How To Love A Male Nurse - "Just Call Me Sweetness"

How To Love A Male Nurse – “Just Call Me Sweetness”


By Ronald Kennedy

A confused life can leave you not knowing which way to go!

Anyway you look at it, this guy has been confused most his life! He still like the dating scene and love to get out and mingle.

Early in his life he realized he had a little ‘sugar in his tank,’ and had a hard time knowing what direction to take. How loving this male nurse will take the worry about being close. (What you see, is what you get)!

He loves his job at the medical center and the daily assignments of giving ‘Ass Shots’ all day. He never grew an interest for the female species and for some reason, felt more comfortable around a bunch of guys.

This would cross his mind. “Is this normal?” “Is something wrong with me?” “Why do I feel this close of an affection for other guys?”

But a dude like this never think too hard on it, but if it feels right, then who the hell else should complain?

So without further ado, let’s look into the profile of the male nurse.

The Male Nurse

How To Love A Male Nurse  - "Just Call Him Sweetness"

VITAL STATISTICS – Age: 21 to 39, Height: 5’7″ to 6’5,” Weight: Sweet

OCCUPATION – You may find this type employed as a medical technician, the head nurse at your local medical center, a physical therapist or the person that does your hair every Thursday evening.

FAVORITE FOODS – Over at his place, being prepared to chow down on Silk Bean soups with stale oyster crackers, tossed bamboo leaves with Mayo, Silk almond milk & coffee.

For dessert at midnight, he’ll offer you warm Twinkies, Coca Cola and last weeks Danish rolls.

FAVORITE DRINKS – Tutti-frutti on the rocks, salty cafeteria coffee & ‘Sweet & Low’, and his favorite: chocolate goats milk!

FAVORITE MUSIC – He’ll have you sitting up all night, listening to the old sounds of ‘The Village People’, Boy George and Lil Nas X (They all came out long time ago).

FAVORITE MOVIES/TV SHOWS – ‘Ru Paul Drag Queens a GO GO’, ‘BrokeBack Mountain’, ‘Victor Victoria’, & ‘Three Men & A Baby.’

FAVORITE SPORTS/HOBBIES – He breaks the boredom at work by playing Musical Bedpans with his buddies.

He would ‘power walk’ around the facility during lunch, but stopped! (Since he hurt his lower back from all that damn switching.)

Also, he’ll consider this a great hobby when he can assist doctors checking dudes for hernias (turn your head & cough)!

TYPE OF CAR – He goes for the smallest set of wheels money can buy. (Any style small & tight enough where he can wiggle his buns into)

TURN-ON’S – Leather underwear, skin-tight jeans and any men’s body building events.

TURN-OFF’S – Horny, rough OTR truck drivers, U.S. Army sergeants with rough hands that scream a lot, social diseases. and big muscle- bound dudes fuckin’ with him on the beach.

LAST BOOK- “An American Dilemma – Herpes & the toilet Seat” by Dr. YoAss Is-tight, M.D. from Sweden

SECRET FANTASY – To work the night shift in an all male staffed hospital.


How To Love A Male Nurse  - Ron's Zodiac Sign

PERSONALITY – Sensitive with a good heart, warm, and understanding, he could end up being the best friend you could have.

He’s trust-worthy enough to confide in and will not double-cross you (Especially if he knows he’ll get his ass kicked!)

His generous nature and love for life make him truly unique among other men.


WHERE TO MEET – Your local gay parades, Emergency rooms, LGBT group meetings, hospital cafeteria and at the ‘Boys night out for Karaoke’ event.

GOAL – To find the perfect, ‘Hot’ stud dressed in leather and move to a remote island.

RATING – 0…More than likely, he’s Not for you! But he can become your best friend. He’ll make a good shopping companion. Just think, when it comes down to making decisions on color coordination regarding clothes & style, he’s the one to talk with.

His burlesque behavior could become quite a very trying experience. Should you ever chance it and take him home one day, Be Careful!!…(He may fall in love with your brother)!



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