How To Love A Nerd | Profile of Nerdy Nelson

Ladies, remember! Nerds Need Loving Too.

So ladies Don’t Be So Cruel. These type of dudes are always searching, scoping out the most beautiful women; only to get their feelings hurt in the long-run. But it would be wrong for me to say they all ‘strike out.’   But they NEVER give up! They will keep on pushing forward until they get the crap beat out of them by some chick’s jealous boyfriend!

So here we go again! Let’s take a look at the world of a typical nerd.



VITAL STATISTICS – Age: 19 to 39, Height: 5’5″ to 6’2″, Weight: Not Much!!

OCCUPATION – You may find this type working at the local movie theater selling popcorn. He may even be your bag boy at the neighborhood supermarket that’s always held a crush on you. (You know the kid that’s always drooling on your items). Then he falls all over himself as he offers to take your things to the car!

FAVORITE FOODS – With him, prepare your taste buds to handle a large helping of junior pepper dogs on half-moldy buns. Oh yeah, and you better get use to his special home-made dish, the ever-popular ‘Banana Chocolate Chip Goulash.’how-to-love-a-nerd

(While in the kitchen preparing this slop, don’t be surprised if he yells out, “Hey, lollipop lips! I know your dying to try my tasty roasted, honey-dipped frog legs?”)

FAVORITE DRINKS – Warm Kool-Aid (no sugar), dill-pickle juice and strawberry buttermilk shakes, sprinkled with discarded moth wings, will be on the ‘liquor list’ for the evening.

FAVORITE MUSIC – He will sway you with the ‘The Beat Goes On‘ & ‘Red Robin’. (Oldie tunes out before his time.) He’ll also have you listen to endless hours of the ‘Star Trek’ theme song, and ‘Barney Fife’s Greatest Hits.’

And don’t be surprised, if he tries to serenade you. He claims he can be the greatest broadway singer of all.

FAVORITE MOVIES/TV SHOWS – You’ll spend a great evening, settling back and viewing ‘The Simpsons’ reruns. Also you’ll enjoy the movie ‘Revenge of the Nerd’ pts. 1, 2, & 3 and ‘The Adventures of Pee Wee Herman.’ (So sit back & enjoy.)

FAVORITE SPORTS/HOBBIES – During a nice quiet evening while you’re over visiting, he’ll have you helping him organize his stamp collection. If fortunate enough to get invited to a party (Anybody’s party), you’ll assist him in exciting, non-stop action such as the ‘bobbing-for-apples’ event.

TYPE OF CAR – NONE!! A ‘night on the town’ means bar hopping to different pubs or beer joints by bus, train or sore feet!

LAST BOOK- ‘Learn How To Pick Up Girls   by Smooth Talkers, Inc.

TURN-ONS – His glasses fog up and he break out with a big grin at the sight of nude statues, porn magazines and used, ‘slimey’ condoms.

TURN-OFFS – 6 ft. 280 lb. weight lifters who pick on nerds, street gang members hanging out in the vestibule of his apartment, and women wrestlers.

SECRET FANTASY – To one day, be able to get a good blow job before turning 40.


PERSONALITY – As a member of the Mr. Rodgers fan club, he’s a real ‘slacker’ who’ll never accomplish much in life. His friends voted him ‘Chump of the Month,’ and he has more enemies than you can count.

His dry wit and bumbling demeanor makes him a ‘true’ nerd.

IDEAL WOMAN – A nerdette who looks like Woody Allen’s sister.

WHERE TO MEET – These nerdy-types are usually found spending their time, hanging around bus terminals trying to pick up women.

You’ll also find them in the men clothing section where bow ties are sold. Then later in the library.

GOAL – To find a job paying a little over minimum wage and one day, qualify for a Visa card.

RATING: 1.2….He’s no Casanova. He masters dull talk, slow action and can’t get a ‘boner!’ You being a strong woman, he’ll never find out what interest you. (Frankly, he won’t give a shit)!  But maybe it’s all for the better! Besides, who wants a serious relationship with someone enjoying and spending most of their time playing in used kitty litter!


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  1. Hahaha, this is hilarious! Nerdy Nelson sounds like a catch, lol

    Everyone should be given the chance to show the real them no matter what they look like. I know men aren’t as picky as women when it comes to finding someone to be with but I never realised how much attention women paid towards every aspect of a man’s personality 

    The fact that you even think about what television programmes you will have to watch with us makes me think that I need to pick up my game a bit

    Even though this post is fun it still gave me a lot to think about, thanks for writing this, lol

    1. Hi Matt. Glad to hear that Nerdy Nelson gave you an eye-opener. These type of dudes try their best to ‘fit in,’ but aint nothing happening. Women check them out at a distance and at the same time, hope they’re not approached. Rough days ahead for the nerd! Finding true love will be difficult. Please share my post with others.

  2. This is really great advice for single people. This is funny but worth reading for those women who want to go on a date with a nerdy guy. There is nothing wrong with nerdy guys. They might not seem cool like the other guys, but they won’t be jerks like your average guy that you’ll date.

    My husband is not a jerk, his just right for me. I was never picky with guys, if you enjoy their company, look pass the other things a woman will feel ashamed about. Who knows, maybe he’ll end up being your husband. So never judge a book/man by its/his cover/appearance, that’s how the saying goes.

    In the end, seems like a great opportunity to receive advice for any relationship you’re in.

    Thank you for this great article on dating and all the best.

    1. Congrats my dear, for finding yourself a ‘good guy.’ Some women aren’t so lucky! They end up with nerds that stay nerds throughout the whole relationship. In one of his songs, Stevie Wonder words go, “Everything must change…nothing stays the same.” But in regards to a true nerd…they always stay the same! Thanks for reading.

  3. This is pretty funny and can probably be a comic strip, but as a nerd myself some stuff is inaccurate.  I used to be an introvert and had a hard time talking to girls but as I got older, it became a lot easier.  I’m now married to my high school sweet hart who actually found me on Facebook when I was in Afghanistan.  

    Nerds don’t have cars? lol! Come on man, you gotta give us some credit.  Now I admit, I like to be home alone, not a fan of bar hopping, I love comics and video games but we HAVE transportation.  I myself drive a Toyota Camry.  

    If you met me in person, you wouldn’t know that I’m a nerd because I’m not socially awkward and I know how to act in group settings.  The only time you will realize it, is when you find out my interests.  Anyway, funny article, way to word it in a way that would force me to respond, which was probably your intention.

    1. Thank you for reading and your compliment regarding the humor in it. I love creating articles where I’ll get good feedback and hopefully, will bring out the nerdiness in the reader. LOL. Let’s admit it, we all had a little nerdiness in us at some point in our lives. In regards to the car remark, I was referring to a younger nerd. Yeah, when you older, I expect the person to have some type of wheels. (An el cheapo used ride, is better than no ride at all). Please share this post with others. 

  4. I was actually browsing online when I came across this page. It caught my attention and I felt I had to check it out. 

    I think you’ve nailed down the stereotypical guy that often gets the label “nerd” or “loser”. It’s a good tongue-in-cheek article. It reminds me of what the grandmother of a friend used to say – “there’s a lid for every pot” …… meaning no matter how “off” someone may appear, there will always be someone who matched them perfectly. 

    And I often think of that saying when people watching and I come across couples that seem to be so mismatched from the outside perspective. 

    It takes all kinds to make the world go round 😉

    1. Love your reply, my friend. I’ve always say myself, there’s someone for everybody ( but I like the way your friend’s grandmother put it better). No one seems to be left behind when it comes down to love & relationships. If you just constantly strike out, then somethings wrong. Time to re-evaluate things!

  5. I know how it is to be with a nerd, my wife is one. She has a different taste about humor, and of course, all the movies and programs that she loves. But I have to say, when they love you, their love is real, and you couldn’t find a better person than this kind of types. There is no way that I would replace her with somebody else, so I think that says enough. Anyway, thanks for sharing it. 

    1. Congrats to you, my friend on finding your soulmate. Yes, you will find nerds in either sex. Sometime people figure nerdy-types just don’t fit in. They have no friends, except other nerds. It seems they have their own little circle of friends. They will, if lucky, one day find true love.

  6. Now this post takes a humorous look at a ‘nerd like nelson’ and covers a lot of things about Nelson, which when you think about it are True!!

    I have to say reading it, A) Made me smile and B) made me think of some of the Nelson’s in our local supermarket, who I shall never look at with the same pair of eyes as before, in fact a couple of faces immediately sprang to mind, so descriptive was your writing and you obviously, either know one, or have good observational skills and humour to match

    Overall I enjoyed reading this.

    1. Hi Dave. Thanks for checking in. To answer your remark under B: “…you obviously, either know one, or have good observational skills and humour to match.” To answer you; it’s all three! Over the past 60 years, I’ve see, heard and met people who would be described nerds. They are out there, all around us. Thanks for reading my funny post.

  7. I just LOVE reading your blogs!  They always give me such a laugh!

    Hey, you forgot under hobbies: video games!  LOL  I am a bit of a nerd myself but nothing resembling that.  I’m sure that even Nerdy Nelson will find his soul mate in an equally Nerdy Nelly!  I’ve just sent this article to a couple of my girl friends who’ll get a real kick out of it.

    Although this article is tongue in cheek it DOES give good advise to those males out there as to “what NOT to do”!  I hope that it provokes thought in at least a FEW of them!

    Keep on writing these fantastic “profiles”!

    1. Thank you my friend for your compliments. Glad you get a ‘kick’ out of reading them. (Yes, I will keep more profiles coming as long as the creative juices keep flowing in my brain.) Hey, a nerdy female counterpart is what Nelson need. That’ll put some ‘spunk’ in his life. LOL. Please continue to share my post. Maybe your girlfriends will see some value in my Nerdy Nelson post).

  8. This is a really funny and offbeat site.  Loving the Nerds is a rather interesting topic but hey-everyone needs love right?  I love the tongue in cheek energy this article puts out there. I think the nerds get a better deal these days as compared to my high school years when nerds had a brutal time of it.  Especially with articles like these.  Keep up the good work!

    1. Welcome back Andria. I really appreciate the comments you provide. I agree everybody needs love. You’re right about most nerds from high school catch hell. (I think I was considered one myself) I was always the one being picked on and laughed at. The one who never got the girls (unless they were ‘Nerdetts’)lol. Oh well..what can I say!?

  9. Hi hun, I think that your sight is amazing! you have picked a great niche! you have some super valuable info on there that may be beneficial to a wide group of people. Your website looks amazing, very nice layout! Best of luck to u and the future of your website.

    1. Erica, if you ever felt nerds are the ‘in’ thing, then this is your main guy? LOL! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. You’re sure to be ‘wined and dined’ somewhere!! LOL! Thank you for all the nice compliments. Really appreciate it. Please share this post with others.

  10. I’m hoping the only comparison to be made, personally, is the birth sign. My stomach dropped as I saw that. Needless to say, I was then looking for any other similarities. I used to collect stamps but managed to join a group that helped me ‘release’ that particular demon. One thing we have to be thankful for, I guess, is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Taking on board ‘Survival of the fittest’ there stands a good chance that this breed will will not make the ‘cut’. Saying that, it’s worth remembering that much of the world is secretly kept running by ‘nerds’ such as these so I guess we should cut them some slack, some of the time. There is no excuse for playing in Kitty Litter though.

    1. Hey Twack, you can’t take any of my profiles and its characters too seriously! They’re all written in a tongue-and-cheek approach sprinkled with a touch of reality. A reality most folks can comprehend and relate to. You’ll find this type anywhere with folks in some way, attaching themselves to the very essence of the character’s being. Thanks for reading.

  11. I almost laughed till I had no ribs. This is indeed funny, but honestly true. I’ve seen lots of nerds during my college years and this is no different from what I have seen. And no matter how terrible they are, they end up getting someone who likes them for who they are and may even end up been their life partner at last. I can’t wait till you write more about a nerd girl. 

    1. Thank you Seun for reading and getting a Big kick out of my post. A ‘nerdy girl’ may be on the horizon! I love to hear how my article made someone’s day (If only for a brief moment.) We all know someone with a little nerdiness in them. Could it be a family member or a friend? Only you know for sure. Hell, it could be yourself, but I won’t tell! LOL!

  12. Now that’s a spicy meat ball! OF COURSE IT’S HILARIOUS. I know that this was meant to be a bit funny and all but i think that there may be a bit of info out there for our singles who are in a desperate situation trying to find out their one and only (*wait why am i looking in the mirror while typing this lol*), but anyways man yeah its funny!

    Looking forward to lots of your posts maybe i’ll learn something out of them.


    1. Hey Sid, I like a spicy meataball myself! LOL!! I try to put folks in stitches. (We need more humor in the world today!) My original funny profiles are designed to make folks laugh, but on the same token sprew some truth out to the reader. The underlying tones will give the reader something to think about and help him or her develop their next move.

  13. Definitely Hilarious and I will definitely share it with my friends. Every time I am a little down all I need to do is come to your blog and I know for sure I’m going to find something in it that will cheer me up and make me laugh. I love reading your blogs, they are truly funny, maybe you should think of a way to make a comedy out of it, who knows a screenplay or something like that. I can see it at the movie like a romantic comedy type of movie!

    1. Hey Barbara, I think I’ll crown myself “The King of Comedy!” LOL!! I can just hear it now! On stage under the bright lights,….”And The Award for The Most Funniest, Online Post Goes To Ronald K”…..LOL!! (I like to toot my own horn every now and then.) Love the responses from my readers! It makes me feel great when I know I’ve put s little joy in their day, if only for a moment. yes, please share this with your friends.

  14. Lol, this is really hillarious, I know what needs feel sometimes. I have a nerd friend and he explains how sometimes he feels socially intimidated. On ladies, like nerdy Nelson, he’s never had lick, he loves the Simpsons or any real movie that glorifies the nerds. He’s had a few crushes but will never give it a thought to try them to a conversation. Crazy

    1. Hey Henderson, let the nerds arise! They’re coming out of the woodwork!!LOL! It seems we all know someone that has a Nerdy friend Women & Men alike). We don’t put our Nerdy friends down, we just laugh at their Nerdy ways. It seems they never change! Love em’ or not, they’re here to stay!lol.

  15. Not gonna lie, I laughed when you mentioned the stamp collection, like who does that! Really loved the information you have on nerds, although I don’t really consider myself as a complete nerd, I do share a couple of aspects of these nerdy brothers. You should totally do a review on the jocks next.

    Well Done!

    1. Glad you enjoyed my article, my friend Jose. I hope that ‘good laugh’ made your day. I find humor helps folks day a little brighter. I think there’s a little Nerdiness in us all. It’s funny that you mention I do a jock profile. I have one with the layout completed. All I have to do is update it. maybe coming soon!

  16. Hey, Ron! An absolutely hilarious post. I laughed my guts out. To me, the best part was the sections on Turn-ons, Turn-offs, Where to meet, and the Goal.

    In that regard, I must say that you’re a great storyteller, man. I was able to really create that picture in my mind and the more I read the essentially crazier it got. There are all kinds of people in this world. So, you’ve probably hit the nail on the head when speaking of someone. Though they’re probably not Virgo as that I feel would be just too much of a coincidence, haha.

    And that rating at the end, was that 1.2 out of 10, haha? It made me burst out laughing. 

    I guess it’s as they say – the funniest bits are those that are observational truths. This was a great one.



    1. Hi Matiss. Glad you really enjoyed my funny post! I try to do my best to give my readers the best laugh possible. If i laugh while i’m writing and drawing, that’s a good indication others will feel the same way! You can find these nerdy type characters in just about any mother’s basement. Playing there video games, wishing they had a woman. (Or wishing any woman would just except him…Period!!) Please share with others.

  17. I think I’ve never actually met someone like that, let alone dated.

    But yeah, as funny as it was of a post in general, I believe there might actually be people out there that fit this description perfectly.

    That said, I feel they most of the time are misunderstood souls as in their core they’re really kind, affectionate, and loving just they are completely incapable on projecting those awesome characteristics to the outside world properly. So, they get ridiculed and laughed at by a number of groups.

    All of this and that how they generally carry themselves I think is probably due to some childhood trauma, media imposed huge insecurities or abusive parents as I feel no person inherently is like that. We are social beings that seek connection. And in that no one is nerdy.

    I mean, I personally can definitely think of a guy that has all those traits, hobbies and everything you wrote but who is unapologetic about them, passionate about them, he genuinely doesn’t care about what others think, and yet he’s loving and kind. That kind of guy then is one that many women would die for.

    I guess it’s fair to say that it’s more about how he feels in his own skin when it comes to that human connection. 🙂

    Have a Wonderful Day!


    1. Hi Rasa, thanks for reading. Like you stated, these types get laughed at and are bullied in school. (They probably get to school, bracing themselves for the worse). They never know what to expect. All-in-all, they are generally nice people looking for love, just like the rest of us. They just have more competition!

  18. Nerdy Nelson sounds like quite the nerd but I have to admit that I envisioned him building computers and not bagging groceries haha. Really though you’ve created something really interesting and I get your point totally. Banana Chocolate Chip Goulash sounds like an interesting dish lol. Your rating is pretty accurate and I found your post to be very funny and entertaining. I’m looking forward to reading more!

    1. Thank you my friend. I’m glad you found my post entertaining and funny. When I hear praise like that, I feel I’ve accomplished my goal. Love making folks laugh and making their day. Yes, more funny profiles coming. Stay tuned.

  19. Heeeelarious article. I was watching a show as I read this and had to pause it, start over reading, and share it with my mom. This is good stuff. A little sad, but sometimes true. I love the details. My favorite, “Hey lollipop lips” lol. Moldy hot dog buns. Poor things. Truth is nerds need love too. And they may be a refreshing change for the usual confident studs who know they are studs lol. I loved this. Thanks for the laugh. 

    1. Yes. Old Nerdy Nelson will break you up with all his nerdy ways. He wants folks to understand him, but just can’t seem to grasp the concept that no one wants him around. They feel it may ‘cramp their style!’ lol. I guess these nerd types has to be loved and accepted within their own group. (Oh well, that’s the way the nerdy cookie crumbles). Please share with your downline

  20. As much as I find this funny about nerds, I think this talked about a very serious advice to ladies who wish to go on a date with a nerd. Though nerds can be nerdy at times and it can really be annoying with the way they behave and act up but it is true that they need love too and can be loved in their own  ways. I was once a nerd in my high school days but after I got into my girlfriend then, things started happening and she made me feel so great about myself that no one is superior to me. This mindset helped change everything about me. Though as much as nerds are annoying to be with, they can also be helped. By the way, hilarious post

    1. Hi Ro. Thank you for reading my post. I agree like all my other readers stated, nerds need loving too. They have a hard time landing someone that will spend time with them (Unless they run into a ‘Gold digger.’) Those type of women will take a nerd quick, especially if they have some money. Most nerds are aware of these type of women’s slick moves.

  21. This is one very funny post by the way. I have a sister who is a nerd, although she sees things from the other side and makes me want to cry. But in truth nerds are really very nice group of people, my sister for example made my childhood very interesting with her weird joke and trick. They may not be as perfect as the other folks buy trust me they are fun to be with. Thankd for sharing such interesting post

    1. Yes Dane, Nerds need good loving too. They’ve been treated so badly throughout the years. (maybe this is where bullying originated.) It do seem like in most families, there is a nerd. Brother, sister, cousin, etc; they are there, and not going anywhere. So lets lift our glasses and toast the ‘Nerds of America.’ Please share this funny post with others.

  22. Hi Lovefolks,

    Nerdy Nelson is what we see the most either in the library or lab of the university. When I read this article, the image just came to my mind. A famous stereotype for nerdy Nelson is the characters from “The Big Bang Theory” which they also love star wars.

    When I reached the last paragraph, I realized you are an author and published a book for the same theme. Can’t love this more, and can’t wait to get a softcopy.

    1. You’re right Matt. Nerdy Nelson do look like he lives in a library and never leaves! lol. He would need a backpack, if he wanted to carry the many books that he’d like to read. I like the ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ a bunch of smart nerds. In regards to my book, If you fill in the box on my page, you’d get a free copy right away. 

  23. Hi, Ron.
    Thanks for the catchy article on how to love a nerd – though I am not a nerd.
    Your articles always make me happy as I get a description of someone similar to a person in my circle. You explain some specific profile and my mind keeps on imagining that particular face of my close friend. It was a really fun read.LOL.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Gaurav, thanks for checking in with me and reading my post. Yes, that’s the main thing I try achieving; to create characters and profiles that the every man & woman can relate too. They see themselves in my articles. Gaurav, do me a favor. I was never really sure if my readers do receive my reply back to them. Could you just send me back an “OK” to show me you received this reply? (You can do this from your dashboard back office.) Thanks.

  24. Thank you for your post. It is so nice of you telling us that Nerds need loving too. Looks it is not the fault of Nerds, but it is rooted deep into the genetics of the nerds.

    The Nerds are annoying that they are always searching, scoping out the most beautiful women and only to get their feelings hurt in the long-run. They never give up and will keep on pushing forward.

    It is kind of you sharing the characteristics of a typical nerd, which may be helpful for us to identify them and provide necessary helps for them.

    1. Yes Anthony, nerds are everywhere. Some guys are nerds early on in their lives. A change normally comes later on in life (sometimes) when maturity settles in with age and confidence builds. But a nerd is a nerd. Wants to be a player but don’t know how. Like you say, they just keep on moving forward. Please share this with others.

  25. I always love your articles and this one is great! Of course nerds need love too, every single person on this earth does. I agree that they can be found at the theater selling popcorn, which is what we have at our local cinema haha. I’ve actually seen his girlfriend and she’s very good looking. At the end of the day looks don’t matter, it’s how you carry yourself and treat other people is what counts. That’s what grabs girls attention and makes them interested in you.

    1. Hey, Brandon I could never figure that out; why the nerdy guys sometime get the prettiest women. But I agree with you that all it takes is kindness and respect towards one another that will make you a winner in the other person’s eyes. (Maybe nerds don’t get enough respect.) Brandon, thanks for being a loyal follower. More characters are display in my book, “How to Select a Compatible Mate”. Check it out.

  26. That was fun reading the article on “How to Love a Nerdy”  It really made me laughing while reading.  The details are very funny!  I thought that my husband was kind of a nerd but that quality I seemed to have overlooked or was not a big deal to me.  We learned a lot from each other.   So a nerdy person does not have to be a nerd throughout his life.  He can change for the better if he thinks it will bring him more positive outcomes in his future.  A nerd can always find love of his life as there are women that think of qualities they are looking for in a man, and the nerdy guy have some of those qualities and they seem to get along well.

    1. Evelyn, when any of my readers say they got a good laugh from any of my articles, then I’ve done my job well. I put a lot of work into my creations to make sure I deliver the best quality work. A good laugh to start the day is just what the doctor ordered! I agree that nerds do sometime change. But as long if it’s for the good, that’s all that matters. Please share ol’ nerdy Nelson profile with others.

  27. Nerds really do need loving too. I have seen some nerds ending up with the most beautiful girls. Granted, this mostly always happens in movies but still, there might be one or two stories out there whereby the nerd gets the girl. There are traits that make someone like a person and a pretty girl might just see that trait being portrayed by a nerd. This can lead to the pretty girl falling real hard for the nerd. This is not just fiction but can and has actually happened in real life.

    1. Jay, I never could figure that out. Why the most pretty girls end up with the most nerdy guys. I think it’s a challenge for them. They want to see if they can change the person to their liking. it’s a crazy challenge. I guess somebody gotta do it. Please share my post with others.

  28. Say, I’ve met a few men like this.  Never married one, thank goodness.  However, had a few run-ins that were not pleasant, like the time the nerd sat on my car hood, telling he was staying there so I’d take him home with me.  I finally had to drive around the parking lot, stopping and starting erratically and making surprise turns until he fell off.  Then I drove like the wind to get out of there before he was able to get back on the hood.

    There is no easy way to get rid of these types.  Women, just consider yourselves lucky if you haven’t met one of them.  It was good you wrote this post to alert us girls to such guys.  He might need love, but he ain’t gonna get it from me!

    1. Wow Fran. So you had ‘first-hand’ experience on what it would be like dealing with a nerd type. Yes, these dudes never seem to give up. They just keep on trying until they think you’ll give in. The best thing a woman can do is to steer clear of this type, the best you can. There is a nerd at every turn. Please share my post with others.

  29. Hahahaha, i just can’t stop laughing, Nelson, the nerd is really a big one! The master of nerds; but he will find love still. I’ve enjoyed reading through this profile and it’s a thing I discovered that it’s always you regardless whichever way other people sees you, if you’re a nerd, a social person, shy, so outspoken, you’ll still find that one for you and it’s a good thing to study such people whenever you happen to be in their angle. I’ve actually learned from this and it’s fun, thanks for it.

    1. Thank you Dreajay, for reading and enjoying my site. You will find these nerdy types inside any library or bagging groceries at your local food market. They all have plenty of love to give, but don’t know how to approach women. They try, but soon become a nuisance to their potential, hope to be suitor. Good luck with that! Please share my post with others.

  30. I think you have an interesting take on what a nerd is lol
    I know by some definition nerds are those who are into comic books, video games, and Starwars, along with being a bit socially introverted, which are not bad things inherently. I think that it is attractive when people are comfortable doing their own thing, even if that means watching reruns of Quantum Leap, perhaps I am a nerd lol. The illustrations on your site are impressive.

    1. Yes T.K., you would think I created this character after my own self because it’s written so well, but I didn’t. I admit I had a little nerdiness in me back-in-the-day, but was never quite as bad as Nelson. This dude is in a class all by himself. Regardless, of how much he tries he always tend to fail. Poor Nelson! Please share my site with others.

  31. Everyone deserve to be treated with enough love, to be loved and to love irregardless of the nature of such person, it takes and understanding person to understand another person, so being in love with a nerd needs your understanding about the nature of such person. I must say I really enjoyed my self reading about Nerdy Nelson’s profile, very funny and interesting, I hope love finds him soon, lol. 

    1. Nerdy Nelson will be searching high and low for love, but both you and I know there will be No happy ending for him. Let’s just all root for this poor guy who’s been struggling for years and still don’t quite have it together. Thank you for reading. Please share my post.

  32. Hello there! This is a nice one. In life, one thing that has the ability to help is all is association. I have had a lot of testimonies just from association with people, but in the world of introvert and need, its either themselves or other gofy nerd’s like them. But when it comes to love, they try better than us average people because they know it’s just this one lady and no one else.

    1. Hey David, nerds everywhere need loving too. Problem is, them being loved is far and few between compared to us regular guys. But then again, nerds are regular guys too just in a different class. Sometime nerdy dudes always need up with the pretty girls.(Maybe they have a better pick up line?) David, please share my page with others.

  33. I thought nerds were smart, well-paid, and rich! To think, I’ve been spending all my time at high-end coffee houses looking for the guy with glasses. No wonder I’m single. I suppose I’ll have to lower my financial standards. Either that or just turn my taste more towards geeks, instead. I’m so confused. What do you advise?

    1. Hey Cathy, I know you don’t want a nerd that’s exactly as I described in this character. All nerds don’t wear bifocals, pocket pencil protectors, short pants with white socks. A typical stereotyped image! Cathy, maybe you are setting your standards too high in your quest on finding that special someone. Try single events, or register with an online dating site and post your best photo. (, or or if you are over 50…try or Let me know how it goes.

  34. Hello Ronald, Thank you for writing on How To Love A Nerd/Profile of Nerdy Nelson. I enjoy a lot while reading profile of a nerdy nelson. I found your post is hilarious for me. These type of dudes are always searching, scoping out the most beautiful women; only to get their feelings hurt in the long-run. Keep this great work up.

    1. Yes my friend, these nerdy types always, for some strange reason, always get the fine chicks. (they seek and conquer.) Maybe the women feel sorry for them. It just always leave me wondering, “what th’ f___! Oh well, I guess we can’t win them all.

  35. I like the article because it is humorous. About gender relations. I was not successful with women when I was younger because I was afraid of them and I considered them special beings. But women like a man’s safety and don’t like a used car if they can find a man with a new car.

    1. So in other words my friend, you saying most women are ‘gold diggers?’ Well, there may be some truth to that. I think the real pretty ones are the the girls who are most interested in your wallet, than you. Although, I could be wrong, but over the years, I’ve seen a lot of crap go down. Just some you gotta watch!

  36. Ronald, this is hilarious, Nerdy Nelson is such a fitting title for this. Even though this comes across as very comical, there is a lot of truth carried in the fine lines of comedy. It comes full of lessons to dudes on how they are being categorized by girls out there. It equally has a strong message for the girls to be careful how they look at guys.
    In the category of the “nerds” are these guys with very low self-esteem who despite growing physically, remain coiled inside and fail to proportionally develop emotionally and psychologically. They have quite a difficult time with the girls and may remain virgins well past 40. I’m glad that this post highlights their plight as well.
    Anyway thank you for the educationaly value in your post, it will definitely enlighten those who read it.

    1. Thank you for checking in David. Yes Nerds need loving too. Nerds do go through a lot of crap from folks, over the years, just to fit in. In school, they all seem to have their own society; a special gathering of nerds. Special meetings! In regards to sex, some get lucky and end up up with some fantastic looking women. Others just plain old strike out. Win some, lose some!

  37. Hello, Thanks for this great article

    I have been following you for a quite long time and i enjoy reading your article because they are so informative. Selecting a compatible mate is quite challenging so isn’t something rash after. I actually read several articles and i liked the dramatical way you write your content with very attractive images. thanks once again.

    1. Mugalu, I’m happy to hear that you’re a devoted follower who enjoys reading my work. It’s my sole duty to please my readers. I love making folks laugh. If I satisfy only one reader, it would have made my day. Please share my articles with others.

  38. More than most, nerds don’t respond to subtle hints. Often they genuinely don’t read your body language. Or they do get the signal but lack the confidence to follow through. But physically drag him away from github and he will soon forget about debugging code lol..And prove to you that nerds do really make the best lovers. 

    1. Patrick, they’re plenty of nerds out in our society who wanna ‘fit in,’ but sometime find it hard. They could be the ‘coolest’ once you get to know them. And I never could understand, how they end up with the most prettiest wives or girlfriends? May the mystery unfold!! Thanks for commenting. Please share this with others.

  39. This topic is really hilarious. How to love a nerd? Well I don’t think that there is any laid down rules or guidelines on how to love a nerd or any other person for that matter. It just comes naturally as long as you are compatible and comfortable with that person. 

    If you love say for instance, ten things and your partner loves about seven out of the ten and vice versa then I think you are both on your way to a fulfilling love life and relationship. 

    But if you love fewer of the things your partner loves and does and vice versa then you will definitely hit a snag in a short while. 

    Compatibility is all that matters, after that love just comes naturally. 

    1. Yes my friend. It’s tough being a nerd. (In high school, I was once one myself. But the girls liked me). People make fun, bullies use nerds for their ‘punching bag.’ (Hell, I went through all that shit). But as you mentioned It’s all in the compatibility. There’s always somebody, for everybody. Please share my post with others.

  40. Hello, You have done a great work for create an amazing character. Everyone should be given the chance to show the real them no matter what they look like. I know men aren’t as picky as women when it comes to finding someone. Women check them out at a distance and at the same time, hope they’re not approached. Rough days ahead for the nerd! Finding true love will be difficult. You have done an amazing creativity.

    1. Thank you, my friend. Harish, just like they’re nerdy guys out there, you gonna run into nerdy women too. Of course, they may still be ‘stuck up’ nerdettes, but they need loving too. “Everybody needs love” as the song goes. Thanks for stopping by and please share my post.

  41. Wow thank you for this finesser post. I did not know what Nerdy Nelson was and I appreciate these details. I think from your review, Favorite book (Learn how to pick up girls) written by Smooth Talkers and I like it. Can I buy that book online? And where can I buy it? Is nerd a negative word?

    1. Hello Shimba, thanks for stopping by. Nerdy Nelson is just a fictional character and also the comical things listed in the profile is just for laughs, but written with some underlying surrealism. Truth be told, nerds are everywhere and needs loving too.

      Shimba, in regards to the book, the book you can download online for immediate access. No waiting! Get your copy here:

  42. I love the satire! Nerdy Nelson sounds like quite a catch.  In our culture of offense it is great to read something humorous playing up the stereotypical aspects of a nerd. Virgos are quite mercurial so I like that you use that sign to describe your character.  In the end I hope he finds his dream girl to live happily ever after working at the movie theater together.

    1. Thank you Stacy for checking in with me. Nerds will always have to work harder to find that special someone. But you know Stacy, there’s ‘somebody for everybody’ out here. Never count out the Nerd. (It’s amazing to me how they always end up with the prettiest ladies). Please share my post with others.

  43. I actually start reading the article from Curiosity. And I can say that I really enjoyed the article, Ronald. Frankly, I’ve never thought about “Nerds” like you before. While your article is fun to be outdoors, its importance is high. I really appreciate your wisdom. In a fun article, you highlight very important information. Nerds have deserved respect they deserve because they are people like us. I hope that many people like me will know a lot about nerds from your article.

    1. Nerds united together will have a strong voice in society. (You can’t keep a good nerd down.) Nerds are everywhere in our society; not just young students, teachers, librarians, etc; but from all walks of life. Lets not pick on them, but embrace them. Please share with others.

  44. I completely agree its really tough out there for a nerd and being a kind of a nerd myself, I can relate to some of the nerds and how they might always feel they pick the short end of the straw whenever they go around looking for a potential mate

    Hopefully, this will bring light on the subject and nerds can improve themselves and the ladies start giving them more chances.

    I loved your blog

    1. Thank you mick for checking in. Yes, nerds seem to get the ‘short end of the stick’ in regards to relationships involving seeking and finding a good partner. There’s ‘somebody for everybody’ I always say. So their hunt must continue, although it may take a little longer. Please share my post.

  45. Been a very long time that I came to your website and I have to tell you that it is actually very good to be here again to read what you have written about this. Like Every time, it is funny to read the story you have embedded in telling us how to love a nerd. I have a couple of nerd friends who would like to have a good laugh with this.

    1. Thanks Jay for being a steady reader of my humorous post. I’ve been so wrapped up in doing other shit, I haven’t gotten around to putting out any funny stuff. Mainly my other sites, which a few I posted here, has been keeping me going. Of course, I’m never to busy to talk about all the ‘Nerds of America.’ They are out there, still searching for some female companionship. Please let your buddies read this, so they can see themselves. LOL.

  46. Hello there! I couldn’t help but laugh after going through your article! Personally I don’t fancy the idea of going into a relationship with a nerd…my brother is nerd and he is no different from everything mentioned here…. surprisingly he is now in a relationship with someone who loves him for who he truly is… Thanks again, I laughed really hard.

    1. Thank you Vannabell for commenting and enjoying my funny post. How dare you Vanna, calling your brother a Nerd! LOL!! But I guess if the description fits… There are many nerds out there in are society, but the nerds always prove us wrong in the long run…they seem to always prevail. (As they say, there’s someone for everybody….maybe a ‘Nerdette??’)lol

  47. Hey a funny article! Nerdy Nelson is definitely your typical nerd. There always seems to be one especially in educational places such as schools or colleges. I can remember quite a few from back in the school and college days.

    I like how you included every aspect of Nelson’s life from what he watches to what he likes! Everyone deserves love!

    1. Yes, you would think you’d see more in our educational system. (The thick glasses, pencil holder in shirt pocket, greased back hair) The typical nerd look, but they’re everywhere.

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