules Guys Should Follow’ I’m sure it will help a lot of men learn to appreciate their relationship better and keep their significant other happy. I especially like that you went into details on each of the rules. I’m really glad that I came across this article. 

    1. Hi my friend. Thank you for commenting. It seem like ‘women really rule’ in a way us men can only abide by. We may be right in some things but not all things. We feel we have control on the situation, but our women make us think otherwise. I guess we’ll get it together one day! Please share my site with others,

  34. Thank you for the humor you put into this post. There are a lot of tips here. But you deliver them in a fun way. It’s the type of post that we would share on social media. The point that really made me laugh was the mention of former president Nixon: The cover-up is always worse than the crime.

    1. I’m at peace within my mind, when I know I’ve produced some funny shit others can enjoy. LOL. Making people laugh over everyday type situations is what I do best. We need a little humor in our lives after all the crap we been through.

  35. This is a serious topic that has been covered in a very humorous way. There are so many points on this list that had me smiling, while knowing it is so true. As a woman I am fully aware of my shortcomings and could appreciate the lessons in here as well. After 38 years of marriage, I could really relate to this post.

    1. Congrats to you on 38 yrs of marital bliss. (I hit 37 yrs, but wife past away 2 weeks later.) But I’m glad you enjoyed this article. Those points I listed, although humorous, there’s some reality behind each.

  36. Hey this is an interesting article! It contains I would say some points which are definitely true to some extent. I think I should show this post to some of the men maybe they can learn a thing or two and hopefully change their relationship for the better, if they are struggling.

    1. Good idea my friend. I know they’re dudes out there, that don’t give a crap and get very lax in the way they handle things. Excuses can only carry you so far.

  37. Umm holy crap!  How do I get my significant other to read this without blatantly telling him he needs to read this?  Haha that is my number one question for you.  I’m thinking I’ll just leave it open on the computer, but it could be there a good long while! Ha,  Thanks for a great article. I got a few laughs out of it and I can say,. with the utmost certainty, you have really figured it out.  Hats off to you!

    1. Ashley, I’ve heard back from others on how they got their ‘significant other’ to read this list. They say they printed it out and taped it on the refrigerator door. (That way they’re sure to see it). LOL.

  38. Good tips. I remembered when I first read Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. I guess until today, women are still a mystery to me….. married now 12 years and still sometimes trying to figure her out hehehe…. There are of course many things we can do, but I guess in the end is about compromise and meeting the middle ground, and making use of the best moment you have…..

    1. Good communication to establish a ‘middle ground’ may work, but if it don’t work, just lie! LOL! But seriously talking out issues should work; but worst come to worst, your stay in the doghouse should be a short one.

  39. Hi, thanks for this great and funny article! I agree with everything you said, especially the importance of your partner developing a keen attention to detail. This is an important way to make your partner feel special and loved- like they are truly one-of-a-kind. I try to lead by example with my partner for all of these tips, which helps us set a really positive tone in our relationship!

    1. Hi Erica. It’s good to know you enjoyed my article. By leading by example regarding these tips, I hope you and your partner are together for a long time. Having a good, sound and positive relationship is a ‘key’ factor among couples.

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