How Can I Find Someone For Me? – 4 Major Steps To Follow.


Updated: January 21, 2022

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It’s not and never has been a perfect world regarding dating. You ask yourself, “How can I find someone for me?”

I’ll tell you how and the things to look for. First, you don’t want anybody just for the sake of having a companion or mate. (Hell. In that case get a dog!)

These four simple steps will get you out of ‘the starting gate!’


How Can I Find Someone For Me?

Couple working together painting apartment.

Your search should clearly focus on the other person’s personality.

It would be great to find someone that has something in common with you. That’ll come over time once you slowly get to know the person.

Remember, that’s when you’re the most relaxed, the most satisfied. Knowing you have someone you can talk about things with.

Before, getting over the challenge of just meeting someone, would’ve been tough. With everyone masking up before, you never got a chance to see how nice looking or how ugly a person really is.


How can I find someone for me.

Feeling happy that she’s talking to new guy online.

As far as looks are concerned, you’d have to guess and ask yourself, “Just how ugly is that person behind the mask?”

You can really get a good feel for a person through ‘face-time.’ No need to worry about fakes because you know who you’re talking to already. (Make sure it’s a ‘live video chat).

You’ve already met. Now you can start getting to know each other better through video. Keep in mind, things have changed in todays world of dating.

You may not like communicating this way, but for now, it’s just something we all have to deal with. Meeting someone in todays time is NOT an impossible task!

It’s just how you go about it. And the way you do that is by being respectable towards the other person (even online)!


how can i find someone for me

A ‘getting to know you better’ lunch.

Once you’re both feeling comfortable and safe with each other, a good first meeting at a restaurant or some other place you both agree on would be nice.

Many more good things can come out of a meeting like this. You can really find out more about the ‘compatibility factor’ among yourselves.

There’s much information you can uncover about a person in a relaxed restaurant environment. (One thing you’ll find out right away is what one of their favorite foods are).


how can i find someone for me?

Couple finally having ‘face to face’ meeting.

After much texting, calls and safe ‘in person’ meetings you feel you know this person very well. (Maybe he or she is the one). Maybe it’s time!

You’ve been single long enough. It’s been 3 years now and a spouse would be nice.

But of course along with commitment comes ‘Trust.’ (This is so important in any relationship).


How Can I Find Someone For  Me?

They have to figure out how to make their relationship better.

We know ‘trust & commitment’ go ‘hand-in-hand,’ but lets take the word ‘commitment!’

Just this one word alone will have most folks shaking in their boots and having second thoughts!

Some start regretting they even uttered that mere word! (Just a ‘slip-of-the-tongue, perhaps?)’

Whatever the reason, it’s now registered in the other person’s memory bank! But if you feel at the moment you’re not ready, then don’t lead the other person on with high, false expectations.


How Can I Find Someone For  Me?

Dude having second thoughts on getting hitched.

Thinking about giving up those exciting flings and nights of partying before taking the final plunge?

Deep inside you know you don’t want to.

The mere thought gets you a little shaky and you harbor second thoughts!

You feel sick as hell thinking about all those ‘big booties’ you have to give up!

You want to keep on meeting those of the opposite sex and all the thrills that come along with it. But committing yourself can be a trying experience!

You also understand that sometime dating can be very awkward. Asking someone out could be nerve wrecking! So how can you tell if he or she is interested in you?

The anticipation of a long romantic affair with that special someone goes through your mind. The image you hold is long-term.

You don’t even care about how much money they make or material things they possess, or his or her background (This goes to show how desperate you are!).

But finding a mate doesn’t have to be out of desperation. It’s just experiencing ‘that feeling’. This is a feeling that will make you shout, “I think I’ve found me a compatible mate”.

So you really think you’re ready to deal with the real world? See video…


How Can I Find Someone For Me?

This old dude loves young, hot nurses!

I know there our many folks out in the dating arena that are only concerned about the other’s job status. They strictly look for the Big Money!

Give them any dude with Big Bucks! Those making a lot of money in their chosen profession; such as doctors, lawyers, and auto mechanics (lol)! Loving persons wallet instead of the person themselves, is common practice now-a-day.

(‘Artificial’ love at its best!)

A serious true love seeker shouldn’t care about status. The type of occupation they have really doesn’t matter to you.

They can be a computer geek repairing the main frame in laptops, bagging groceries at the local market or a part-time hair dresser, it shouldn’t matter.

Some may just work online, struggling to make a few bucks doing affiliate marketing. Then again, they may not work at all! (It makes them break out into a ‘cold sweat’ just thinking about going to job interviews. (This applies to either sex. They’re just ‘lazy ass’ people).


how can I find someone for me?

Hey! Sittin’, Scratchin’ & Fartin’ is what I do best.

I feel sorry for some ladies out there. They end up stuck with guys like this (Of course, they don’t have to, but it’s their choice. They keep them around for some reason).

Once they get you hooked, your potential love changes (This could apply to both sexes, but for now we’ll use this dude.)

You know ladies, some guys take great pride in being plain lazy.

They are tired by the end of the day just from working the video console on the Xbox.!

Who wants some guy lying around the house all day smelly, drinking beer, eating fish & chips and playing video games on their Xbox?

You may really find yourself in that situation. After working two jobs, you come home one evening to discover this person with their feet up and playing video games. As a guy, you better get your act together if you want to stay on her good side and out of the doghouse.

Remember now, you have to give him credit; he did bathe earlier. So with him stopping his video game long enough to shower, is a BIG Accomplishment!

But strangely for some unknown reason, He Still Stink! But all in all, romance is in the air. (Mr. stinky wants loving too!)  Romance is here, there – It’s everywhere!


(Meow! Meow!)

How Can I Find Someone For Me?

“Hey mama, it’s the biggest one I could find!”

How many times have you seen animals (Maybe your own), snuggled together? Or in some cases, stuck together. ass to ass! LOL.

Now you got a bunch of little puppies to deal with. (All because you didn’t get your pet neutered.)

I mention this just to show animals need loving too! They need a connection with other animals.

Human connection is the same thing. We all need that feel, that touch, those soft words spoken.

These are just a few of the things you think about. Things you may or may not have to deal with.

Yet, If you’re thinking about taking things to the next level, before any preparations can be taken toward the ritual of marriage, the proper choice of a mate must take place. This is where you have to be careful!!


Suppose one night you’re watching your favorite crime program, “America’s Most Wanted or 48 hours.” The woman or man you’ve been dating for the past three years suddenly appear on the show’s ’10 Most Wanted list.’ Now what do you do?

Do you:

A) Jump on your cell phone and text all your friends, that your love was on the tube.

B) Confront him or her and let them know that you know about their past, secret life.

C) Get the hell out of there as fast as you can!!! (They are wanted for double murder in three states)!


(you’ve found yourself doing a lot of that lately). Your mind starts to wonder;

“Were those encounters fruitless or rewarding? Or would my time had been better spent sitting home masturbating?

“Was the failure due to something I may have done, said or failed to do?” I don’t know.

“Was the relationship timely?” (Sometimes when we force the game to go in our favor, things never seem to turn out right).

Maybe different time sets played a role with you being a modern 21st century individual, dealing with the current things in life, and your potential soulmate stuck in the 60’s. (Trying to play catch-up)!

Staying current regarding the latest developments of life will somewhat keep you ahead in the dating game.

Like a well traveled sailor, at least be up on the current events of the world.


How can I find someone for me?

Pretty woman relaxing by walking along the coast.

Say for example, you’re a guy and you spot a pretty woman while out. You’re near the beach. Once noticing her, you spend a good amount of time thinking what to say.

It takes you awhile to get up the nerve to approach her because due to numerous past rejections, you haven’t been feeling too good about yourself.

Next, you start thinking of every excuse about what could go wrong. “She’s too gorgeous for me.”

I don’t stand a chance.” “Maybe that’s really not a woman. If she show interest in me, then I know something is up.”

Now remember, this scenario could easily been set for men or women. The biggest difference would’ve been that a woman may not have been so aggressive (But they are out there!)

Now after using the tools here and following what’s offered to you, it’s full steam ahead!

You’ll walk with pride. Head held high.  Radiate more confidence. Your game plan is well into place! You’re ready to go out into the world because this is the only way folks find their soul mate in life!

So guys & girls, don’t spend anymore weekend night’s alone staring at your cell phone waiting for a text message or wishing it would ring.

“Get out there and mingle with the folks!”


Ron’s Final Thought On The Reality Of Love

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