Ten Amazing Confidence Building Tips For Singles

By Ronald Kennedy

Last Updated: January 9, 2023


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First – As far as age goes, remember age is nothing but a number.

Second – People, understand that most folks love humor.

Third – Make conversation related to whatever you’re doing at the moment.

Fourth – Don’t be intimidated by a woman or guys outer beauty.

Fifth – Just be yourself and have confidence.

Six – Get Your Head Straight.

Seven – Develop Attractive Traits. 

Eight – Display Attractive Proofs.

Nine – Go Where The People Are.

Ten – Take Action: Understand how to talk.


Sometime every approach is Not always the best move! Do you agree?

Maybe you’ve found yourself in this situation before. Texting friends trying to find out where the action is for the weekend. We all have those friends that knows ‘what’s cooking?’

Meeting new people and using the right approach is sometime difficult, but Ten Amazing Confidence Building Tips For Singles will answer all questions you wanted to know.

It’s not that difficult when it comes to finding and approaching the opposite sex. Some turn to popular dating sites, which is fine, but you still need your confidence boosted regarding what to say and do when you do meet that special someone.


How Can I Find Someone For Me?

“Single women needing confidence”



First – As far as age goes, remember age is nothing but a number.

You can still approach a sexy hot single regardless of what your age is. (of course, you don’t want to approach someone too young.

Then you’ll come across as a ‘dirty ol’ man or woman.’)lol. Just use common sense.

I’m an older guy myself, but love to date younger women. Also, never let nationality get in the way or the country they’re from.

Lots of guys miss out on the possibility of scoring a winner thinking one-sided.

They’re only into their own kind. Big Mistake! (There are beautiful types of women in all races out there.)

Open up! Give yourself a chance. But if you’re an ‘older guy’ dealing with a ‘much younger attractive woman,’ most likely there’s always going to be a big effort of keeping her happy and not piss her off.

This can lead to additional problems like “how you can stay on her good side & out of the doghouse!” and continue dealing in a content and peaceful relationship. Now this is where communication is so important.


Second – People, understand that most folks love humor.

They like a person that makes them laugh. You don’t have to be another Kevin Hart or Eddie Murphy, but if you feel that you want to joke around, go ahead and make them laugh.

….Just don’t be offensive!

I used this approach on a pretty girl I met while out buying dog and cat food. She was laughing at mostly everything I said, but unfortunately she was already in a relationship. (Hey…can’t win ’em all).

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