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How To Love A Spoiled Man | Profile of A Mama’s Boy


By Ronald Kennedy

A spoiled man will be a ‘pain in the butt.’

Loving this type would take a lot of work.

I put this character’s profile at the top of my comedy ‘hit’ list. I gave myself a good laugh while creating this one. Although, all my characters profile’s give me a good feeling, this one represents many whiners living in our society today.

You do have to admit, in real life, they’re are just as many of this type walking around today, then there are in hiding.

For the life of me, I could never figure out how women could waste their valuable time with babied losers like this. If their woman won’t give them their way, they argue until she gives in.

Don’t confuse ‘being demanding’ with ‘acting spoiled’….they’re one in the same!

Those dudes out there who’s still attached to moms apron strings, harbor underlining conditions that need serious mental evaluation.

The spoiled type looking for love, affection and pampering carries himself like a little ‘sick puppy!’ He’s looking for the same affection mom gave him when she help tuck him in at night, with his milk and cookies (He still remember those orioles).

Ladies, beware! Before you get too deeply involved, study their behavior, the crazy things they say, along with childish ways.

So when seeking a dating partner and you have concerns, study the profile below. It will give you a ‘heads up’ on what you could possibly end up with.


‘Mama’s Boy’

VITAL STATISTICS – Age: 24 to 49, Height: 5’7″ to 6’4″, Weight: Excess Baby Fat

OCCUPATION – You may find this type working in a toy discount warehouse facility.

Or maybe you’ll run across this type sweeping hair at the neighborhood barber shop, working part-time at a nursery or helping his parents out in the family owned hardware store.


FAVORITE FOODS – Dining with him will consist of a plate of warm baby cabbages, macaroni & cheese, and a Milky Way bar.

For lunch, you’ll share some stale peanut brittle, two peppermint candy canes and a huge bowl of cold alphabet soup.

Dinner will be a Happy Meal from McDonalds, loaded with chicken nuggets and a chocolate chip cookie.

FAVORITE DRINKS – Wanna stay in and have drinks with this thumb sucking mama’s boy?

If so, then be prepared to spend a cozy, romantic evening in front of the fireplace sipping Nestle Chocolate NesQuik.

Also, he’ll talk you into downing a couple of swigs of prune juice. According to his crazy philosophy, this will loosen your bowels thoroughly and help ease any anxiety progression towards a decent sexual performance.

But before any ‘hot action’ can take place between the sheets, he first must call mom to get tips on the best positions!

FAVORITE MUSIC – ‘The Flintstones’ opening theme song will be high on his Top 10 chart. Also, you’ll be dancing to the beat from the ‘Three Stooges’ jingle and ‘The Simpsons’. (hey, those guys are his idols).

FAVORITE MOVIES/TV SHOWS – This childish joker will expect you to accompany him in viewing old video taped reruns of ‘Bozo’s Circus,’ and ‘the Disney Classics.’ Your fun-filled evening will also include MTV, and ‘Tom & Jerry’ cartoons.

FAVORITE SPORTS/HOBBIES – His hobby activities will include sand castle building, competitive dog & cat grooming and spit-shining old rusty wagon wheels.

As far as the physical fitness portion is concerned, his legs receive plenty of exercise from jumping up and down when he doesn’t get his way.

TYPE OF CAR – He’ll really think he’s impressing you when he picks you up in a pint-size Yugo or ‘clown car,’ which will display his newly customized Donald and Daffy Duck interior.

He’ll glow with pride when he tells you that it took every cent from his piggy bank to get the car detailing done.

LAST BOOK- ‘Bedwetting Made Easy’  by Dr. Phil A. Bladder

TURN-ON’S – Tootsie Roll Pops with the bubble gum center, a well-oiled skateboard and a woman who enjoys 24-hour cartoon marathons.

TURN-OFF’S – Bossy women who are into competitive sports, a toy store going out of business, feminist groups and a chick that has a hand shake stronger than his.

SECRET FANTASY – To hold firm in his possession the largest collection of Harry Potter Magic and Mystery novels.

Lovefolks-how to love a spoiled man


PERSONALITY – Still probably still camping out at home, this immature clown is half way through a mind alteration process.

Having strong family ties, he’s very sensitive to the suggestions and wishes of mom.

He’ll always compare you and your cooking to dear ol’ mom.

IDEAL WOMAN – To be a mirror image of mom.

WHERE TO MEET – You can find this type usually at any Toys-R-Us, his mama’s favorite neighborhood supermarket, the corner candy store or the video arcade.

GOAL – To one day, meet and marry a woman just like good ol’ mom.

RATING – 2.4….. You probably think to yourself, you wish you had a way to study a character’s profile of this type before you started dating. Your relationship with this man could go either way.

But the long-term lecture from him constantly comparing you to his mother, could be bad for your mental health. A very stressful thing!

Unfortunately, If you have a mental collapse, this could possibly lead to drastic actions. Do you have any idea which actions I’m referring to?

Those actions that you know will eventually come; such as You going to the penitentiary and him?… to the graveyard!



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  1. Ahahah What a hilarious article, I always thought I was a Mummas boy but this is next level. Im from the generation that thinks online dating was the norm, if I had your talent of creative writing I think I would have had a lot more fun haha. Im going to have to share this and keep looking around your site. keep up the good work and making people laugh.

    1. Thanks Marvin. Glad my article entertained you. I like to make my readers laugh. (Laughter is the best medicine). It’s so much crap going on in our world today, folks need an outlet, even for a couple minutes, to relax their minds. Please share my funny post with others.

  2. It is a real nice article: Do you love your partner thoughtfully? This means using your mind to love your partner and it has many aspects including creativity, attention, consideration, sympathy and helpfulness. It is involving your mind in the way that you treat and relate with your partner. Making your relationship work is a deliberate effort for many of us as we tend to be lazy and to just somehow expect things to magically work out. If you can love your partner in the 4 key ways then you will as a matter of course make your relationship work. The 4 key ways to love your partner are what you will be sowing into your relationship and a relationship that works beautifully is what you will reap.

    1. Yes Fabio, being sincere and honest are also two key elements in regards to a successful relationship. But most folks have their own definition of what works or not in keeping a relationship intact. It’s not magic or using some rocket scientist formula. Of course. no woman wants a guy that they practically has to baby-sit. (Hell, grow-up man!) Thanks for checking in with me.

  3. I know a few people like that. They are all facing huge problems with their relationships with women mostly because they can’t stand them behaving like babies.

    I think you were spot on about the fact that they mostly help out/work on family businesses which is funny because when they ask for my advice on a problem they are facing I always end up answering the exact same thing which is that people who had everything ready by their parents without making an effort always end up the ones with the most problems because they really don’t understand that to solve a problem you have to do something about it and not wait for your parents to solve it.

    1. Ain’t that something, Harry? Some people can’t decide for themselves and most guys need serious guidance from their spouse (..or even parents.) Some dudes must get serious about getting their lives on track. When you are grown in age (maybe not in mind), you should know what you want in life.

  4. Very interesting post. Here is an overgrown baby who does not want to follow God’s desire: “The man shall leave his father and mother and be united with his wife and they will become one flesh.”

    God forbid that an innocent lady should agree to marry such an overgrown baby who has not left his mother’s shadow in spirit. God wants him to face the future with his life partner, but he wants to look back always and remember his mother’s influence. What a sad state of affairs you have ably brought up to warn ladies about such young men who want to date them. Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. Hey Joseph, I guess you’d have to say “that’s life,” when it comes down to relationships. I know we should all have a spiritual personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But when it comes down to earthly, human relationships, it seems we tend to go down the wrong road, and expect too much from our significant other. Thanks for reading.

  5. First of all, the title of your article made me laugh right out loud!  What an excellent way to catch a person’s attention!

    Did the chuckles stop there?  Heck no!  I was having titters and full out belly laughs throughout.  Unfortunately, these men can be hiding almost anywhere and they aren’t as easy to spot as you might think!

    My ex was one of these and he was actually a lawyer!  They are sneaky and insidious an there are WAY more of them out there than one would think!

    Please keep these articles coming!  I desperately needed that light-hearted read!

    1. Yes my friend, I know these types are hiding in the shadows, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting and vulnerable ladies seeking love and affection. With those ladies not realizing they’re being setup to be nurse-maids and babysitters. These ‘overgrown’ babies need constant nurturing and will complain like hell. Ladies..BEWARE!!

      Feochadan, Please share my funny post with others. Thanks.

  6. I wonder if this kind of boy is still normal. Looks to me as someone who is a little bit retarded and needing special education. But, they exist. And I may be one of them! lol

    Although loving this kind of boy is a bit challenging, you will find joy once you succeed. You know what? God gives every person his own gifts of talent and specialty. Who knows, this kind of man will make you happy and will love you like no one else. 

    Good tips for the girls you shared here. Funny and educating!

    1. Gomer, you know these Mama Boys are in a class by themselves. (Please tell me you’re not one of them)LOL. I agree retardation may play a role in their behaviour, but who knows? Some folks I feel was just born this way! Want women to cater to their every whim. (Sorry dudes, life don’t work this way.) MAN UP! Get off your babified ass and do something positive in your life. Gomer, please share my post with others.

  7. The moment I got into your post, I laughed. Especially when I came across with the astrological sign, Pisces. I didn’t expect you have such detailed profiling of the mama’s boy, which is very important for every woman to know. Not every bulky guy is a great man. You might end up engaged or married with a boy. If that happens, it’s really unfortunate. 

    I knew a few people, who’s acting like this, which is not fun at all. Their wives end up in misery because of their inability to decide on their own and always checks if their moms agree or not. They sound like goats bleating. So, annoying. What is really factual is that they can hide these characteristics underneath a persona they create to attract females. Only to find out they are actually like this, a mama’s boy. Sucks. 

    1. Mecyll, you cover some key points here. especially the part when you said they hide the true personality, then come out of their true bag when they think they got you hooked. Those Mama boy’s can be some slick characters. Only thinking about who they can find to take care of them. Then again, some don’t even realize they are spoiled Mama Boys. They think it’s natural behaviour. Yes..SUCKS! Please share with others. 

  8. Hi Ronald, 

    This is Really funny and an important read for many of the single ladies out there who are feeling a little desperate. It’s a real ‘Hold on a sec’, a wake-up call if you like. I don’t really know any of these types of guys obviously because they hang out with their mum all the time.

    But I’m sure they do exist, ladies beware hehe. Dating is and can be a waste of time if your fussy, but ladies your in big trouble if you ever get fussy enough to take on a mamas boy, you’ll not only have to deal with him but his mama too. Big double trouble

    Cheers mate Thanks for the laugh


    1. Hi Paul. Glad you like my post. It makes me feel good that I can throw out early warnings to young, unsuspecting woman looking for love. Those too desperate usually end up with these losers! (then regret it when they come out of their true bag.) The woman is pissed now. She has spent a lot of valuable time getting to know this turkey, just to find out what a real LOSER he was. Please share my article with others.

  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I had a good laugh reading only the title of your post!!! OMG. Very catchy and so inviting to read. 

    What? Even food? Wait a minute. Are you suggesting that the men who love peanut butter sandwich are still mama boys? Huh… That’s hilarious.

    Seriously, this is one of the most interesting articles I’ve read in a very long time. I’ve bookmarked your post and will be returning for answers. 

    1. Thank you my friend Nsoh for reading my funny article. And you know what’s so strange about it, there are Mama Boys everywhere. Check in the basement of any single elderly home and there he is playing video games, eating pizza puffs and scratching his balls. These dudes just don’t wanna grow up! Please share this article with others.

  10. Ok for this one I guess everyone should stay away since the ending of such a relationship looks like a life sentence for murder after you end up killing him. Or maybe you could just run away and end up in the “have you seen her” section of the newspapèr.
    Another post that made me laugh, I was actually thinking when you end up with this type of guy if you ever have children, say for example two…well you really end up with three considering that one of them will be the dad!!!

    1. Welcome back Barbara. Thanks for checking out this babyfied type of individual. Yes, this type is everywhere! Just check any senior woman’s home and down in the basement, in front of the video game; and there you’ll find him. Surrounded by empty pizza boxes, he’ll be basking in glory because the lazy, son-of-a-bitch is living rent free!

  11. I suppose one thing to be thankful for is that most won’t be available to go out on dates because they won’t be allowed. For those that do manage to get out then you’d better be on your guard. If you’re in a restaurant it might be worth having a look around at the other patrons and if there is an ‘older’ lady sat nearby, make a hasty exit. She’s probably just looking to make sure that you’re good enough for her ‘boy’. I’m fairly sure he will be able to ‘do no wrong’ no matter how bizarre his antics are. Hopefully, there are enough good pointers here for the ladies to spot them a mile off and avoid.

    1. Hey, T Romeo, you set up a good scenario, that could possible happen. An old lady in a restaurant, scoping out the crowd, seeking some young innocent victim for her son. No harm done! But that poor unsuspecting young lady will be making the mistake of her life. She’ll soon realize she’s raising another child, even though she has no children of her own.

  12. Hi, I really like your post because its very funny as I was reading and laughing to my phone its caught attention of people around me, giving them your website link brings laughter, you must be a funny type real life, no one who read it won’t burst to laughter, your topic point have been the main discussion, to love this type of man requires advice from people that understand them like you. My question is what about opposite sex, do you have any thing to say about it or girls don’t find them.self in this type of situation.

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed my funny post. I put a lot of creativeness into what I do. My drawings and my writing. (I guess it’s good to think a little crazy sometime, as long as it’s in good nature.) I hope you were able to share my link with those round. And to answer your question; yes, there are a lot of spoiled women out there as well. But with women, it’s expected…..they’re all spoiled. (That’s why us guys never have any money!)LOL!!

  13. This is a very funny tips about momma’s boy. Their actions is not different from a clown. I have a friend who got divorced because of this funny clown. She was so frustrated seeing that , there’s hardly nothing about their relationship and secret that he would not share with his momma. She was endoring at the beginning hoping for change but it doesn’t work the way she presumed. All she think as a solution, is to look for another mature lover man and get her momma’s boy divorce. It is very difficult to know all the attitude of a man. It is only a lucky or let me say an  observant lady that doesn’t fall victim. This is actually the first time I found myself reading this kind of review. You are able to carry your readers along. Good job.

    1. Thank you, my dear Stella. I’m glad you enjoyed my work. The thing about a Mama’s Boy, is the fact that they can’t hide their true ways in a relationship. True feelings are bound to come out! The attachment to mama’s apron strings are bound to shine through! Bottom line: Mama first, Spouse second! Sorry! That’s just the way his cookie crumble!

  14. I was wondering initially what your site was all about and was scared that it was about loving mamas’ boys! I then figured out it was humor and explored a lot of your site to see what you were going for. So finding a compatable mate is something almost everyone can relate to. And you have a lot of great content and use of media. (I have ways to go with my website). It’s hard to critique someone when they are much further ahead in online marketiing and the website building process. So congradulations on all your work, passion, and creativity. A good mix of humor with psychological depth is something I admire and incorporate into my own writings as well. The advice that I could give is to be careful to not be too ‘dated’ with your content. There were a lot of references someone under 40 may not get. I just think it is always a good idea to stay upbeat or more general in relating to an audience. And your ideas have the potential to attract all ages, really.  Good luck with your journey and keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Mark for reading and exploring. I try covering all bases. From those old enough and just entering the dating pool, to those too old and can’t remember their last piece of ass. LOL. But it’s always somebody for everyone! Good luck on the completion your future website.

  15. How to select a compatible mate just got easier!  I have a hunch that most would want to avoid a mamma ‘s boy. Unless perhaps if they are also spoiled from mamma or daddy.  This was funny when you described his favorite food, song, etc.  So typicall of so many guys today.  I bet there are more mamma’s boys out there today then there ever has been especially with so many kids living at home so much longer these days!


    1. Those mama boy types are just lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on their unsuspecting victims. Those young, sweet naive girls seeking love and companionship. They just don’t know what they’re about to run into. (Of course, with any luck, they’ll avoid this type.) Please share my funny site with others.

  16. Hallo there Ron, 

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. I have this guy a good friend of mine (a lady) is dating and he has almost all the features you have mentioned here. Everything about him is related to kids stuff or good ol’ mom. 

    My friend keeps whining about how much of a child the guy is but I always keep reminding her that, every man comes with a baggage and that Mama’s boy is the baggage she chose to go with. 

    Honestly speaking, the lady really tries hard to keep up with the guy’s weird longings and desires. He mentions mom in almost every conversation and it is actually hard to talk about real adult stuff.

    Personally, I don’t find anything wrong with having such a man, if you love the person and can handle all that.

    We all have something we are fighting with.

    1. You’re right Dave. If someone really loves the other person that much, regardless of their serious shortcomings, then they have to put up with all the baggage that comes with the relationship. They should have known that going in. It’s never to late for change. But some feel, they’ll stick it out since they’ve gone this far! 

  17. Being in relationships is hard. Your post is so hilarious. One of the worst thing that can to a lady in love with mama’s boy is when he’s sick; We all know that man flu is a real thing, but when he’s a mama’s boy (lol!), it’s so much worse. And no matter how much you tried to make him feel better, you will never be doing it right. It won’t be long until his mother is over making soup and complaining about the lack of housework you seem to do.

    I’m sharing this.


    1. Hi Jordan. Glad you liked my post. I guess mama always get in the way…if you let her. By all rights, mama should let young couples live their own life. But I guess mama just won’t have it no other way. She has to make periodic visits to check on her little boy (…although he’s 42)LOL . Ye my friend, please share my post.

  18. As hillarious as this is, it’s painful that there are guys like this. Well,not painful for me though. I think one thing to add is that this mama’s boys can be hopeless romantics. They would do anything to get their ladies, except it has to do with their mama of course. Great funny post and I love the drawings too.

    1. Thank you my friend for reading. Sometime, these mama boy type end up with the best looking women, but who really feel sorry for them. Some love their babyfied ways and don’t mind taking care of them. In other words, they spoil their men! Please share this post with others!

  19. This post has really made my day and am happy going through it. 

    LOL, women who go after this kind of men will always have a heart attack all the time. Problems with their relationships with women will wake them up early in the morning and put them to bed in the evening. I knew Tom and Jerry Cartoons will be part of his favorite movies and the workplace. 

    By the way, how did you gather all this wonderful information from? 

    Rold Kennedy, please keep content as this coming and we will definitely follow up to enjoy it. I will share this post with my friends on social media so that they can also have their day exciting as I am right now.

    Take Care

    1. Thank you Sumani for your compliments. It makes me feel good when I can make folks day! To answer your question, I create this material in my mind along with the cartoon drawings. (Yes, I’ve been ‘mentally ILL’ for years.)LOL! These mama boys are in a class by themselves and YES….will drive a poor woman crazy! Dealing with them and their mama will drive anyone insane!! Please share this post with other social media followers.

  20. Yes, I’ve met a few women who’ve dated men in this mold, and while I might hang around my parents’ place two to three times a week, it’s mainly for yardwork and that type of fun stuff. Very often, it’s a turnoff when they go on a date to meet the dude’s parents, only to find that the guy still lives with them and judges her openly about coming short of his mother. I think a rather popular example came in the show 90-Day Fiance, where the dude was 32-33 and still lived with his mother, to his foreign wife’s dismay. Needless to say, the season didn’t end well for them. 

    1. Hey Todd, if you ever wanna know where these mama boy’s hangout is, check any old lady’s basement. It’s probably his mother’s house, he’s down there on the Xbox and is well content. Yes one day a woman may come into his life, but I doubt it. Like I say, he’s happy. Please share my funny post with others.

  21. LOL!  That is the perfect (albeit over-the-top) description of the Mama’s Boy I’ve ever seen.  Absolutely freaking hilarious, thank you.  Spot on in some cases, almost!  Even being more funny than factually accurate, it’s scary how much you nailed on the head if you take away the comedy suggestions.  Mama’s Boys are definitely not worth it unless you WANT to mother your husband and compete with his mother for his affection.  LOL!  Thanks for the read!

    1. Thank you Selenity, for having a good laugh from my post. That makes me feel so good when my readers enjoy a good laugh from my material. Mama’s boys are everywhere. I guess they need loving too, if they can find it. (But what woman wanna babysit a grown ass man.) Unless she’s bored and has nothing to do with herself. Oh well, there’s somebody for everybody. Please share my funny post with others.

  22. Apart from money and love, dating a mama’s boy is the hardest to manage. It is so hard to keep track of what makes them happy and what you should do to adjust there view of life like you do. I have never dated a mama’s boy but I sure know most of them. it honestly takes a lot. I can’t get over the picture with his thumbs in his mouth, it is so hilarious.

    1. Yes my friend, those mama’s boys types seem to be in every city and small town. Some women don’t realize they have one until deep into the relationship. Then they feel they’re stuck with this ‘babyfied idiot.’ One day they’ll wish a ‘real ‘ man comes into their life, then mama’s boy will be history.

  23. I’ve met some mommy’s boys, and I always turned the other way and RAN. No mommy’s boy for me, lol. I have also met couples and heard the husband sometimes compare his wife’s cooking to his mother’s cooking, and the wife is never pleased to get that comparison, is she? 😉 

    Great profile, and so on the spot, well, if a man picked me up in the car your described, I think I would feel very awkward … It’s funny, but sadly it is also true. A friend of mine lived with his mother until his forties, and I believe he still lives with her … 

    1. Yes Christine, seem these mama boy types never grow up. Mentally locked in the thought of always depending on mommy for everything. No other woman can compare or compete. Women will have a very hard time dealing with this type. Please share this funny post with others.

  24. Who would laugh after reading such a hilarious article about these types of men? So many of such people actually grow up being some over pampered kid by their mum and when they are grown up when, they still want to be cared for like their mum jad been doing it all the while. If i was a female i wouldn’t want to date such men. You’ll be girlfriend and a nanny at both time. Nice post

    1. Benson, you can check in any old ladies basement, anywhere around the globe and there you’ll find him…sitting there, looking all crazy, playing video games. He has nothing else to do with his life, but wait for mommy to bring him a sandwich and a glass of milk. LOL. So sad! Please share this post with others

  25. I think I know a couple of these guys at work!
    That was a good laugh. I especially liked the favorite music part, but I had to stop and assess myself, because I like the Three Stooges and The Simpsons too. I’m good, I don’t just listen to their music.
    There was also a bit of truth in there … a mama’s boy will have strong mama ties and be very sensitive to the suggestions and wishes of his mom. He’ll always compare every woman to good ol’ mom. No bueno!
    BTW – this isn’t exclusive to men!
    Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Thank you Poppa for checking out my funny site. Everywhere you look, or like you said, guys you know from work, fits into this category. Some dudes just don’t grow up! They tend to rely on mama for everything (…I guess even to wipe their ass too).LOL. What a world!! I guess if you got a ‘built in maid,’ (which is mama) that caters to you, then I guess that’s all that matters. Please share my site with others. 

  26. Haha! How hilarious! Castle building in the sand? Oh my. This is a character I dread meeting! I wouldn’t want to be reminded all the time how his mom serves him his food, or how he puts his cloths together. Unfortunately, chances of meeting such a kind is very high. It would be too much work on my part. Thank you for this hilarious read!

    1. Thank you Carol for stopping by and visiting my site. I can just imagine all my female readers, trying to visualize dating someone like this. A horrible sight in deed! Like you say Carol, it’ll take too much time and work to get this dude right. You try to mold and fix him just the way you’d like. (Boy! Love can get really weird sometime.) Please share my post with others/ 

  27. Hi; the mama’s boy character does exist in many different shapes and forms. Some of them are naturally spoiled by their mothers while some others are a type of wolf in sheep clothing.

     If a woman who deserves a good real man falls victim to a mama’s boy as you describe here, she would have to be noe of two characters not to deal with him squarely so he grows up by morning. That would be either a saint or a coward.


    1. Hello my friend Dorcas. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. My friend, women that ends up with this type would have a hard time molding and sculpting this individual’s personality that would be suitable. Somethings are just not worth the time. That’s why a woman must really understand what she’s getting into before it’s too late. Please share my funny post with others. 

  28. You do come up with some zingers!  Yep, I’ve met one of these mama’s boys, too.  I dated one for a while and dragged him away from Mom to come to visit my homestead in Alaska.  He happened to be a gun nut, and had to bring a whole trunk-load of guns with him for a one-month trip.  He just couldn’t bear to leave them, even though Mom was there to guard them.

    He got to use a couple of them once.  He met a couple of strangers in a bar in Kodiak and brought them to my island homestead to go deer hunting.  He, the two guys, and my son went out hunting.  The Old Boy took one of the strangers with him and my son took the other.  

    My Old Boy friend furnished all the guns.  At the end of the day, when they all returned, Old Boy and partner hadn’t even seen a deer.  My son and his friend did see one.  My son dropped the deer with a headshot.  Meanwhile, the other guy got off a shot, too, right into the deer’s hindquarter. Then the three all went off to town and left my son and I to take care of the meat.

    When it was all cut up, my son saved a roast from the hindquarter that included his “partner’s” bum shot.  Meanwhile, the Old Boy really enjoyed eating that backstrap for breakfast, once he returned…after all the work was done.

    Sometimes it pays to do a thorough study of someone before you decide they are okay.

    1. Welcome back, Fran. I thought that was an interesting short story. It sounds to me if it wasn’t for those damn guns, the guy would have bought along his mom. You never know where you gonna meet these types. But it’s up to the woman to decide if she wants to deal with this situation. Or run in the other direction! LOL. Please share this post with your downline.  

  29. It is a very good educational Article- One will learn that there are lots of kids that are spoiled by their mothers and eventually when they become a man , they do want to marry a girl just like their mother in order to keep being in control.
    This is a disasterous life to have because this kind of men grow up to be totally useless because they are not able to decide or to function anything by their own .
    I believe mothers should absolutely do not develop a kid who would be dependable on them because it is a great disfavour to the kid and to the society.

    1. I’m glad you liked my funny post. Although somewhat fictional, there is a lot of character association that display some real truth. Many guys who still is attached to mama can relate to this. They will someday be mature, responsible men! (I hope)

  30. Oof, this doesn’t exactly paint a pretty picture of a potential mate if he likes his momma too much (excess baby fat, bed wetting). While some of this is very entertaining, it should be taken with a grain of salt for some cases. There are certain cultures where men and their mommas are just closer than other cultures.. The good news is that these guys also seem to have a very healthy respect for women!

    1. Hey Aly, if there are cultures out there where men are expected to stay close to their moms, then I can guarantee you that there’s a ton of eagar, hungry and lonely women looking for love. LOL! The good news there is that other regular guys will have the ‘pick of the litter.’ 

  31. Hmmm.

    Before I got married, my wife use to feel like I’m mama’s boy. My mom didn’t like her at first and she became really worried that I will take decision base on what my mother tells me. I even had some confrontation with my mom then. My man-ness cried out for freedom to chose for myself. I had to breakout by making my mother understand that has much as I love her, I have to make my own decision.

    I think loving a spoiled man is really difficult. You have to be spoiled to change him. I mean, its a lot of work. The focus should not be to change him but to change yourself base on the feelings you have for him.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree that change is in order in regards to wife vs mom saga. When a man enters into a serious sanction regarding marriage, a wife in theory should come first because it’s who the man married. She the one who has to live with him, not the mother. Some middle ground and understanding has to be met concerning all parties involved. Please share my post with others

  32. Really very funny your article. It made me laugh and made me feel good when I read it with my wife. I’m not mom’s boy happily for my wife. However, we do know quite a few people like that. And I would definitely recommend reading your article. Keep up the good work. Make people laugh.

    1. I’m glad water life, you and your wife enjoyed my funny post. I love making people laugh. When that take place, then I know I’ve done my job well. There’s enough bad news going on around the globe today. So even for a brief moment, if we could feel good and get our minds off other shit, then I think we can handle other situations better. Please share my funny post with others. Thanks!

  33. Hi, relationships are challenging and require serious commitment.  Although they will bring you happiness   they will equally bring you grief.

    A spoiled man can be challenging to be with because they can be self absorbed and used to others cleaning up after them.  Not to mention cleaning up after him. It feels like they are too much work to teach. 

    1. To much work is right, Jake. These types of guys look for women to take care of them. Whatever woman comes across their path, that chick better beware. Like you say Jake, cleaning up after this type is a big ‘task’ in itself. More important things a woman could be doing besides wiping her man’s ass and cleaning up after him. Please share my post with others. 

  34. Hey Ronald, You are an amazing writer. I see you are a comedy writer as well as cartoonist and singer. Wow very amazing. Mom’s boy profile is very funny. I think you created this article for funny purpose. Everyone is enjoying in my family. Thanks for such a funny article ( Mom’s boy). Thank you Parveen

    1. Thank you Parveen, for enjoying my work. When I can make many folks laugh, the I know I’e done a good job. Good humors what’s needed more often in our world today. To much hatred and evilness exist. Good to hear your family enjoyed it too. Please continue to share with others.

  35. Hi Ronald, I’ve read your article “How To Love A Spoiled Man”.

    Your site is unique!

    This is great content. Very useful indeed.

    This post is absolutely hilarious! It gave a me a good laugh and lifted up my mood! Had a lot of fun reading it from the start til the end.

    Thanks for sharing!

    You did an amazing job! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you for checking in my friend. Glad you got a laugh from it. Although you replied back in a ‘feedback’ mode instead of an actual ‘comment’ or ‘discussion’, (which I requested), I’ll accept it this time. I’m happy you read my post from beginning to end. I wish you much success as well.

  36. The profile you have actually described this time around is so much familiar with an area brother that I have here. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense seeing something like this. To be very honest, I value all you have shared here and it makes a whole lot of sense altogether here. Than you so much for sharing this with us all

    1. Hi Shey. Thanks for reading. I always here that from my readers regarding my characters. They always tell me that my character reminds them of some old friend or relative. I believe them. Although I create these profiles in my mind (And laughing all the way), they seem to reflect on the readers mind as who they can compare it to. Please share my funny post with others.

  37. lol, this is quite a profile you have here, And I think it is a good thing that you can still use another story, to show us about how things like this can really be a real life matter. Then illustrate how to love a Mama’s boy. It is a good post again here and I will share it with others to have good laugh

    1. Yes Jay. Thank you and please share my funny post. I appreciate you as a steady follower. As far as Mama’s boy is concerned, a woman will go crazy having this type of dude as a mate. But I guess there’s someone for everybody out there. To each his own!

  38. Hello there! This is an interesting and funny article. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is too far from reality actually. Some people I met are actually this way and it’s a little worrisome for society. I just hope that they learn to grow up and change one day and be more involved in making the world a better place. 

    1. Thank you my friend. I’m glad you enjoyed my funny post. I love taking an everyday type of personality and twisting it into my own crazy liking, that I introduce to the public. (They always seem to know someone who’s like that.)LOL 

  39. This is pretty comical!  I haven’t come across this type of man but it’s pretty funny.  Is this someone you’ve dated or currently involved with?  These are very specific things you are pointing out, from favorite drinks, type of car, to sports and hobbies.  I haven’t met a man that likes the things you specified.  I am glad I’m married and don’t have to worry about stuff like this.  Very funny though, thanks for the laugh!

    1. I’m a guy Chris, so I wouldn’t be dating anyone of this nature. This is geared only for the ladies and what they have to watch out for. You’re one of the lucky ones and don’t have to deal with ‘blind dates.’ Thanks for checking in with me.

  40. Ohlala! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! Your description of mama’s boy is just hilarious and so true at the same time. I used to date someone whose profile was close to this portrait. And  I couldn’t bear him though we have a nice emotional connection. Why? I can’t stand immature men who are always looking for a mother in their life and not for a girlfriend/wife. So I quit. But honestly I believe that most women encountered this profile at least once in their lives.

    1. I’m glad you got a kick out of this babyish mama’s boy dude. I agree when you stated women run across this type ‘once in their lifetime’. When they realize what they got, Then, they run the other way & don’t look back! Thanks again for checking in with me.

  41. Hello, I loved reading your jokes in this article. I believe it has a lot to do with a man’s mentality in general. It’s something everyone should think about when dating a girl. Such a childish man should quit comparing ladies to his mother. My advice is for such men to learn from their papas and grandpas:) It’s not simple, but he should work on his character before looking for a girlfriend for the sake of his upcoming girlfriend. Someone is single until he finds a partner. Relationships are not an easy thing in general. Do you have any additional jokes about a girl to be or not to be chosen?
    Thank you very much.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my article, my friend. Relationships can be great once a person finds the right partner. To answer your question? I don’t have any right now regarding women looking, but stay tuned. More to come!

  42. As someone who is interested in relationships and communication, I found your article on how to love a spoiled man and the profile of a mama’s boy to be very informative and insightful. I appreciated your exploration of the different characteristics and behaviors that can define this type of man, as well as your recommendations for how to navigate the complexities of loving and living with a spoiled partner.

    One experience I have had with navigating complex relationships is that it can be challenging to find the right balance of compassion and assertiveness, especially when dealing with difficult or challenging behaviors. Your article provides a valuable resource for anyone looking to better understand the dynamics of spoiled men and mama’s boys, and how to effectively manage and communicate with them.

    1. Thank you Ronnie, (cool name). The dating area can become  very complex at times. Some dudes just don’t wanna grow up which makes it more complicated.

  43. I love your website and always have a good laugh looking at your articles. This profile of a mommy’s boy is unfortunately one of the most common ones that I have seen in real life. I know so many of my friends’ hubbys that are still so attached to their mom’s apron strings that it is just not funny. There is a lot to overlook when marrying one of these types of profiles.

    I love how you ended the post with one of you ending up in jail and the other in the mortuary.

    1. Michel, this type will drive any woman batty! Yes I agree, that many like this still ‘roam the earth,’ to prey on the unsuspected woman seeking romance, a husband and hopefully a New Child!. LOL!

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