How Dating Games In Life Are Played | Selecting Compatible Mates


Serious Involvement Should Be Taken Into Consideration While Playing The Dating Game.



Society has long dictated that in order to build a successful relationship, complete with understanding and trust, there should also be eventual commitment. Playing dating games in life should take a backseat, and let a more serious and settled love life rise to the forefront! Now-a-day, most folks entering into relationships have NO clue as to what these two words really mean:

How Dating Games In Life Are Played
“Damn baby! You got some cold lips…But I Like It.”



We know ‘trust & commitment’ go ‘hand-in-hand,’ but lets take the word ‘commitment!’ Just this one word alone will have most folks shaking in their boots and having second thoughts!

Some start regretting they even uttered that mere word! (Just a ‘slip-of-the-tongue, perhaps?)’ Whatever the reason, it’s now registered in that person’s memory bank!


How Dating Games In Life Are Played
Dude having second thoughts on getting hitched.

Therefore, just thinking about giving up those exciting flings before taking the final plunge, gets you a little shaky and harboring second thoughts!

You want to keep on meeting those of the opposite sex and all the thrills that come along with it. But committing yourself to one man or woman can be a trying experience!

You also understand that sometime dating can be very awkward. Asking someone out could be nerve wrecking! So how can you tell if he or she is interested in you?

The anticipation of a long romantic affair with that special someone goes through your mind. The image you hold is long-term. You don’t even care about how much money they make or material things they possess, or his or her background (This goes to show how desperate you are!).

But finding your mate doesn’t have to be out of desperation. It’s just experiencing ‘that feeling’. This is a feeling that will make you shout, “I think I’ve found me a compatible mate”.

So you really think you’re ready to deal with the real world? See video…



I know there our many folks out in the dating arena that are only concerned about the others status. Loving a persons wallet instead of the person themselves is Not True love. (‘Artificial’ at its best!)

A serious true love seeker shouldn’t care about status. The type of occupation they have really doesn’t matter to you. They can be a computer geek repairing the main frame in laptops, bagging groceries at the local market or a part-time hair dresser, it shouldn’t matter.

Or they may work online, struggling to make a few bucks with a network marketing company.

Hell, then again they may not work at all! (It makes them break out into a ‘cold sweat’ just thinking about going to job interviews. (This applies to either sex. They’re just ‘lazy ass’ people).



“Hey, drinking, scratching, and farting is what I do best.”

You know, ladies, some guys take great pride in being plain lazy.

They are tired by the end of the day just from working the video console!

Who wants some guy lying around the house all day smelly, drinking beer, eating fish & chips and playing video games on their Xbox?

You may really find yourself in that situation. After working two jobs, you come home one evening to discover this person with their feet up and playing video games.

Remember now, you have to give him credit; he did bathe earlier. So with him stopping his video game long enough to shower, is a BIG Accomplishment!

But strangely for some unknown reason, He Still Stink! But all in all, romance is in the air. (Mr. stinky wants a loving relationship too!)  Romance is here, there – It’s everywhere!

Even animals go into ‘heat’ making a connection. Meow! Meow!



How many times have you seen animals (Maybe your own), snuggled together? Or in some cases, stuck together. ass to ass! LOL.

Now you got a bunch of little puppies to deal with. (All because you didn’t get your pet neutered.)

I mention this just to show animals need loving too! They need a connection with other animals. Human connection is the same thing. We all need that feel, that touch, those soft words spoken.

These are just a few of the things you think about. Things you may or may not have to deal with. Yet, If you’re thinking about taking things to the next level, before any preparations can be taken toward the ritual of marriage, the proper choice of a mate must take place. This is where you have to be careful!!

Now ladies and gentlemen, you sit down and question yourself. You think; “How do I meet someone who’s worth the time and effort?” “Will I regret this in the long run?” “Will I get taken for a buggy ride?” “Would I have to protect my money by changing banks and my password?” “Should I get a Prenup agreement?”



Suppose one night you’re watching your favorite crime program, “America’s Most Wanted.” The woman or man you’ve been dating for the past three years suddenly appear on the show’s ’10 Most Wanted list.’ Now what do you do?

Do you:

A) Jump on your cell phone and tell all your friends that your partner was on the tube.

B) Confront the person and let them know that you know about their past, secret life.

C) Get the hell out of there as fast as you can because they are wanted for double murder in three states.

Also, take a retrospective tour over past relationships. (you’ve found yourself doing a lot of that lately). Your mind starts to wonder;

“Were those encounters fruitless or rewarding? Or would my time had been better spent sitting home masturbating?

how-dating-games-of-life-are-played image

“Was the failure due to something I may have done, said or failed to do?” I don’t know.

“Was the relationship timely?” (Sometimes when we force the game to go in our favor, things never seem to turn out right).

Maybe different time sets played a role with you being a modern 21st century individual, dealing with the current things in life, and your potential soulmate stuck in the 60’s. (Trying to play catch-up)!

Staying current regarding the latest developments of life will somewhat keep you ahead in the dating game. Like a well traveled sailor, at least be up on the current events of the world.



Recently, I ridiculously created and profiled personalities of the type of folks someone would encounter while out and about in their daily lives. The numerous singles who line our city streets and singles bars are targeted as well.

I posted these funny profiles (Along with illustrations), on individual post and in a book! “WhyHow Dating Games In Life Are Played Image did I do this, you ask?” The only reason I can think of is that I’m just a crazy ass, son-of-a-bitch! LOL!!

Oh,…and lets not forget those who have been deeply hurt and lied to most of their adult lives.

Also, stay focused on the gold-digger’s and ‘lady hustlers’ coming out to stake their claim on some hapless soul.

The single person can work on and develop strategies now with ease! You may be walking down the street headed to a neighborhood store, to the mall, to pick up dog food, buy yourself some liquor or to any other area where there are people.



Say for example, you’re a guy and you spot a pretty woman in the area. Or maybe walking along the beach. Once noticing her, you’d spend a good amount of time thinking of what to say.

It takes you awhile to get up the nerve to approach her because due to numerous past rejections, you haven’t been feeling too good about yourself.

     Girl Taking Peaceful Walk On The Beach!

Next, you start thinking of every excuse about what could go wrong. “She’s too gorgeous for me.”

I don’t stand a chance.” “Maybe that’s really not a woman. If she show interest in me, then I know something is up.”

Now remember, this scenario could easily been set for men or women. The biggest difference would’ve been a woman may not have been so aggressive (But they are out there!)

Now after using the tools here and following what’s offered to you, it’s full steam ahead!

You’ll walk with pride. Head held high.  Radiate more confidence. Your game plan is well into place! You’re ready to go out into the world because this is the only way folks find their soul mate in life!

So guys & girls, don’t spend anymore weekend night’s alone staring at your cell phone waiting for a text message or wishing it would ring.



Your friends will call wanting you to hang out with them, but you know it’show dating games in life are played only because they need someone hold the camera and take the group photos.

Or someone to sit, watch the purses & drinks while they dance.

Hell! You want a mate! A good male companion. Someone you can call a friend! (You know you have to become friends first before ‘lovers’).

Keep in mind that if you are seriously hunting for that special someone, then you need to know everything you can about your prey.

Make your best shot count! Bag the best mate you can!! Remember, with a well thought out plan of action, any man or woman can be yours.



First – As far as age goes, remember age ‘aint nothing but a number.’ You can still approach a sexy hot single regardless of what your age is. (of course, you don’t want to approach someone too young. Then you’ll come across as a ‘dirty ol’ man or woman.’)lol. Just use common sense.

I’m an older guy myself, but love to date younger women. Also, never let nationality get in the way. Lots of guys miss out on the possibility of scoring a winner thinking one-sided. They’re only into their own kind. Big Mistake! (There are beautiful types of women in all races out there.)

Open up! Give yourself a chance. But if you’re an ‘older guy’ dealing with a ‘much younger attractive woman,’ most likely there’s always going to be a big effort of keeping her happy and not piss her off.

This can lead to additional problems like “how you can stay on her good side & out of the doghouse!” and continue dealing in a content and peaceful relationship. Now this is where communication is so important.

Second – People, understand that most folks love humor. They like a person that makes them laugh. You don’t have to be another Kevin Hart or Eddie Murphy, but if you feel that you want to joke around, go ahead and make them laugh. Just don’t be offensive!

I used this approach on a pretty girl I met while out buying dog and cat food. She was laughing at mostly everything I said, but unfortunately she was already in a relationship. (Hey…can’t win ’em all).

Third – Make conversation related to what ever you’re doing at the moment. Grocery shopping? Then ask her about the freshest fruit to buy, how to make a good salad or how high the store’s prices are.

A woman out shopping makes eye contact. Then will ask a guy if he can reach something on a higher shelf for her. (It’s ok for the woman to be the aggressor sometime,) If you’re out walking your dog, you can meet many singles out doing the same as well.

“Be creative, friendly and smile a lot!”

Fourth – Don’t be intimidated by a woman or guys outer beauty. (Inner beauty is what counts most). For example, guy’s think when they see a fine woman, she won’t speak or have time for them.

You’ll be surprised to find out that this woman is just as lonely as you. Maybe she’s tall or too good-looking, by most standards. She think her gorgeous looks & height are a ‘hinder’ instead of a ‘helper’ that is keeping guys at bay.

(I just give ‘a guy perspective’ because I’m a guy. But this touches both sexes).

Fifth – Just be yourself and have confidence.  This is strongly recommended for the serious single guy, trying to get it together.

Try not to portray someone you’re not. You’ll go along ways just by being honest because you don’t want something later, to come back and bite you in the ass.

(REMEMBER: You never know what day, time or place that special someone may come along).



“How can I become more confident?” is the question most struggling, single people ask. Whether it’s about approaching women, dating them or just having sex.

Dude with little or no confidence

For those still not confident enough, it all feels like a terrifyingly uncertain nightmare, and as a result, you worry about practically everything.

“What do I say?” “What do I do?” “Where do I take her?” “What if she doesn’t like me?” “What if she says no?”

“What if I’m not good at all?” “What if I throw up on her after too many shots?” What if, what if, what if….

Fortunately, in the last twenty years researchers have gained a lot of new insights into the origins and nature of confidence, and they allow us, finally, to explain exactly what it is:

Confidence is the realistic expectation you have of being successful at something, given (a) your competence at it and (b) the risk involved with doing it.

Take driving, for example. When you get behind the wheel now, as opposed to being a much younger inexperienced driver, you understand all the unseen risks and thus have a very high expectation of getting where you intend to go safe and sound.



Don’t think confidence is some kind of modern phenomenon through, just because people today don’t shut up about it. Confidence has been a thing for a long time.

In fact, confidence is part of your genetic makeup which evolved over thousands of generations as a mental tool to guide our decision-making.

how-to-play-the-dating-games-of-life imageA confident guy expects the woman to engage him in conversation when he goes up to say hi and introduce himself.

He expects her to give him her number when he ask for it or to dance at the club.

He doesn’t think he deserves it or she owes it to him (unless he is also an entitled douche bag, which is entirely possible) – he just expects that he’s going to get it, even before he says a word. Why?

Because he’s done this dozens if not hundreds of times, with enough success to accurately predict the likely outcome.

How can you realistically judge the likelihood of your success in a unique moment like that – or in any domain of life?



Your brain does it by unconsciously integrating a bunch of data from your memory and your current states. It adds up your past training, How Dating Games In Life Are Played Imageexperiences, and successes, plus your present capabilities, to guide your decisions.

Your brain is like a mushy three-pound sports book between your ears, setting the line and shifting the odds on to your immediate future.

The most annoying thing about confidence, though, is that 90% of the time it’s dormant (or at least, it should be). It should only become an issue when you’re actively facing a risky challenge, not when you’re eating dinner or sitting at home trying to chose between watching football or Netflix.



Nobody walks around all day vacillating between confident and un-confident. That would be exhausting and pointless.

When a challenge does arise-like texting a new mate from How Dating Games In Life Are Played ImageeHarmony or having sex with a woman for the first time-your confidence system immediately switches on and delivers its verdict: what confidence level you should feel in this situation, given its rewards and risks in relation to your competence level.

For example, if your game is tight and you’ve had successful dates from eHarmony, your confidence is probably high. If you’ve had a history of striking out with women and a reputation as a two-pump chump with new ones, your confidence is going to be low.



So let’s talk about building confidence. (Remember, you’re never too old.) First thing’s first: there are No shortcuts! Anyone who tries to sell you their “Ten Tricks To Land A Foxy LadyHow Dating Games In Life Are Played Image is selling you bullshit!

If they tell you to visualize your mating success, then the actual secret is that they’re charlatans taking your money.

The only effective strategy for gaining real confidence is to develop skills and demonstrate performance of those skills.

Developing realistic self-confidence is all you need and it’s right within your mind! Start building up your confidence NOW! All you have to do is get good at the things you feel confident about and then demonstrate those skills, to yourself and others.

Go after what you want in confidence! Your compatible mate is out there waiting”

This means learning, practicing and then consistently performing under real-life conditions with real stakes, when people are watching.

“Once you do that, confidence and established skill-sets are almost automatic.”


Get More Valuable Information Here Pertaining To Seeking & Selecting A Compatible Mate. A Formula That Focus On Making Relationships Successful. Look At All We Offer…


When it comes to love and finding a mate for a long-term relationship, studies has shown that people need a clear set of instructions for specific actions.

I’ve outlined a five-step process which boils everything you need to do. Down to the simplest possible set of facts to learn, choices to make, and actions to take. The five steps are:

  1. GET YOUR HEAD STRAIGHT: Fix your mental framework regarding sound relationships; replace antique nonsense with state-of-art insights; develop confidence, understand the opposite sex point of views, and clarify your mating ethics and mating goals.
  2. DEVELOP ATTRACTIVE TRAITS: Understand what they want and why, and then give it to them by cultivating the key traits of physical health, mental health, intelligence, willpower, tenderness, and protectiveness.
  3. DISPLAY ATTRACTIVE PROOFS: Understand the signaling principles that underlie honest, hard-to-fake proofs of value, and construct your personal, professional, social, and romantic life around building and displaying those proofs.
  4. GO WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE: Understanding how the mating markets work, given the supply and demand of men and women; how to find that person who offer the highest value and the best compatibility, given your tastes and goals; and how to meet those people in specific places, from local leisure clubs to online dating apps.
  5. TAKE ACTION: Understand how to talk. Date them, have great sex with them (When the time is right), and learn from your experiences toward building a positive feedback cycle of personal improvement, and a sound relationship. All of which will help you create and execute your mating plan.

These steps are simple to understand,… but they’re not always easy to accomplish. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you bullshit!



how playing the dating games in life are played images
Guy contemplating about approaching woman

So in conclusion, regardless if you’re a man or woman, you may not always come out on top every time playing dating games.

Things have seriously changed within our world now, in regards to seeking love and relationships.

In these difficult times we live in, it’s very hard, as a single man or woman to meet ANYONE else looking. (Not Easy In Today’s Times!) No one wants you in their face, spreading germs. Better have that face covering on!

Picture yourself one afternoon relaxing alone on the beach, with a mask on, trying to yell at a pretty woman standing on the other side. You shout in a loud voice, “Hey pretty lady? You come here often!?” Muffled through a mask. (‘Good luck with that shit!’)LOL!

There are plenty of good people out here, but you can’t get to know them when you have to stay ‘isolated’ & ‘six feet’ apart.

How dating games in life are played image
Men? Women? Need Help Building Your Confidence? Find It Here.


2020 is a year we will all never forget, starting with covid 19 in February! Also, look at all the marches that went on condemning racial injustice & police brutality in mid summer. Regardless of what part of the country you lived in, you saw some form of this going on.

It’s just Not enough LOVE in the world today! Just not only on a personal level, but global as well.  2020 will go down in the history books as ‘The Year Of ‘Pure Hell!’

Besides putting us in a bad economic and health crises, It also has ‘hindered’ our search for a compatible mate. (If you’re married, you can just ignore this section…unless you plan on cheating.)

I’m targeting ONLY singles now! Currently, online dating is ‘HOT’ & increasing in popularity. During past years, this style of meeting people for dating or possibly marriage has taken a ‘bad hit.’ No one wanted to explore this route. But not anymore!

Research has shown that 38% of US adults, 30 to 49, have used an online dating service and even lower for 50 and older. and 16% have found a committed relationship from its use.

So if you are seriously searching for a mate who’s wanting the same thing as you, someone to fulfill that empty void in your life, regardless if you’re Christian or not; then here’s the best one I recommend. Check this out:

“Oh, and by the way before you leave, please visit my home page for more exciting articles regarding Love & Relationships!”


Ron’s Final Thought On The Reality Of Love

how-dating-games-of-life-are-played image

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  1. Patrick says:

    I like the way the site owner lays out there start page. It is done in a cleverly way and with a very good sense of humor. I felt myself engaged in the article that was written waiting for the next comical or clever thing to be said. I felt like the article was keeping my attention. I was looking forward to the answers that he or she was eluding to be coming at the end of the article. This is well written and in a very funny way.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you for chiming in, Patrick. Glad you enjoyed reading it. I always write material based on a mixture of comedy and real life stuff. A reader never know when the next surprise will hit. As long as the reader stays engaged, then I feel I’ve done my job. Thanks again for dropping by.

  2. Michel says:

    Some great advice and good home truths here. I love the burping farting man you have pictured there, and boy don’t we all know a few of those. Sometimes love is really blind.

    I think the worst part for most people is actually making the effort and going out and meeting somebody. It is always scary at first, and I agree it isn’t always easy to find that special someone that you can connect with.

    Keep these helpful posts coming.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Michel and thank you for commenting. Glad you liked my article. I feel when the ‘love bug’ hit, some folks lose all control. They seem unconcerned about the person’s faults, they just want to be love. That’s the trouble with people, just the idea of being ‘in love’ is all they care about. That is what they consider a most important element in their lives. Then down the road, they realize a mistake was made (and it wasn’t on the other persons part).

      I agree when you stated their is some initial fear when hooking up the first time, but those are the chances you take until you do find the ‘perfect one’. Thanks again Michel for commenting. Let me know if I can assist you with anything else.

  3. Hari S Nair says:

    I have read your posts before and like always, I was engaged in reading the content from top to bottom, nodding along and laughing a lot.

    Wow, you just touched some of most essential aspects of dating in today’s world, people just are unaware of what they are doing to themselves.

    Lol, I don’t know what I will do if I find someone I am dating on such a TV show, that’s a nightmare.

    So many programs built around dating now days really are making lives more miserable by just finding a way to make money by just using the fact that people are in need of partners. Being an affiliate marketer makes me aware of a new such product coming every month, your site is something that can save many such lives.

    Very nice post really, awesome read!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Hari for your kind words. I’m glad you get some value and enjoyment from the post I write. I try to be as real as I could when touching on the ‘strange world’ of dating. There’s good and bad in everything. You never know just how that person is until you’re knee-deep into the relationship. It’s like quicksand!

      As you stated Hari, tons of dating and relationship programs being shown to viewers, but none you can take too seriously. Its really all about revenue for the tv network. Hey,Hari, If my site is shared enough, maybe I could step in and ‘save the day’ for others. ‘Ron,The Super Hero’. LOL

  4. Thank you Sam for commenting. You’re absolutely right whereas, folks out here on the dating scene don’t know what they want. They hookup with that person they feel is ‘the one’. then later, regret it in the long run. It seem today, as far as value in a relationship is concerned, that thought goes down the toilet. Value seems to mean nothing anymore.

    But don’t get me wrong Sam, there’s a lot of good people out there; it’s just hard to come across them in a sincere way. The personality just ain’t there! Thank you Sam for commenting. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

  5. Thank you for your comment, sam. I do apologize for getting back to you so late. Yes, sometime being single establishes yourself against unwanted mental pressures and confusion. But you made some excellent points here, especially when you stated women hooking up with losers based on their emotions. One of the other major problems I see is women trying to change their man, once they get them. They want them to look and preform to their satisfaction. Then, down the road, the woman’s complaints start coming regarding their mate’s behavior, among other things. A lot of false hope is on display.

    Also, when it comes to children, some women take for granted that the man will eventually ‘warm up’ to the little brats. There’s problems right there. Can’t force someone else’s child on another. A ‘Big No No.’

    Again Sam, thanks for checking back in with me. If you have any other questions, comments or concerns just hit me up.

  6. Katie says:

    Some great advice here! Commitment is that magical word that so many tend to be afraid of. Any relationship without commitment is no relationship at all, right? It builds trust and love grows stronger.
    I was so intrigued reading this from top to bottom. So many great insights and I like that you bring humor to the topic. Being single can be frustrating at times but I believe this article will bring a new level of happiness.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Katie for commenting. Glad you saw some value in my site. Yes, the whole dating thing can be a gigantic bowl, in our society, of mixed nuts. Then sometimes things may roll out smooth as silk. (Depending on who you end up with and how the relationship evolves). I clearly understand that the word ‘commitment’ makes most dudes weak in the knees and want to run the other way.

      But it isn’t always all doom and gloom. There are many bright spots when a person looks forward to committing themselves to that special ‘one’ person. They don’t have to worry about running around, spending a lot of money on some woman that they later regret. (The guy figure that money would have been well spent on lottery tickets).

      I don’t know if you’re single or not Katie, but if you are, just hang in there. Mr. Right is bound to come along. (If not, I’m always here buried under the ‘sea of singles’. Just dig me up!)LOL

      Again, I want to thank you Katie for checking in. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

  7. Lucy Bowman says:

    It is true that we tend to overlook someone’s shortcomings when we are looking–sometimes desperately–for a partner to share life with. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless the shortcomings you are overlooking are like the anecdote you shared in your post…a criminal. =) I think it helps to have certain questions you want answers to and scenarios that you want to observe the person in. I also think that this is best done before two people are intimate. Our logical minds get foggy when we are being ruled by our body and not our mind. What do you think?

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Lucy, how are you? Thanks for commenting. A lot of times folks, especially after a recent breakup, rush right into another relationship mostly out of fear of being alone. Not really taking into consideration, no time was spent getting to know this new ‘flame’ (the one they claim ‘ignited their heart!…Yeah; right!)

      In their hearts of hearts, they feel good about their pick. No past investigation needed! (this turkey could’ve just been released from the state penitentiary last week). Then the woman complain later about how bad she’s treated. Same with a guy. He falls for the ‘smoking hot body and cute face.’ Never mind that she turns out to be ‘psyco’, (A straight up nut case!) This is what happens when guys think using the ‘wrong head.’

      You made some excellent points Lucy and I agree 100%. Thanks again for commenting. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

  8. jeffrey16201 says:

    Very interesting and informative article on dating mind games, I was married once a long time ago and it did not work out she abandoned me and my sons.

    Since then I have not been involved with anyone new, for the longest time I was damaged goods for the abuse from my formal partner.

    Most people don’t realize guys can be emotional damaged from a relationship as well, thank you for the great tips and article it did relate to my own experiences as well.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Jeffrey and thank you for checking in and commenting. Dating just like marriage could be a rough go as the months and years go by. We all hope the road get smother down the stretch, but sometimes things don’t always go in our favor. During your relationship with your ex, she probably made you feel that it was all your fault. I don’t know the detailed circumstances of your relationship breakup, but nine time out of ten, she was at fault as well. It’s even worse in your case that she took your kids. (that was a real Blow to the Gut).

      But Jeffrey remember, there’s always a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. What you need is a confidence boost. Click on this link Jeffrey, Follow it. It’ll point you in the right direction:hop=…

  9. roamy says:

    Hello Ronald

    This is an interesting read and anyone who has been in the dating field will at one time or the other experienced.

    Now looking back( I’m older, been there done that)I think most young people are more affected with dating games as young people are not yet sure if this is the one or if they are ready to commit or settle down.

    The dating field is a jungle, and with the internet making dating more international, it`s even harder, the woman/man of your dreams who you meet online is not always the person they claim to be. It`s funny you should mention a feeling of desperation when single, and it`s funny that I had this feeling when I was much younger. I think as we get older, there is more security, we are more confident with who we are.

    Very informative and really enjoyable read, thanks so much for sharing, I have bookmarked your site, not because im single but because I like your way with words and would like to keep reading your posts.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Roamy, thank you for stopping by and commenting. Yes, Roamy the ‘dating arena’ is loaded with a vast array of superficial characters. ready to pounce on the vulnerable. Those who just got out of a relationship, weak and harboring a sense of desperation.

      Many young folks jump from the frying pan to the fire, with no sense of direction. No purpose. As you mentioned Roamy, with the help of the internet and its ton of online dating services, things have grown so out of control, like an open field of marijuana invaded by 1960 hippies. Even my own younger days, were filled with young ‘untapped’ women (and I tried my best to ‘tap’ them all).

      Age kinda slows us all, but some of us still do are thing. (there maybe ‘snow on the roof top,’ but still ‘fire in the furnace.’) I agree age does keep you grounded and your confidence is at an ‘all time high’; which is a good thing.

      Thanks again for stopping in and let me know if I can do anything else. Check back any time.

  10. Irma says:

    I think this article is very interesting.

    How much time do you think that we should spend getting to know someone before we decide to be exclusive?

    It seems to me that women do choose based on feelings, while men choose within the first minute that they want some kind of relationship with a woman. What kind of a relationship that they want remains to be seen tho…

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Irma, how are you? Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you found value in my article and found it interesting. Sometime, when it comes down to dating, some folks end up with some weird characters. But we never find out how weird he or she are until much later into the relationship. Some of us move too quickly before getting to know what the other person is all about.

      I feel the appropriate ‘wait’ time before folks become exclusive is six weeks. Could even be sooner, but things should just progress naturally. I always tell folks you’ll know this is the one when you get the ‘feeling’. It’s that special ‘feeling’ you get when everything just ‘feeeels right.’ (This is that magical moment)!

      Yes I agree with you Irma, that women do settle into relationships based on feelings, while us dudes think more of a sexual relationship right from the start. When we look into those pretty eyes, and those pretty eyes are embedded into a ‘cute’ face which is attached to a ‘smoking hot body’,….then the thought of sex is not far behind.

      Again I want to thank you Irma for commenting. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

  11. Mallory says:

    I really enjoyed this article. As a single woman I can relate to many of the topics brought up even though I am not currently looking for a relationship it is nice to know that there are helpful tools out there! I have been in countless situations where the question of “What are we?” always comes up and it is extremely awkward from any point on after that. I think I will take a look at this book because it sounds very interesting and I always love reading relationship advice even though I’m not in one! 🙂

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Mallory and thank you for commenting. When it comes down to dealing in the ‘world of dating,’ there’s a good chance the single man or woman is guaranteed to involve themselves in some type of issue or crazy situation. Seems some folks, while in a relationship, tend to have the roving eye for others, which of course, never lead to any good.

      When you mentioned that the old question always arise, after a courtship goes for a while; the ‘What are we? (which is the same thing as a person asking,”Where is this going?” or “What about us?” ) Personally, my response to these questions would not leave me awkward, but would have me thinking; …”uh oh.” (This is where I alter my game plan.)

      Mallory, if you like comedy and would like a ‘jump start’ recognizing the different types of crazy profiles regarding the opposite sex, then you’ll love “How to Select a Compatible Mate”. Check it out.

      Again, thank you my friend for commenting. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

  12. Satria says:

    Well, maybe I cannot practice the tips above. Because I’ve a pretty girlfriend already. But, you have a wonderful set up for your page here. I like how you build the imagination of the reader trough humorous way. Nice article 🙂

    I’m just wondering do you writing a humor book also? If not, I think you can try to start one.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Satria, how are you? Glad you stopped by. Can I offer you a glass of wine? lol. I just like to make my readers feel comfortable in my own crazy way. I hope you found my article entertaining. It’s a good thing that you’re in a solid relationship. (at least, you don’t have to run around looking for anyone). Congrats to you.

      When I write, I love to work with the concept of how relationships can develop through unorthodox ways. But whatever method a person uses, as long as it works that’s all that matter. Sometime Its easy, other times it may take a little work. But the goal is always the same; winning the prize.

      You also mentioned about me writing a book. Well, as a matter of fact Satria, I did. It’s called “How to Select a Compatible Mate.” If you like to see a complete review of my book, go here; Thanks again for dropping in. Let me know what you think about my book review.

  13. Jordan says:


    I love the advice for building the confidence to get over the “excuse hump” and walk up to the person. Great tips and advice on here that everybody needs to read.

    As a single guy I found this pretty spot on! keep it up please!

    I agree I think far too many people worry about the response they might get and how it will feel if they fail. We spend more time on thinking about that than thinking about what it could possibly turn into!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      What’s up Jordan? Thanks for dropping by to voice your opinion on The mighty “World of ‘Dating.” Don’t you just love it, Jordan? Some folks make the search harder than what it should be. Most of the time it’s just being in the ‘right place, at the right time’. 

      I try to provide meaningful information that is valuable to you and other readers. Useful advice for all. Guidance is what’s needed to walk that path regarding landing that ‘special someone’. I even help readers thru my humor book, which displays the many different profiles of the sexes. Jordan, as a single guy, you may get a big kick out of this. Take a look at this sample: I agree that most folks, mainly guys, fear rejection from a pretty girl and never make that first move. They experience failure in their minds before initiating ‘the hunt,’ and zeroing in on the prime target. Gotta get it right! I always say just don’t let low-self esteem and shamefulness get in the way of what otherwise could be s sizzling ‘hot’ romance.

      Thanks again Jordan for stopping by. Let me know if I can do anything else for you.

  14. H Phomrong Maring says:

    Ronald, your website is indeed a valuable mate finding platform. Yes in life, getting a lifelong partner is not an easy task. Because the saying goes that partnership is made in heaven and marriage takes place on earth. And this fact also cannot be overlooked.

    Your offering of a site where partners can come together and click themselves for life is, socially speaking, a great contributing platform for the ladies and gentlemen of this globe and I hope to see that many dreams will be fulfilled about finding real soulmates through this dating site.

    However the first picture of two frogs representing two passionate lovers may be changed if you can.Human attributes and its vestiges may not be brought down to the level of the frogs although you might have done it for humour’s sake in my humble suggestion Instead why don’t we go for some ravishing pictures say of Monalisa or of the great Hercules for that matter so that there’s lots of traffics visiting your site.
    No doubt, the video collection is a fine one to mention with and I wish that so many lonely souls get value and find their way out from this LoveFolks.

    All the best of luck.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks H Phomrong for commenting on the site. I’m glad you found some value in my article. I just lay everything out there and hopefully the reader may see themselves in my writing. They most likely will say, “Damn! That sounds just like me.” 

      Some folks seeking that ‘perfect someone’ feels like it takes forever and they start feeling it just not to be. (A daunting task for sure). But when it happens, they will tell…sparks will fly. You’ll know this is the one. You’ll get that ‘special feeling.’

      Hopefully, my site will guide folks down the right ‘love’ path. Even my book, ‘How to Select a Compatible Mate’        will give folks a ‘heads-up’ in regards to showcasing the different profiles of the sexes (in a very humorous way). A little help goes a long way!

      As far as my site appearance goes, visual images are important, along with great content, as far as holding one’s attention. Everyone loves humor and I always incorporate that into any work I produce. All writers should have their own signature and creative style of writing. I’ve established my own brand a while back and is sticking to it!

      Thanks again H Phomrong for checking in. Let me know if I can do anything else for you.

  15. Dagda says:

    Marriage is definitely in my future I am just waiting for the right time. There is a lot of confusion out there about marriage and it is people like you who are helping to dispel the myths and make the truth clear.

    When two people love each other so much that they want to spend the rest of their lives together raising a family and spreading joy, that’s when you know its special.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hello my friend. Nice to hear from you again. I wasn’t sure by your last comment, if you were already married or not. I was gonna lay some more additional advice on you. I’m glad marriage is counted in your future. Hey Dagda, when the time is right, make it special. Enjoy that special magical moment.

      I try to make the information I convey, clear and concise. Info we all can understand and live by. Of course, most things I write about has a humorous overtone. No matter the subject.

      Like you said, when you find that special someone, you know love will ‘hold it together’. Marriage is usually the next step. But marriage is not for everyone. Many folks are excited just about the idea of ‘being in love’ and not really knowing the ‘true meaning’ of the word.

      A strong and happy marriage, along with having and raising children, is what it’s all about. Let me know how it’s going in your relationship, when the Big Day is set. Again, congrats to you Dagda. Stay in touch.

  16. themac20 says:

    Great topic indeed.
    The question of finding a suitable partner is a universal issue.
    Some of us go into new relationshipd blindly, without having done some research about your partner.
    Sometimes we even become intolerant towards our partners because of the fact that we haven’t done some due deligence.
    I will surely use this information to my advantage the next time I’m forced to go out on a hunting

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hello my friend, thank you for stopping by. Thanks for appreciating my writing. The subject of love is a world-wide topic that covers much ground in regards to the sexes. Many search for love in all the wrong places. (I have a couple of friends that fit this bill).

      I agree with you when you mentioned about folks jumping into relationships too soon and not really getting to know their partner. (It happens all the time.) Any man or woman, as you say, going in ‘blindly’ is doomed for failure before the relationship ever gets going.

      When couples hook up that doesn’t know each other well, the arguments and disagreements soon began. Next, starts the cheating and lying and then someone’s MURDERED! lol (…I just had to throw that last one in).  

      But seriously, a good relationship is built on lots of love, honesty and trust. That’s way so many couple’s relationship fall apart because these ‘key’ ingredients are not included. 

      Thank you themac20 for commenting. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

  17. Thank you my friend for checking in and commenting. But most importantly, I’m glad you liked it and thought it was wonderful. That really makes my day! Sometime the world of dating and relationships can become a crazy thing. Lots of folks get out there not knowing what they wanna do!

    I’m glad you found some truth in my post. I know some of the things I’ve written would have you thinking; “Did I do that?!” LOL! We all handle certain situations in our own way, in regards to dating.

    I feel many of us search for love, in other words; our ‘soul mate’, in all the wrong places. That’s why relationships ‘fizzle’ out before ever getting off the ground. So sad! Not enough research done on the man or woman of their dreams.

    Thanks again for commenting. Check in with me anytime, if you have any questions.

  18. Marie says:

    Such good advice on what to look for in a partner. Too many people settle for an abusive relationship because it’s all they know. Great tips on questions to ask yourself about the person you’re thinking of dating. It’s so important that you make sure this person respects you and will treat you well before you enter a relationship with them.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Marie. Thanks for checking in and commenting. Thank you for the complement. I try to tell it like it is; even if I have to air my own ‘dirty laundry.’ lol. But seriously, it does take a lot of work and time to make any relationship sustain ‘staying power.’

      One person going one way, and the other in another direction won’t cut it! Now-a-days, folks hate to compromise. There mind is set to only how they see things working. This is a one-sided affair! These types of situations only occur when one person don’t take time to know the other. Maybe that person had an abusive relationship, but never disclosed their past to you.

      With that said, this is why communication is so important! You must communicate by asking questions before getting ‘knee-deep’ into something you may lose control over and start regretting later. Yes, respect is ‘Key.’ Make each day count!

      Again, thanks Marie for stopping by. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.  

  19. Steve T says:

    Ron, I see some great advice on a foundation level, but I’m still looking for the formula for breaking through that resistance, (hers and mine) when I strut up to a very hot number and try to break the ice. If I’d done this a few dozen more times in my younger years I’d have lots of notches on my belt, but now I need a better pitch, and I’m not looking for a notch, just a solid relationship with a sexy lady that can enjoy the things we can share…
    Can you lay a basic plan on me?

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Steve. Thanks for checking in with me and commenting. Yes the ‘world of dating’ can get pretty tough. But then again Steve it’s all about the seeker’s personality and their confidence level, when it comes down to the actual seeking process.

      First, as far as age goes; remember, age ‘aint nothing’ but a number.’ you can still approach a sexy hot mama regardless of what your age is. (of course, you don’t want to approach and try talking to a chick too young. Then you’ll come across as a’dirty ol’ man.’)lol

      I’m an older guy myself, but date younger women. Also, never let nationality get in the way. Lots of guys miss out on the possibility of scoring a winner thinking one-sided. (There’s beautiful women in all races). 

      Second my friend, understand that women love humor. They like a man that makes them laugh. If you feel that you want to joke around, but not being offensive, and get her laughing, then you can give yourself a ‘brownie point’ (I did this on a pretty girl I met while out buying dog and cat food) Steve, you can also make conversation related to what you’re doing at the moment. 

      If grocery shopping, ask about the freshest fruit to buy or how to make a good salad. Or if you’re out dog walking, you can meet many ladies out with their pets. Be creative, friendly and smile a lot!

      Thirdly Steve, just be yourself and have confidence. Try not to portray someone you’re not. You’ll go along ways just by being honest because you don’t want something later, to come back and bite you i n the ass. Remember Steve, you’re not going to come out on top every time, but at least, stay in the game by keeping yourself available.

      Also, I strongly recommend you download a copy of this inexpensive book. This will show you how to build up confidence and much, much more. I’ve had others get this material and they like it. Click the link below:

  20. Mat A. says:

    Hi Ron,
    I really enjoyed your post on how to play the dating game and selecting a compatible mate. Lot’s of good tips and tricks from a guy that’s had his share of hits….and maybe a few misses lol.
    I like your reference to the guy that sits at home, smelly and playing video games. I happen to have had several women friends who actually had this happened – literally floored me. How can anyone think this ok? Well, apparently some guys do.
    I enjoyed your 5 tips for the guys. Totally agree that guys should not be intimidated by beauty. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the prettiest girl doesn’t get asked to home coming or sits home on a Friday night because guys are too intimidated by her beauty.
    Your fifth point, and my favorite, is be confident and be yourself. Confidence is sexy and people are drawn to it. When someone is comfortable and confident in their own skin, it attracts people to them.
    Thanks again!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Mat A, my friend. Thanks for dropping in and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed my site and found value in it. The ‘dating arena’, if you will, can be a crazy place. Each lonely soul seems to be reaching out and searching for something. Some folks don’t even know what they’re really looking for in a mate.

      I always say you can’t win them all, but always give yourself a fair chance. When I think back on some of my single buddies, I think of a life-time of loneliness. These guys want their cake, and eat it too. One of my friends claim he wants a stay at home ‘main lady,’ but at the same time out picking up every ‘skeezer’ and ‘hooker’ off the street. Again, dudes don’t know what they want!

      The things you pointed out on my site, (especially the video portion) would make most guys think to themselves, ” Do I stink like smelly gym socks, ass and corn chips, playing video games all day?”  “Is that why the cat won’t come near me?” You gotta get it together dude!

      Guys on the lookout has to clean up their act, build up confidence, smile and just be themselves in a pleasant way to capture a woman’s interest.

      Mat A, thanks again for dropping in. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

  21. Eric Chen says:

    Hello Rjkennedy,

    I’m not single at the moment, but this would be interesting for my friend who has never dated.

    The best part about this is no physical interaction from the start, so you can make yourself comfortable first.

    It’s never easy especially with the fear of rejection, but at least you know the other party is also interested and looking while using this platform.

    Thank you,

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Eric. Thank you for checking in with me and commenting. There was the movie, ‘Forrest Gump’ that came out I think in the early 9o’s, with Tom Hanks playing the lead role. He was sitting on a park bench eating a box of chocolate candy. A lady shared the bench with him. As he was slowly eating, he looked up and then looked over at the lady. Then in that country drawl; he said; “Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wha’cha gonna get!”

      I bring this up because the same principle, just like the box of chocolate, applies to dating. A man or woman, who ventures out into the dating arena, seeking that significant other never know what they gonna get. Eric, just keep that in mind if you were ever back out in the dating world. But if you got yourself a good woman, keep her.

      As you stated, maybe your friend should look at the article. In fact Eric. send him my URL and let him choose which category he want to read. (I have several!) Feeling comfortable around someone you first meet, is one of the main ingredients in regards to having ‘things kick off right’. Once the ball gets rolling and overtime, things will start falling into place; then you’ll know she’s the one. 

      Thanks again Eric for stopping by. Let me know if I can do anything else for you.

  22. Tyler Redlev says:

    That’s right, nowadays new generation of people dating don’t understand what’s trust and commitment.

    Because these days everything is a game and people are so self centered that they don’t even care about feelings of others and relationships has just become a game now.

    But that’s the influence of people culture I think. Everything is a single-use product right now, relationships included.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Tyler. Thanks for checking in and commenting. Yes my friend, the dating world can sometimes send a normal person insane trying to figure out the maneuvers and strategy  of the opposite sex. LOL. You’re right Tyler, that trust and commitment should top the list, as what a person want in a relationship. There’s not enough honest folks around to stay in a committed relationship. People feel the grass is always greener on the other side!

      When you mentioned games being played, it put to mind a couple of my buddies I sometime hang out with. They’re always out ‘playing the game’ and would never take the time out to get to know someone. It’s only about sex with them and that’s it!! (And they both wonder why they’ve been lonely for the past twenty years). But I guess that’s just the way it goes. To each his own!

      I agree with you about the culture thing. But it’s really how men and women conduct themselves in society today. Most women who look good, walk around with their nose in the air thinking they’re too good to talk to guys that don’t measure up. These are the games the pretty women play; it helps build their self esteem. These are the type of women that always need their confidence lifted. Without that lift, they’ll come cashing down like a ‘fallen star from the sky.’

      Thanks again Tyler for stopping by. Let me know if I can do anything else for you.


  23. MichelleAH says:

    Good information, charming and funny! Dating is intimidating, but not nearly as daunting as getting INVOLVED! It is nice to see the side-by-side advice for men and women. It is true – confidence is attractive, fellas! Thank you for laying out lots of issues to consider in a light-hearted fashion! You are a wise and witty man.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks Michelle for checking in and commenting. ‘Love is a many splendor things’ (at least, that’s what the song title says. But I really don’t know how true that saying nor where do you apply it? We can all appreciate true love, as long as it’s genuine. But true love is hard to find in our society today! Too many phonies out there. Folks not being themselves, or as you stated too intimidating, making dating sometime too uncomfortable.

      It’s great if you find that ‘special someone’ but you never know how anyone is until you get involved. (This is the action which makes us all a little nervous). But as they say, there’s somebody for everybody.

      Dating can make a person who’s seeking ‘that special someone’ a nervous wreck! You have to weed out all the bad apples, to get down to the ‘good crop’. So to all seekers, keep on digging and searching; your bound to come up with a winner!

      Again, I want to thank you my friend, for checking in with me. Let me know if I can do anything else for you.

  24. Ernest says:

    Trust and commitment are certainly one of the top two traits required for a successful relationship. Do you think people fall “in love” too quickly?

    I have a friend that will say he loves a girl every other week. I once asked what her last name was, and he couldn’t answer!

    There is a lot of good advice here for guys. A lot of men seemed intimidated by beautiful women. When really, these women just want a guy to talk to her like everybody else.

    Thanks for the article and good luck everybody finding your mate.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you, my friend Ernest for checking in. There is an enormous amount of energy spent over time, when it comes down to searching, finding and landing that compatible mate. (Not always an easy task). A couple trying to make things work, must understand that trust is the ‘key’ subject towards success.

      Yes I do agree with you that some folks fall in love too quickly, that’s why most relationships fail. There’s no time in getting to know each other. Some folks just like the idea of just being in love, and place no bearing on the relationship in itself.

      Ernest, your friend is just out there looking just to get laid! (He have no interest in being serious. I have a couple of friends like that too). I bet he has no problem meeting beautiful women, but only for more sex and less conversation. I hope he’s carrying a pocket of ‘raincoats’ for protection. He’s gonna need them!

  25. Stella says:

    Haha……really loved the cartoons – I think the one with the cats really did it for me…

    I believe that everyone should have a best friend of the opposite sex – cos they just may end up marrying them.

    What’s a best friend? Someone who listens and understands at most times and can be there for you and vice versa. Someone you have plenty in common with and can hold a decent conversation.

    The dating game is very over for me…however, I have bought lots of new clothes and am getting stares from both women and men offering to give me seats on buses…I wonder why?? The clothes are smart and not revealing…No makeup…just colour coordinated.

    Non-verbal communication also speaks volumes too..

    Hmm…this post is getting real long – exit stage left!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you, Thank you & Thank you! Glad you enjoyed this read. I love providing great, entertaining reading to my readers. Cartooning & humor at its best! (…not to be tooting my own horn, but what the heck; somebody gotta do it).LOL.

      I think what you say may have some truth in it regarding friends of opposite sexes. Only thing about that is how cool the persons partner would be with this. (Jealousy for sure, will rear its ‘ugly head!’) Normally, I think most long term close relationships do lead to marriage.

      Stella, you shouldn’t give up on the dating scene too soon. There’s a lot of ‘fish in the sea.’ Keep the nice clothes going. (you see you do get noticed). By the tone of your letter, I assume you’re single. I do offer some great material geared for single people. Great confidence builders. Go back Seller, and lake a look. Let me know if you need any help or additional information.

  26. Virginia says:

    I think the article offers great psychological information in a humorous way. I especially found the captions to the pictures funny. THREE BASIC FORMS OF EFFECTIVENESS was a great article in that it captures the three most effective attributes of a man in a simple, read format. I appreciate the major points in it. Thanks!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Virginia my friend. Good captions launch the pictures to greater humorous heights! Glad they were able to ‘tickle your funny bone.’ Regarding that list, those simple forms of effectiveness are basic guidelines to help dudes get their act together. Major points NOT to be ignored. Guys must take heed….it may be your last go around! 

  27. Richard says:

    The Internet and social media has become a way of life for people to communicate, people are hungry for information and possible answers to their problems

    Online dating sites have become a highly popular way for single people and those wanting to start a romantic relationship again. I admire that you have started a dating site it takes a lot of time, hard work, and creativity If your main objective is to unite people who are compatible and find true love then your site has real potential as moneymaking businesses

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Richard, how are you? Online dating has been around for years. Some are successful, some are ‘time wasters.’ In regards to social media, this arena is the ‘launching pad’ to potential hookups. Sometime you have to be careful with what you’re getting involved with. My site isn’t a ‘dating site’ per say; but web pages where a reader can come and read into the ‘concept of dating’ along with other helpful advice.

  28. Hilary Bassakaropoulos says:

    This should be compulsory reading for all before it’s to late! Wish `i had read it many years ago! Unlike many websites the written content and the videos are not only useful and amusing, they do contain so much good advice.
    If those who are ready to go dating read this beforehand, they are a lot more likely to make the right choices…..but then there’s love ….and that can make it so hard to do the sensible thing! BTW Love your quote – it’s so true.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Hilary. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Yes, love is an uncontrollable emotion that gets plenty of us in trouble. I agree with you that this type of article should have been out years ago. (Where was WA when we needed them?)lol. It seems like we all need some ‘prepping’ before venturing out among the vast sea of potential suitors. The dating game can be ruthless, and yet, sometimes a bit tricky if not careful.  

  29. Jaime says:

    It’s so true that people starting out in a relationship these days have no idea what they are getting into. It takes a lot of work to maintain longterm relationships anyway, but if you end up with someone not compatible I know it can be bad. I’m very lucky to have found someone who I can both put up with and love through any faults.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      As they say Jaime, it “takes two to tango.” Both parties have to be on the same page to make it all work. If one person has their own idea of what makes a relationship works and the other is going in the opposite direction, then that’s the recipe for disaster. I agree that it takes a lot of hard work to keep a bond tight between couples! Congrats to you on finding ‘Mr. Right!’

  30. Cliff says:

    Haha oh yes the dating game. Great read and yes it is important to have a goal on what you want to achieve. Also loved the 14 red flags video. It reminded me of when I was 23 and I had an excuse to all of the red flags I knew I saw in my hearts of heart. Keep educating the young ones so they do not make the same mistakes I made. Or at least fewer of them 🙂

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hey Cliff, educating these ‘young bucks’ regarding love and the ‘dating game’ is so important. Passing on good, experienced information down to these youngsters is one thing…looking for them to follow sound advice is another. Most already have their minds made up and focused on how to play their own game. Oh, the misguided!

  31. Linda says:

    Drama queens… lol
    But you’re right.
    One must really trust someone and trust that they won’t be a drag. Oh my goodness,,, that Is horrible. Reason why I think one should be best friends first.
    Then date at least a year so they see how they react on everything; especially holidays. Seriously.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hey, drama queens help keep the excitement going in our dreary lives. LOL. But seriously, everybody needs somebody. For a relationship to show any long-term signs of stability, one must take the other seriously by becoming friends first, then lovers second. A winning formula that works every time!

  32. Heather says:

    I love your sense of humor! It really makes it interesting! I do think however, that you should try to spread out your advertising for products, instead of leaving them all to the very end. Maybe incorporate them into your writing by segments. Good work though, very entertaining! And maybe give people an opportunity to engage with you

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Heather, and thanks for checking in. Glad you got a kick out of this article. Usually, I would disapprove a ‘feedback type’ reply, but If It’s something displayed that would have me take a ‘second look’, then I’ll look into it. Happy I was able to entertain you and thanks. 

  33. Dean Gunter says:

    This is a great article to give guidance to a successful relationship, I have been in many relationships and I have always said at the beginning that without trust, appreciation, communication and loyalty then a relationship will not survive.

    This is great for people who have rocky relationships and need to have some guidance how to fix there problems.

    Keep up the great work, have a great day and all the success and prosperity that you deserve.

    Kind regards.


    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Dean. I try my best to give the best dating advice I could. It’s cool if most people would follow my advice then maybe people would stay together longer. As you stated Dean, it’s all about trust, honesty and good communication to keep things ‘going strong.’ Good guidance is ‘key!’

      1. Dean says:

        You are definitely right there buddy, even at the beginning of my relationships I mention these key factors and they are agreed upon mutually but as the relationship progresses the true colours of that person comes out and things start to change.

        Obviously at the start of the relationship, many people do not like to reveal their true selves just in case the other person does not like them. In my eyes, that is being deceitful because they are hiding behind something that is not real and the relationship ends in disaster. Just be yourself from the beginning and if the other person does not like it then it is not meant to be, go find the person who is meant to be:-)

        Thank you once again for sharing you truly have a good heart and I wish you everything you desire and deserve, take care.

        1. Dean, it seems that when it comes down to a good, bonding relationship, a ‘roller coaster’ of emotions are involved. As you stated, they wear a false mask until the feel they got the other one hooked. They slowly then start exposing their true self. Deceitful? Yes! Do this happen quite frequently? Yes! This is why, down the road, most relationships just ‘fizzle out.’ Honesty & good communication is ‘key.’

          1. Dean Gunter says:

            I totally agree with you my friend, I have just come out of a relationship and that was exactly the case and thats why it did not work. Some people need to get to know themselves and love themselves, I say this to people and the majority say ” well I am not vein” It is not about loving your appearance, its about feeling good about who you are and accepting yourself, looking in the mirror and saying “I LOVE THAT PERSON” if you do not love yourself then you will not be able to love others 100%. Have a great day buddy and take care :-).

          2. Yes Dean, you do have to feel good about yourself before you can share that good feeling with someone you really want to know. I agree, you have to love yourself. If you can’t do that then you’ll be wondering why you’re still alone. Then it may just be your personality towards others that stink! Thanks for checking back in with me.

  34. Alenka says:

    Ah, yes, the dating game! Often times, more like walking a mine field.

    I found finding a perfect soul mate and the perfect person to live with are not necessarily one and the same thing.

    Common goals, respect for each other, supporting each other’s professions is so important. However, when one falls in love, one forgets about all things practical. 

    There should be more education on emotional intelligence. We learn all manner of things in school, but emotional intelligence is overlooked. And yet, the lack of the same is causing us much unhappiness. 

    Because, if we ourselves are not happy by ourselves, nobody else can do this for us. Only when this job is done, one should seek to be in a relationship. We are each responsible for our own feelings and it’s not the other person’s job to make us happy or make life ‘better’ for us. 

    Happy dating!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Alenka. Thanks for checking in. Yes, the dating world and the games played, can sometime be a world-wind of mixed emotions. In relationships, people come and go; later realizing they should not have been together in the first place. I agree Alenka, the practical things goes out the window once the ‘love bug’ hits and you get comfortable with each other. Things change pretty quickly.

  35. Leo says:

    Hey Ron,

    I’m married and I have two kids. Why am I reading this article then?

    As I’m married, a lot of my friends ask me how to choose and recognise their other perfect half. They think I have the right answers for them, as me and my wife are still in love with each-other after 10 years of marriage. The truth is I don’t really know the answer or the secret. I’m just lucky enough. 

    From your article I have some fun insights to share with my friends and for sure a place to redirect the interested ones.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Congrats to you Leo for keeping the excitement going after 10 years. You must be doing something right. (lots of couple aren’t even close!) There isn’t any formula or great tips on how to stay with your spouse. It just how compatible you are with your mate. Relationships take time to grow. They have to remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

  36. Tower Bridge Consultants LLC says:

    I really liked the pictures and the funny lines you through in when writing the article. There is a lot of useful information that is very practical and easy to apply as long as you have the confidence in yourself. Your writing style is great and very conversational.

    Ron I would love to read about your story and how you found your one true love…

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks for checking in with me, tower and your kind compliments. I try my best to entertain my readers by giving them what they want. Hope you found some value in this article. In regards to your question about mr, I met my wife over forty years ago in a Chicago northside bar. We had two daughters together, but in the later years she got sick and died July 2015. (a week after our 37th year anniversary). You can read more on my profile.

  37. Kit says:

    finding someone perfect for you is really hard. You may not get the best of everything . I am sure  you have to tolerate some bad behaviours. It is just how much you can take it. If you can’t take it, then don’t do it. Find someone else. Everyone has their good and bad. You just have to find a common balance.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Right Kit. Finding the right person will complete most people’s lives an secure their happiness. But then again, that’s not always the case! Some have what they may think is a perfect mate, but still venture out to seek others. Like you stated Kit; bad behaviour. But don’t deal with it….move on!

  38. Parmi says:

    Ron, as a single guy myself, I felt like this was a very helpful article. Haha, I am currently looking to get in a relationship so have been trying to find good girls so these are great things to keep in mind. Age is only a number is very true. All the relationships I’ve ever had was with girls who were older than me. You give great tips also to find the girl and maybe keep one as well once you find it. Humor is something I definitely need to work on as I take things too seriously sometimes. Excited to try it out in my next day. Eeek, wish me luck 🙂

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hang in there Parmi. There’s somebody for everyone. When you mentioned the type of women, as far as age, you’ve dealt with, you remind me of my own son. He always end up with older women. (I’m just the opposite, I like them much younger than me.) But Like I always say, age is only a number. A good personality matters most!

  39. Florence Ki says:

    Thanks for sharing. I totally agree with you that chemistry is important in a relationship. But for me, the fundamental is about accepting who that person is. To understand a person, sometimes sacrifices are required. But the truth is, many people nowadays refuse to “give” but rather “take” as much as they can. That’s why relationship become fragile. Don’t you think so?

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Yes Florence I do agree to a certain extent. All are not ‘takers’. Some look for a ‘level of balance’ within a relationship, but do find the scales of relationship justice tipping in favor of the other party. Those who it favor couldn’t care less about the other person’s feelings. When this happen, it’s time to move on. Please share this article with others.

  40. Marita says:

    Just be yourself and have confidence. This is the best advice ever. If you pretend to be somebody that you’re not pretty soon the truth will come out and you’ll be in trouble.

    There is always the right guy for a lady, some say. i believe if you wait and really try to know the other person, you will know in your heart if he’s “the one.”

    Prayer also helps, in God’s perfect timing, you will find each other.


    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      You’re right Marita. When the time is right, the right person is bound to appear in your life. God will make the connection. Just have to be patient. Like I mentioned earlier, just being yourself and not ‘over acting’ will go a long ways.

  41. Yormith96 says:

    When it’s come to dating, am always extraordinary careful, you have just nailed why am always careful in this article, commitment and trust really matters alot, the worst relationship u can have is when your supposed partner is finding difficult to trust u, even after trusting u, how is he or she ready to be committed to the relationship, dating is not just about rushing to tell someone u love her or him, trust and commitment matters alot, thanks for this article 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Yes my friend, Yormith96. Commitment and honesty does top most folks list. Some couples just stay together for the sake of just being with someone. (They just don’t wanna be lonely). Hell, they may even know their partner is cheating, but just don’t care out of the fear that if they leave, they may not find anyone else. Love is a crazy thing!

  42. virginia says:

    I personally feel like you made it a male how to rather than a couple how to.   you have much info yet its like you are making jokes at the expense of a woman.

     For those who appreciate sites and dating games I think you hit right on, if that s what they like, however a woman like my self reading it, I see it a bit chauvinistic and its more of a guide for men to get a date rather than a couples site.

     No disrespect  but it didn’t seem like a dating site. 

    We all have our own beliefs and what not and I just seen it as a negative when it came to women, and my personal opinion on finding that soul mate or that person thats suppose to be the love of your life, I don’t think you can read up on it, I believe that real true love will find you because if it was that easy for one to pick there soulmate to be in love everyone would be there, 

    I think it comes when u least expect it and that you cant just pick up a book, go online, or use  a dating site to find that, now I am sure there are a few people who have experienced that, yet if they were put together by such things then it would be an arranged thing, with one or both families benefiting off the two being one union.

     If that is the case whats the difference in a golddigger and reading up and checking out one that  you are picking?? That still does not constitute for having found love. 

    anyways dude I hope that helps.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hello Virginia. Thank you for reading my article. I respect any reader comments, and of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I guess it’s how you look at the whole concept of dating in general. I agree when you say love just happens at any time between folks. Men and women, over the years regarding ‘hooking up,’ sometime each have their own way of doing things.

      The main challenge between couples is really getting to know each other and making things work as a whole, and within all aspects of the relationship.

  43. Oneal22 says:

    As  a single man who would be married in the next few years, I find this really valuable. In fact I find it comprehensively important it has buttressed the simple point which many people do not really care about and may overlook. I have just learnt that you should not be too materialistic in choosing a life partner and at the same time not be too carefree in choosing a life partner. In fact I deduce that all I’s be dotted and all T’s crossed.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks for checking in Oneal. Sounds like you have your marriage plans all set. In regards to love and relationships in general, some folks don’t know what the want. Like you mentioned, some folks like material things and hookup with others just for that reason. I always say money and material things can’t buy happiness.

  44. Paul says:

    Dear Ron,

    This is an interesting and helpful post. Thanks for the article I enjoyed it!

    To be honest this is a must read one for every youngsters and teens (For everyone). You have covered all the problems and provided with the solution as well which is awesome.

    As you rightly said there is no true love in many relationship and still they are together making the life as hell for each other. Love is an amazing thing and the greatest thing in this world. The video you embedded is very helpful.

    The scenario you gave scared me and made to afraid lol. I am wondering what I will do and how I will react. Five basic approach you provided is an eye-opener.

    Much Success!


    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Paul, Glad you enjoyed my article. Love can sometime take you through a roller coaster of mixed emotions. Sometimes folks in love don’t know if they’re coming or going. I tried to cover all aspects on the subject’s situations. It’s great being in love and loving someone, than to never have loved at all.

  45. Ola says:

    So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. This is insightful and I must say the best blog post i have ever read this month is your article. 

    I have been looking for a soulmate over the years but i must tell you your tips and tricks are just like eye opener to me. This is a must for all singles to check on.Thanks for sharing this with us. its well appreciated

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Ola for your kind remarks. I try to “call it the way I see it” when it comes down to dating and relationships. I hope my article help you in your quest on finding that ‘special someone.’ Those tips and tricks never fail and should help all singles out on the hunt!

  46. faftop says:

    You are such a good writer, I love the way you passed the message from the first letter to the end. Understanding, trust, and commitment matters in a relationship. I’ve only being in a relationship just once and within 2 months I was already tired of it. We complained about everything (understanding). I’m single now, and I think that “five basic approach” will help. I’m bookmarking this page right away.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi fattop. Thanks for the compliment. Never give up so soon! Trust and honesty is key. Sometime I feel at the beginning of any relationship, things take a little time. (Unless there was pure hell right out the gate!)lol. One relationship in two months? You’re probably young, just starting out and have plenty of time to date. I hope I can help u through my website. 

  47. Phil Lancaster says:

    For singles, especially older citizens who through either a partner’s death or simply the death of the relationship are now newly single (and, folks, there’s more and more of them every day) getting back into the dating game can be pretty scary.

    The first part of your article reinforces this.

    Your scenario of seeing your current dating partner appear on America’s Most Wanted and turn out to have a warrant out for their arrest on suspicion of murder in three states is undoubtedly humorous, but you can imagine plenty of similar situations. Not that drastic, but a wake-up call nonetheless.

    But you follow that up with five really great pieces of advice to use as a template for one single to approach another.

    Your second point about humor is spot on. Everyone loves someone who can make them laugh. In the original Alfie movie, Michael Caine says “if you can make a married woman laugh, you’re halfway into her bed.”

    Having confidence is so true as well. A confident person (not to be confused with arrogant) is always respected. I see you’ve got a link to The Confident Man Project. I think I’ll go take a look.

    Thanks, Ron.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend Phil. I’m glad you enjoyed my site. Yes, relationships can be a roller coaster of emotions. The beginning of your letter hit home for me on a personal level. I lost my wife in July, 2015 after 37 years of marriage. ( I was 66 and found myself back out in the dating world). A strange arena to function for me. It’s been over three years now. Time heals all wounds. Thanks for checking in and check out the link. Very helpful and useful information).

  48. Babsie Wagner says:

    Age, within reason, truly doesn’t matter.  The love of my life was 25 when we met and I was 42.  We had 17 beautiful years and four children together, so that’s what I’m saying.  In fact, everyone actually thought he was older than me.  LOL!  I guess I just don’t grow up ha ha!  Now I’m single and older, and well, things are a lot different than they were when I was younger.  There just aren’t that many fish in the sea at my age, so I’ll probably be looking at younger guys once again.  So many men my age are just out of shape, and I’m a health nut and I am extremely fit, not to toot my own horn, but I work at it diligently in what I eat and my exercise routines. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Wow Babsie, sound like you really got it going on! I imagine you can get anyone at this point in your life. At least, you got 17 years out of your first marriage. Staying in shape is a great start to attract the new ‘man of your dreams.’

      As far as the ‘fish in the sea’ goes, it all depends on what you do and where you go. Just keeping yourself looking good and available is what’s ‘key.’ Babsie, you’ll do just fine. You know what you want.

  49. Geoffrey wurz says:

    Thank you for the article on how to select a compatible mate. You Make a very good point on what people consider to be hindrances and that both sexes suffer from a lot of the same ones. This is very good information for single guys. If we could all put in to practice what you suggest no guy would be single. I think it is having the confidence which is the tough part for both sexes. Thanks again for the tips I will start using them right away. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Yes Geoffrey, confidence is needed above everything else just to get the ball rolling. We all need confidence to approach someone to start some type of relationship. Once the relationship starts, next comes trust and honesty. Some folks start cheating right out the gate!!

      I hope this article will help not only single men, but both sexes. Everybody needs love!

  50. Nuttanee says:

    The YouTube video is hilarious! But hey! Somedays on that time of the month I can be a drama queen ok? Don’t judge me, it’s my hormones running wild!

    Anyways, I actually met my husband on a dating site 9 years ago called Plenty Of Fish. As a single girl 9 years ago in NYC can be lonely at times. Lets be honest meet a guy at the bar did not work out either in my opinion, we were both under the influence of alcohol. That was why I turned into online dating.

    I did not expect much in the beginning. Back then my priority was my career, the rent was crazy in Manhattan and forget about the cost of living. Something magically happened though, we both took our time and slowly got to know each other.

    We were dating for 2 years and decided to move in together and it turned out to be the best thing. I can say now that we are happily(good days and bad days) married for 5 years but we have been together for 8 years.

    Of course it took me too many dates to find my husband John, but there is still hope out there people. I believe that if you do not rush into things and taking your time learning about the other person that person can be your soulmate. 

    Love your style of writing, you are funny! Great post will share it to my single friends 🙂

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Nuttanee and congrats to you on successfully finding your soulmate. What you said was ‘key’ in regards to ‘people not rushing into things.’ That’s a recipe for disaster when couples get serious too soon; way before they get to know each other. It takes time to find your true ‘soulmate.’ I always say there’s somebody for everybody, just don’t set your standards too high.

  51. Hi Tony says:

    Hi there!

    A well crafted write up on  selecting the best compatible mates, I was literally satisfied and was getting all my questions answered by your article even when I haven’t really gotten to the end of the article. It’s a great piece I must confess.

    A lot of relationship these days are not working out because we haven’t really figured out our soul mates. One shouldn’t really be desperate in taking that path. it’s takes a lot of time and patience but it’s finally worth the wait at the end of the day. Powerful yet cool tips on dating and relationship in general. Great write up. Thanks for this piece.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks Tony for stopping by and reading my article. I’m glad to here you got your questions answered. Love, dating and relationships is a tricky thing. A roller coaster of emotions! Like you mention Tony, knowing and figuring out our soul mates before ‘shacking up’ together is important. Most folks make this move too soon and ‘no good’ becomes of it.

  52. Paul says:

    Hey Ron, 

    I would like to congratulate you on hitting all points in the dating game. As for me, I find as I get older, finding that one special person slips even further into the distance. 

    You are correct in saying that as we get older we grow in maturity and gain more confidence. I really enjoyed the style of your composition which kept my attention, from inception to completion. 

    This is a must read for anyone embarking on a relationship. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Paul, were both in the same boat when it comes down to us older cats dating. I personally like younger women (but that’s just me). We grow older and wiser over the years. We gotta watch these younger chicks trying to ‘play the game’ on us older dudes. But there are older women looking to date guys their own age. They’re lonely too! Everyone needs some type of companionship.

  53. Florence Ki says:

    I personally think to successfully date a woman really need some sort of research and understanding. I’ve got a guy friend who will do all the “asking” about the woman she wanted to date before asking her out. He’ll check her Facebook & Instagram, look into the job that she’s doing now and even first ask her friends out to know more before setting the date! Don’t you think dating is a strategy game? 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Florence, thanks for checking in. The ‘guy friend’ you describe in your letter sounds like he assembled his own ‘game plan’ in regards to dating. (I guess you do what you gotta do, but this is to the extreme.) A lot of planning went into this. (I never heard of anyone going this far). A strategy game? It sure looks like it in this case.

  54. Sam Chen says:

    A very useful post! I’m afraid I can’t use it, because I am married! However, I think it has great significance for young people. The viewpoints in the post on the relationship between men and women are new. It provides a new perspective for us to think about this eternal topic!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Sam, although you may be married, I appreciate you checking in with me. Yes, this material could help guide a young single in the right direction. When it comes down to dating, some folks ‘pull all the stops’ in regards to finding that special someone.

  55. Kat says:

    Hey, great post. It makes me remember when I was on the dating scene. After a while, I actually got bored of meeting new people. I really was ready to settle down and found that after meeting a few people, I got a bit monotonous meeting new people who just weren’t the right fit. It’s different for everyone, and depends on where you’re at in your single journey. I like that you’ve given tips on basic approaches as well as not being too caught up in a particular look, age or nationality. Yes, be open to meeting a wide variety of different people, you just never know what will click when you discover new things about each other. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Well put Kat. Many folks limit themselves when it comes down to seeking & searching out that ‘special someone.’ Like you say Kat, that person looking has to be open to all races and nationality. There are good people in all races. You might pass up a ‘diamond in the rough’ when you limit yourself to only one particular type. Keep your mind and heart open! 

  56. Paschal says:

    Your post well detailed and engaging. It have been skeptical about online dating. Even though some of my close friends engage in it without caution.  I love the way you xrayed it. I will be kind to share with my friends so that everyone can be safe and maximize the potentials internet offers. Your home page is beautiful.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Online dating can be ok to some, but a disaster for many. People who have used this type of service sometime complain. (some have even taken the other person to court regarding money matters. Just can’t give up money too fast.) You have to get to know the person first before getting too personal and displaying all your business.

  57. Paschal says:

    You may not realize oh Donald that you actually gave more assistance in this post. I am a kind shy and intimidated by gorgeous looking girls even online.  Your five basic approach to singles helped immensely. I will summon more confidence the next time I go out for a date.  Thank you. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks for checking back. It’s Ronald, not Donald. I’m glad this post will help you out on your future searches. Better yet my friend look into this book I posted on my site that will help build your confidence. Paschal, You’ll approach woman in a whole different way. You’ll feel great! Here’s the link:

  58. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    Great post and good info.

    Honestly, online dating was always bad to me, I found girls who wanted a rich men, you know, the cliche girls that you find there. 

    They are looking for a dream prince, which isn’t existing. 

    But I found my wife there, she’s one in a million. 

    Now, about dating games, I never did that actually, and I don’t think it is for everybody right? 

    For who you would recommend it the most? 

    Thanks for sharing! 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Congrats to you, my friend Emmanuel for find your ‘dream girl’ using the online dating service that’s offered. Some folks have terrible luck with those. (like you say ‘gold diggers’ waiting to pounce on the gullible.) Dating games are something that will never go away. People run games on each other to get over. These types are the ones you don’t want to get involved with. Dating games are for individuals playing the field and not taking things for real.

  59. Kehinde Segun says:

    Good post. I like the way how you map out your points. The author sense of humor is really cool. Trust me, love is really blind most time. Going out to really check on someone for the first time is always scary at first because it is not easy to connect with the person. But at the end, love is beautiful

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hello my friend. Glad you enjoyed my post. I understand when you touched on ‘first-time’ jitters. That can really shake a person up. They really have to learn to relax and take time understanding the other’s personality. Some folks don’t open up right away and that will make you take time to adjust.Yes, the final stage hopefully will be love.

  60. Ennymatics says:

    Any relationship that puts trust and commitment in the back burner is bound to fail. These factors are very important bedrock upon which any long lasting relationship is built. Both parties in a relationship have to always reach a compromise and be more understanding of each other for they would have both built habits over the years that would be difficult to change.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Honesty and comment should always be put at the ‘Head of the Class!’ Like you said , if this factor wasn’t incorporated into the equation, then the relationship is doomed! Time heals all wounds in regards to men and women trying to build a long term relationship. Ennymatics, each party has to function on the same page.

  61. ajibola40 says:

    A very interesting article with some much information and educative things to learn from it

    how playing the dating game must not be taken lightly,you have said many thing to be watch out for in relationships and also many things to do in relationships in other not to get hurt or been used and dump at the long run. 

    i find this article so helpful because am single.i will follow most of the lessons I learnt from this article 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Ajibola40 for your compliments. I try to put together articles which provide helpful information to my readers. It’s serious business when it comes down to love, dating and relationship. (It can put you on a roller coaster of emotions). Please share this with any of your other single friends. I hope this information will help them too.

  62. icb50 says:

     I enjoy reading this interesting article, Indeed dating games is a necessary thing that should happen to men and women alike. However, the danger inherent in dating games is what some people ignore completely, especially when they claim to have fallen in love It is worse in this generation where people don’t understand what trust is and are not interested in commitment. Dating games ought to be dome with some amount of caution because human being are sometimes not what they claim to be most especially when it involves online dating. This is a major reason most people end up being heart broken or they get emotionally damaged,

    When one gets into a relationship, it is imperative to study the ingredients in the other partner, understand their make up and assess the compatibility before plunging into  serious affair that may not lead to anywhere. When we begin to be honest with our self and trustworthy, relationships will be more enjoyable and dating games becomes fruitful without bitterness..

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Well put my friend. Dating, now-a-days, has become a ‘train wreck’for most. People don’t know what they want. When they think they’ve found that special someone, they screw it up by cheating, before the first relationship settles in. Some folks just love ‘playing the game’ and not satisfied with one person. Honesty goes out the window and variety is ‘the spice of life.’ 

  63. sanjay says:

    Thanks for sharing useful dating advice. Trust and commitment is a must for any relationship. I have had a few broken relationships in the past and the main reason was lack of commitment from both side. I think it is not difficult to find love but to keep your partner for a long time. Compatibility is also not a big issue as long as you have mutual respect for each other.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Being compatible first, gets the ball rolling. Once that connection is made, sincerity, honesty and trust should filter in. Those elements should play a main role in determining just how things are going to be, or should. Sadly though, it’s not a perfect world out here. When it comes to dating, to most folks, it is what it is. 

  64. Carmen & Ben says:

    The dating game…. to play it or not?  What a topic.

    I “unfortunately” have been married a few times and I wish I would have had a better perspective of what I was doing the first 2 times.   I’m definitely always thinking how to convey what went wrong to my daughter in the best way so hopefully, she is ahead of the game.

    Although this is such a touchy topic, I think you’ve done a marvelous job at laying it out.


    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks my friend for reading and compliment. Regarding your other marriages, the ‘third time’s the charm (at least, I hope.)lol. But most people do look back, learn from their mistakes, re-group and move on with their lives. I agree when you touched on the younger generation; hell, they can teach us a thing or two. Lol

  65. Michael says:

    This is a lovely write up filled with truths.

    I must confess, this article really got my full attention and it was so interesting reading through it. It is quite a while I read such an interesting article like this. I really commend you for the great effort you put together in writing this piece. Basically in my opinion and as you have rightfully written, Trust and commitment are the two basic ingredients needed for a long-lasting relationship. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks for reading my post, Michael. Now-a-day, there’s just too many games played among folks who actively date. Some out here don’t know what they want. Thrust and commitment goes a ‘long way’ when it boils down to long lasting relationships. This element is a sorely missed ingredient.

  66. Wealthfather says:

    Awesome! What an incredible and insightful blog post; Thanks for this wonderful enlightenment. This is an expensive information that is very hard to come by on any blog and i must say it’s an eye opener for me

    You have several excellent points in your article. I have always known dating games are not to be taking lightly. Its very important younger ones learn from experiences in order not to fall into the same pit they have once fell into.

    Great article here!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend for checking back in. Your comments are always appreciated. Dating now-a-day can leave you with a roller coaster of emotions. Both men and women have to go into a relationship with an open mind and heart. Get to know one another before plunging too deep, too fest. Follow my advice and you can’t go wrong.

  67. Abe903 says:

    What A fantastic article…with a little cartoon comedy portion. I love it.. can anyone fall in love? This is the right article to read to those who plan to make a good relationship. To make a healthy, successful and happy life…a dating game is not easy and perfect for those who searching a lifetime partner. it’s a true date, but it’s only a game. I think this article is open minded and helpful to all single.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hello my friend. Thank you for reading and the compliment. You ask, ‘can anyone fall in love?’ Of course! If your heart is open to others and remain that way, I see no problem with this as a starting point. You’ll know if he or she is the right one for you. Remember, nothing happens overnight. Have patience! Don’t force the play. Let the game come to you.

  68. Ranao says:

    Hi Ronald,

    There are many comments here, which are seen in very few posts. It is clear that the matter is very impressive and appealing. I and my wife read your Dating Games article together and felt humor and memorize our past romantic days. The fact that such an interesting article has not been read for a long time. From my experience, the man who is satisfied with one woman is rare. The man has one foot in the water and the other on the ground. However, for a loving, happy, successful and committed relationship requires mutual respect, sympathy, deep faith, etc. Thanks for giving such an amazing article with a lovely video.



    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Ranao, I appreciate the compliments. The dating arena is sometime too great for most to handle. What I mean by that is the folks that’s been ‘out of commission’ for some time. Maybe you’re an older person, who lost a spouse and now suddenly find themselves back out on the dating scene. A hard adjustment. But with patience, careful searching (if you are looking) and openness, you can develop a successful, master plan tailored to fit your needs.

  69. mzakapon says:


    This is a fantastic article with all related information about dating game and serious involvement with relationship. I would not know so much information about it if I did not read your article. After reading your article, I have learned the professional ethics and considerable rules while playing the dating games. I believe many people yet don’t know the breakup reason, mismatched and failure of dating event. I am going to share it with my other friends. Thanks for writing this helpful topic.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend for reading. People in the dating world have a lot of decisions to make. Good or bad, they have to be made. I try to post constructive rules in this article. Rules and ways to live by. Some folks out there looking, don’t know what they want. They run around in circles, notknowing what they want.

  70. Ola says:

    Tons of value to be found on this post on selecting compatible mates. This is a great and simple to follow guide on playing the dating games.

    You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This is a good advice on what to look for in a partner. I love the fact that you told us to always ask questions on the type of person we are dating.

    Thanks for the eye opener.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Yes Ola, a person, male or female, should always have some idea of what they’re seeking even before venturing off in search of a mate. But just don’t settle for anybody. Carefully ease into a relationship. Check the flow regarding how things are going. You’ll know when to open up all the way!  

  71. Peace says:

    Hey, Ronald!

    How to select a compatible mate, is one topic I have alot of interest in. 

    I agree that age, nationality and other unnecessary rules and regulations should go to the back burner, in terms of things to put into consideration when selecting a mate. 

    Your tips on how to get someone to date you, such as: humor, making intelligent and relevant conversation, smiling, having self confidence and being honest, are real deals in my opinion.  

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks peace, glad you enjoyed my article. Selecting a compatible mate is a daunting task for most because I feel most folks don’t know what they’re seeking. Find the ‘perfect’ mate and you’re halfway there. But it really takes two to make it all come together and become satisfying for both involved. As far as race and nationality is concerned, that should never be an issue. Personality should be at ‘the head of the class’.

  72. Jay says:

    The relationship between a man and a woman can at times be complicated. Sometimes we might ask ourselves what does a guy or girl is in a particular person that makes them remain with that person even if the person is a no good person. The way our hearts work is just strange. 

    When you are in love with someone you just don’t care about the type of life the person is living. All you would be interested in is to just be with that person all the time. That is just the way the world was created. Only when you don’t love the person that you would begin to consider things like wealth and looks and similar things that do not really show the heart of a person.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Jay you made some interesting comments. You hear folks say ‘follow your heart’, but sometime that may lead you down a dangerous and missguided road. You really have to also use your head. Thinking with a straight head is also a good start. Illegal drugs or even alcohol may distort your perception of someone, that before you know it, you’ve gotten yourself into something that will have you thinking, “What the hell just happened?”

  73. Louis says:

    I found the article very interesting. I totally agree with you, a lot of times people get intimidated by the outer beauty of a person, and therefore hinder themselves from experiencing the inner beauty the person holds. Often times, we meet stunning people, who tick or the right boxes but are very lonely. You would never be able to know this except you make effort to know the person. In the end, not everyone has forgotten about trust and commitment, however there are only just a few left.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hey Louis, that outer beauty just won’t cut it regarding a serious and sincere relationship. Of course all guys want that ‘fine sexy mama’ and women want that ‘tall, handsome muscular dude.’ But they never stop to think, ‘what’s up stairs?’ Do they have enough brains to make rational decisions in a relationship? How’s the personality? A lot to cover. Also love, trust and commitment should head the list. 

  74. Chris says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head there when you pointed out that there are a lot of lonely people capable of love, and a lot of people in relationships that just don’t get on together!

    A great post here that will surely ring true with more than a few singles at the moment. Do you feel that internet dating has now got to the point where it outperforms regular dating (through results)?

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Chris, thanks for checking in. When it comes to dating and relationship, some folks tend to make up their own rules. Most likely rules that will soon be broken. As far as internet dating versus face-to-face dating goes, I personally feel nothing will replace the actual physical meeting of a person. You can discover more when conversing, as opposed to folks lying to you behind a screen.

  75. Seun Afotanju says:

    This I must say is an interesting article, Though dating has never been easier, frustrations with it have never been more vocal and finding love has never seemed more treacherous, We are living in times where the impact, visibility and perceived importance of the young are enormous.  I am happy I came across this post and I’m hoping for more from you. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend. I’m hoping you share this with others. Some people tend to get misguided with the wrong information regarding how to handle relationships and what to expect in the long run. I try to lay out information which deem helpful to all seeking love, even in treacherous times. I have a ton of helpful information on this subject. Please share my post.

  76. Rachael Christensen says:

    I love your take on dating, relationships and tips on finding that special someone. You’ve just given me a thoroughly good laugh so my hat is off to you sir, very well written it was very entertaining. To be honest I am SO glad I don’t have to worry about this any longer having found my prince.  But not before kissing my share of frogs!  I always found that when I  met someone new things were wonderful for a while during the “honeymoon” period, but then real life would creep in and things would start to go south. It can get really frustrating when it just never works out and you feel like you’re never going to meet the “one”. That’s why I reckon it’s important to be friends first so you know exactly what you’re getting into.  What importance do you place on friendship before starting a physical relationship with someone?

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Yes Rachael, you will kiss many frogs before that ‘special someone’ appears. This seem to be the ‘norm’ for both men and women. Eventually, good things do happen! (You found your prince. That’s great!) Some couples would wanna scream “Where is the Love?” as the song from the 1980’s goes. There seem to be a shortage of this among couples. To answer your question Rachael, what I think is ‘key’ in a friendship, which could blossom into love, is the personality of an individual. This is the barometer which help sets the standards and outcome of how things will be regarding a good relationship.  

  77. johnny says:

    Hi Ronald, 

    This is a very interesting post. It is informative and funny. “The 14 Red Flags of Dating: The Art of Manliness” was hilarious. Will you add a female version, “The 14 Red Flags of Dating: The Art of Womanliness”? 

    When I did the retrospect of my past relationships, I realize most of the time I was the problem. I especially had commitment issues. 

    I loved the “The Five Basic Approach for Singles”. Your profile of the different approaches was very well done. It is a good chart to show where one is in the “dating scene”. 

    Your final thought on the “The Reality of Love” was sad but true. 

    I think this is a very good website for charting out a course of action in the dating world. 

    I enjoyed this post very much. Thank you, Ronald. 

    johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hey Johnny, glad you enjoyed my post. I try to be as thourhal as I can, touching on ‘key’ elements which hopefully will help others. Instead of couples making up their own rules and guidelines to follow regarding keeping their relationship intact, they should just concentrate on following good, solid guidelines. (…my post!)LOL. I keep it real, with a touch of comedy just to keep things interesting. Please share my post with your social media contacts.

  78. Kenechi says:

    What an engaging and interesting article. I really took my time to read through and was looking forward to your final point and conclusion. I have actually learnt from it. I won’t be intimidated by a woman’s outer beauty anymore. Each time I see a beautiful woman, I always think that she must be in a relationship and not knowing that it’s not always so. Some of them might be single like me and equally searching for a faithful partner too. Next time I will take a very bold step and walk up to her and initiate a conversation. Thanks for your wonderful article. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks for reading my friend. Regarding women, never feel intimidated by a woman’s pretty looks. They’re looking too. Just waiting also for that ‘special someone.’ Of course, they won’t ever tell you. They’ll always play hard to get. That’s part of the dating game and the rules we play by. But all rules are made to be broken. Yes my friend Kenechi, keep your head up high right along with your confidence. You are bound to score!

  79. Fortune says:

    I really like the way you carefully establish your point. The five points you mentioned are really meant for guys like me who are really shy to approach ladies and I am. It will be helpful to me. I must say that online dating has not been favorable to many but yet I have friends that got their spouses online and they are happily married. Most of the time the right approach is needed to engage a partner, the wrong may backfire later. You did a good job with this. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Fortune for reading my post and voicing your experience. Sometimes it’s tough when it boils down to selecting a mate that’s compatible. Online dating may work for some, but not for others. As you stated my friend, the right approach is needed in regards to capturing that special someone. Or a person can just follow my five basic steps for instant ans guaranteed success. Fortune, please share this with others.

  80. Wealthfather says:

    Its a pity the younger ones are not taking dating and courtship serious like we did during our days. The affection is no longer there. I could remember I took my relationship/ courtship very serious because I knew this is the person I would apend the rest of my life with so there should be no mistake. I have a happy family now and I am bold to say it couldn’t have been better than this.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely article

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      I guess you can say Wealthfather, that with us both being from the ‘old school,’ things now-a-day regarding dating and relationships just ain’t the same. Young folks, at least some of them, take love for granted. Getting serious with someone is a joke. Now It’s all about getting to know someone long enough to have good sex, and then later get ‘kicked to the curb.’ 

  81. RoDarrick says:

    This piece is an embodiment of excellence. Sheer awesomeness! Such exasperating writing to cover all angles concerning getting involved in a relationship and what to look up to and ought not to look up to.

    selecting a partner is not all about who is the best and most awesome. Its usually about the imperfections that you’re willing to make perfect by becoming a part of them. My partner is a very hot tempered person whom I met through mingle2 dating site but after several months, I realise her flaws and I was willing to stand by her even till now.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks for the compliments my friend. The dating world can be an adventure. A wild roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Finding the right person is always not that easy. Being around that person may make you happy, maybe not. (Only time will tell). I guess it all depends on what you you willing to put up with.

  82. Tracy cole says:

    Thank you so much to the author who has written down this kind of such a beneficial article.  This article opened my mind to the fact that there are ways to play love games in a reasonable way. i love the approach you listed here for the singles, which made me fall in love once again. I recommend this post for all singles.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks again Tracy, for viewing my site. Some folks are lucky in love, some aren’t. (It all depends on who’s asking). LOL. Some try to stay in the game and deal with what life has to offer. Others may walk away before they even get to know their selection. Love is a funny thing!  Please Tracy, share this article with others on social media. 

  83. Vicki says:

    Hi Ronald and thank you so much for this post

    I laughed I thought a lot and I enjoyed this.

    Tony Robbins said- !st you must become very good friends and you must be good for each other and when this occurs, then you may contemplate taking it further but not until that day which should be more than 24 hours – lol Seriously it could be a year- Who cares as long as its real

    I really loved this post-Ronald- you rock!!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Vicki my friend. Glad you enjoyed my post (…just makes me feel all warm & tingly inside)lol. But seriously, I felt I done my job when I can write enjoyable articles. Articles that make others laugh. Yes, the dating game is really something to behold and as real as it gets.

      Vicki, please share my post with your other contacts. Thanks!

  84. Stella says:

    This is a very interesting article I love to read. Relationship is very easy to say but what is there in, is very critical.It takes extra thoughts and sacrifice to conclude on who to choose as a life partner. The most funniest part is falling in love with someone your friend might detest thinking he/she doesn’t worth it  This is just to believe the fact that ‘what is good for me might not be your taste. Love they say is blind, so we have to do our things in our own pace just to be responsible for our actions at the long run. This article is useful for many guys toying with women’s emotions after gaining her love, trust and commitment,using it as their weakness. This is why most lady make it hard for guy that loves them because of the poor outcome from their experience. This tough attitude of the ladies make it hard for other innocent guys that love them to approach because of fear of rejection. See karma!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hello Stella my friend. You make some interesting points. The dating world can be a crazy world. A roller coaster of emotional turns and twists. They say to ‘follow your heart’ but sometimes your heart can be misled. Something to think about. Please share this article with other.

  85. Adyns68 says:

    I think finding the compatible mate is quite hard, because most of the people I have seen on dating sites are not there to find relationship. So, it’s pretty hard to find someone who is looking to establish something real. Now where do you find a guy who want that?

    To answer to your scenario, I think after 3 years with him, I will give him an opportunity to explain himself but 3 years is not enough to know everything about someone ( unless you’re with him 24/7). I will end the relationship because I hate liars but I will definitely take time to know the why and how…


    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Good points you made, my friend. Three years is more than enough time to get to know someone, all their faults and what direction do they want their life to go in. But I find folks still out there, fumbling around, searching and looking. Not only do they not know where they’re headed, but also, don’t know what they’re looking for.

  86. Harry says:

    I believe that at the end of the day, finding your “perfect” mate is a highly subjective thing. I mean yeah, there are definitely some basics but every woman is different. Also, based on different circumstances that are going on in your life, you’ll be meeting different kinds of women.

    I really believe that the dating game is highly subjective and dynamic.

    At least this has been the case for me…

    What’s your take on this?

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks Harry for chiming in. My take would be ‘whatever floats your boat!’ To each his own,(and that type of stuff.) As you pointed out, a man will have different women come in and out of his life. It’s up to him to chose his ladies wisely, get a very good feel for them so he doesn’t get ‘burnt’ in the long run. Please share my article with others.

  87. Katya says:

    No one ever teaches you about relationships and feeling and being yourself. We’re all just thrown in a water and you have to learn as you go. I met people who, in my opinion had no idea what a healthy relationship should look like and didn’t even bother to listen to other people. That’s why I like the youtube video you provided, it’s like a little tap on shoulder. 

    I’m always interested in topics like human interaction, attraction and such and am looking forward to reading your work.



    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Katya, for stopping by. When it comes to relationships, most folks are just out here going through life with NO direction or any idea what they want or what their looking for. (I have two friends myself that’s like this). The guys I know find women, have their way with them, then kick ’em to the curb. (They been doing this for years). This is why these dudes been single for a very long time. (They probably threw away some good ones).

      Please share my article with others.

  88. Marios Tofarides says:

    Hey there Ronald,

    Knowing what you want in the relationship and your other half, is the first step for a good relationship. For better or worse, you need a few failures, in order to figure it out. Then it’s self-confidence. You need to believe in yourself, and trust yourself and love yourself. Because if you don’t no one will. 

    Relationships need work. Sacrifices. Compromises. If you’re not willing to do so, then stay single!


    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hey Marios, love is a ‘two-way street.’ In order to make any relationship work, we all gotta be on the same page. If one have plans that’s in the opposite direction of the other, then this won’t cut it. Understanding, trust and honesty is what keeps a relationship strong. There isn’t enough of this going around! Back to the basics!

  89. Mecyll Gaspary says:

    Great post. It’s very important to choose the mates we like to build our spend our lives with. Especially when it comes to marriage. Of course, love can blind us with feelings of butterflies in our stomach. But we should consider the act of the man or the partner. Whether they are good or bad for us. 

    I didn’t see this before I began my relationship with my husband because he’s so good in making you feel in love. But then, as fool as I am, I got hooked with the idea of building relationship since it was my first time to have a man in my life other than my father. 

    In the end, we got married. Then, the signs start showing up. He’s overly emotional to the point he’s shutting me off and everybody else, including his mother. The fact that he could do the same with his own female family members, he could do that to me. It was frustrating to the point I told him, “Fuck you. I hate your motherfucking drama!” 

    Then, he woke up from his senses. He cried and cried. He has never felt that bad for hurting me, the woman he only loved. As much as I wanted to leave him, I couldn’t because I love him so much. He’s currently changing his ways of treating me. There I saw his effort of building the broken relationship with me. I appreciate that, but it doesn’t mean I have already forgotten what he did to me over the years. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Wow! What drama you’ve gone through in your relationship. Sounds like you and hubby are trying to get back on track. Sometimes situations call for you to get pissed & walk before the guy comes to his senses. He knows he has a good woman, but fail to see the good in you. Threatening to leave is like a ‘slap in the face!!’ 

      (But hey Mecyll remember, if things don’t work out, you got my number!)LOL!!

  90. Matthew says:

    It’s been a while since I was in the dating game, I was married for 15 years but we had to go our separate ways so I need to get myself back out there on the market

    I’m really nervous though, I don’t think I could get into online dating as it wasn’t around before I got married so I need to have a think about what I want to do next

    Do you have any more tips about online dating?

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hey Matthew, keep the faith. One failed marriage should not stop you from ‘testing the water.’ To answer your question regarding online dating, me personally I’m not a big fan of online dating (I’ve heard too many ‘horror stories’). I believe in face-to-face meeting. Matt, just keep yourself available. Attend events where you most likely will meet women. Just be yourself (women hate phonies), and have a sense of humor! (women love to laugh).

  91. shirian says:

    Partnership is made in heaven and marriage takes place on earth.

    This is a lovely and funny writing style.

    Well, You’ve point out about some approaches in your article. I just want to Emphasis about most important one- CONFIDENCE-. yes, confidence is master key point here. just be yourself and do not pretend yourself to be any one else. you don’t need to cover a mask on your face, BE Granded, if someone deserves to spend time with you,then he or she put effort to keep relationship seriously, if not you just move on and walk away. 

    Thanks budy

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend for your fine compliments. I find the humor in whatever life has to offer. Even in dating; some situations could be funny, some disastrous. But together, strong couples survive through anything. I agree when you say ‘confidence’ is a key element a person should have when searching for a mate. Also, never rule out, ‘just be yourself’ (the ladies hate phonies)! 

  92. Feochadan says:

    That video had me giggling and then guffawing!!!  Although its pointed at women, I’ve seen plenty of men display many of these same red flags.  The light hearted humour in the beginning keeps a person (well, me, anyways!) reading.

    Your points are definitely of value to both sexes.  Reading this as a female I could see many cross connections.  The failures and attributes you describe can definitely be seen (and noted) in both.  You give very savvy advise on how to meet and make an impression on a perspective mate.  I especially, though, appreciated your comments on commitment.  So many get caught up in the dating game and that initial flush that they ignore the red flags and plow straight into a horrifying relationship.

    Put the same effort into finding the right mate as you would finding your ideal car and follow the advice here!  You’ll be miles ahead of most!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend for reading and enjoying my article. Love is like a baseball game, ‘three strikes you out.’ Many emotions and feelings are incorporated into building a relationship. Both people has to want the same things out of life to make things work. He has to understand her needs and vice versa. Only time will tell!

  93. Jordan Smith says:

    What’s really great about this article is that i can see what qualities i should have, to get someone I’m really compatible with. I’ve messed up a couple of time and it really pissed me off when i start thinking of my past relationships so i gave myself a break, but then, i tried getting back to a new relationship and it looks like i can’t attract a lady anymore, it makes feel more bad. In my last relationship, I did let my insecurities hold her back, and I was sometimes jealous. You’ve given me a lot to think about Ronald, I think your tips will be very useful on my quest for a new and compatible soulmate.


    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      You know Jordan, I don’t know why it’s like that in regards to leaving an old relationship, going into a new one. It appears we lose our luster, our desire slowly fades. That’s why it seems difficult to get started again. We have to think back on what went wrong the first time. Once we get back on track, everything will be fine.

  94. ROBERT JONES JR says:

    another funny yet informative post! I loved the video! tell me did you film it yourself or was it professionally done? I am in the process  of explaining to my son that in high school dating was all about the click you were in. But after graduation and upon entering college it become more about what a man can offer as far as financial stability and safety! 

    ….also being a man when it comes to raising kids! 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Glad you enjoyed my post and video. Thanks for reading! The video was a pre-prepared video that was given rights to use. Good idea to inform your son on the realities of the dating life. It’s amazing knowing how situations change over time. Things start off cool at the beginning of a relationship, then later….It’s ‘All About The Benjamins!’

  95. Charles says:

    Thanks for this article. It got me thinking a lot more about dating and relationships. I have not thought about that as much lately because I am focusing on my career and finances a lot, and area of my life which I would really like to improve. 

    I think once I am doing a bit better financially then it will be easier to do dating because I guess Financial stability is something that the other person might be looking for.

    But I want to thank you for this article because like I said it gave me a lot to think about just in terms of dating and relationships. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Well Charles, not all the ladies are looking for the fat wallet. Some women out there are just looking for kindness, gentleness, understanding and trust to name a few. I guess a ‘fat wallet’ would sweeten things up! But if a woman only looked at me in a financial way (Maybe the only way), then I wouldn’t want her. I’d lose interest quick and ‘kick her to the curb.’

  96. Anthony Hu says:

    Thank you very much for your post. It is a timely article for me. I got divorced from my wife some while ago and am still in the process of recovering. Your article gives me a lot of tips on how to play the dating game, which soon or late I need to play.

    I like your five basic approaches for singles. I always think I am old and it is not appropriate for me to have a date. I am a Chinese and prefer to meet Chinese women. You are right that I need to keep my mind open since there are beautiful types of women in all races. Apparently my divorce has detrimental effects on my relationship with women. My confidence is deteriorated. I see you have “The Confident Man Program”. I am going to do more search on this and try to sign up for a such program.

    It is kind of you sharing such powerful information. I think today could be a turn point for me to plan new relationship with women.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hey Anthony, I know divorces can be tough. Just hold your head up and hang in there! It’s not the end of the world and never too late. (So age has nothing to do with it.) Get back out there, Tony! There’s somebody for everybody! I really, strongly feel the ‘Confident Man’ information will greatly help you. The sooner you get started, the better. 
      Click on the link now!

       ‘The Confident Man Program.’

  97. HighLife101 says:

    Really interesting article about love, sex and selecting a compatible mate.  You bring a lot of insight into this very important part of life.  I loved your tips for singles. A lot of these ideas are common sense but unfortunately sometimes in love, we forget the most important rules and throw common sense out the window, so it’s nice to be reminded again about what’s important. I was really struck by your quote that “so many people are in love and not together and so many people who are together and not in love”, it is so true.   Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the rest of the world, God knows we need it! 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Highlife101, for reading and enjoying my site. Yes, I lay it all out on the table. I agree that love will have your mind like putty, not being able to think straight. As the song goes; “What the world needs now, is love sweet love..” holds a lot of truth. This may be the solution to are world problems. It’s so sad that we just can’t all get along!

      Please share my post with your social media downline.

  98. Henderson says:

    This is an absolutely accurate post. Many people out there don’t know what they want so instead taking the chance to go for a lady they want, they just sit back convincing themselves that they can’t get her. Most people, both make are female are also truly scared of commitment and like a friend once told me, you’re not mature for a relationship if you’re scared of being committed. I also like that you said that some are in love but not in a relationship and some are in a relationship and not in love. I guess it all boils down to finding that right person and knowing it deep down that this is truly the one for me. Nobody wants to make mistakes there because at a point, it’s not rectifiable. It’s a good post you’ve written there. Awesome stuff

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Henderson for the compliment. Really appreciate it. When people are in love, emotions remind me of a roller coaster, flowing up and down the tracks of life. Some folks can handle it, some can’t, getting very emotional. Some individuals, regardless being man or woman, don’t even know what true love is. You must respect good committed relationships. They are hard to find!  

  99. Wanda says:

    What an insightful article.  Your humor kept me intrigued and genuinely interested.  

    As for the dating game, I have been out of it for many years now, but believe you have hit the nail on the head with this article.  We need to remember we are not in a relationship for the short term (hopefully not) but for the long term.  You want someone compatible and shares your interests.

    I love that you included ways to approach the opposite sex.  I am sure you included approaches that others would never think of.  It is amazing how many ways you can approach conversations with others.  You just need to do it, the more you do it the more it comes natural to you.


    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article, Wanda. Hopefully, you can pass this valuable information along to others who may benefit from it. Trust along with being compatible & honest is ‘key’ in any relationship. Get it right! A person should go for the long term and be happy (Hopefully)! 

      My friend Wanda do me a favor, please let me know if your receive this reply by sending me an ‘OK’ from your dashboard back office comment section. Thanks much. 

  100. MissusB says:

    You got a funny and interesting way on explaining things about dating. What I like most, is your real an honest suggestion on how to approach singles. It’s all true in a woman’s point of view – one who’s really interested in dating and not hustling. Being yourself on a date would bring out the best in you. Pretending would lead to lies which is the complete opposite of your goal – to know each other better. Always start with a right foot and good intention. Thanks for sharing your point of view in this matter. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend, for reading and enjoying my article. I try keeping things on a ‘real tip’ and giving my single readers a ‘springboard’ to getting started in the dating world. We all need a platform and I’m hoping I could provide that voice along with action for the single person. Please share my article with others.

  101. water life says:

    What a great place. As a man, I have to say that it is difficult to find a person to fit in and decide to get along with. It is necessary for the relationship to succeed to have trust, mutual retreats, mutual respect. The word commitment scares most people. Of course, I’m not because I’m committed. Although, I appreciate your source humor and your approach. It’s very smart and I find it amusing and really true.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hey Water life, I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. Trust and honesty is for sure the ‘glue’ that holds any and all relationships together. Being committed is also ‘key’ once you’ve established yourself. Like I said before, commitment give some folks a ‘heart attack’ just thinking about it. LOL. Please share my article with others.

  102. iToLing says:

    Dear Ronald, thank you for writing this entertaining and easy to digest article filled with several tips in relevant areas. We enjoy your frankness and also the tips you share. As a loved up couple (who have experienced the lessons of prior relationships… and are highly engaged in this one), we agree that Honesty and Commitment is key in any relationship… especially if you want it to survive! Another big one for us is having an open mindset where one is dedicated towards personal development. RESPECT is another biggie. We agree with you on many points raised and have gone ahead to read the rest of your articles on your website. We LOVE them too!  “Make Love, Not War”, is a saying that iTo says regularly! The book reminds us of an ancient Asiatic way in determining mates for people based on facial profiles as well as body types (apart from astrology and other intricate methodologies). We look forward to reading your book!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hello my friend. Thank you for the nice compliment regarding my article. Glad you enjoyed it. Sometime relationships are compared to a carnival roller coaster. Up & down and a feeling of unsteadiness. Hopefully, it’ll all smooth out! All relationships function differently. You can get a free copy of my book by plugging in your info in the box.

  103. DreaJay says:

    Wow, this is really interesting, it’s so realistic that some guys just choose to be plain lazy, sitting around at home with no work to do, this thing is so frustrating and discouraging for ladies. This article is a very sensitive one and it should be taken with utmost seriousness. Relationships are breaking day after the other just because of some understanding issues and even frustrations from partners. Taking time to find the special one is really nice, this made me remember the saying that goes thus, there’s a man for every woman and vice versa. This article is well composed, it’s really thoughtful of you to share it.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Dreajay for stopping by. Yes, it was important that I touch on many key elements, and construct this article in a humorous way: a way that anyone with a sense of humor can relate to. We all have been in love at some point in our lives. Some relationships are ‘hit’ and ‘miss,’ but he, you win some, lose some. Please share this post with others.

  104. Wildecoll says:

    Selecting a compatible partner is one big decision that is taken in one’s life, making a wrong choice can be so disastrous and calamitous to both the man and the woman. This article has touched the most important aspect of dating and relationships, the simple mistakes young people make nowadays when it comes to dating makes it so hard for them to stay in a relationship for long. This should go into the public and make great changes in the lives of many people and teach them to make wise decisions when it comes choosing a partner and dating. I’ve enjoyed reading every bit of this article, so nice of for sharing it.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend for enjoying my article. I write and construct my articles in a humorous way, as to where the readers will experience an enjoyable mix of laughter and truth. The dating arena is filled with a ‘roller coaster’ of emotions harbored by misguided individuals seeking love and romance. But it’s all just ‘hit & miss.’ As the saying goes; “If at once you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Please share this post with your social media downline.

  105. Jim Hamilton says:

    One thing I could say when two people meet up for the first few times, or talk on the phone they should not be asking for sex right off. Should also not be asking how much money one makes. It’s almost like they don’t really care about a long lasting relationship. I love the article, nicely done.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hey Jim, I think they have special sites out there strictly for ‘knocking the boots.’ LOL. I know it’s a turn off for many dudes looking for decent and respectable women out here. Run the other way, if a woman question your income right out of the starting gate. I’d cuss her out first, or put her down so bad, she would think twice about questioning a man’s financial status again. Please share this with others.

  106. Donny says:

    I think this also very important to note that, whilst looking for dinner beauty don’t forget to find someone whose outward looks will have you satisfied enough to keep you away from going after other women or men and also don’t let the outward beauty receive you. Character always should go first from my own point of view, because we are talking about building a home here not looking for a part time mate and destroying the future of your kids. Before deciding on important issues like getting married or having babies always be sure they are really who you think they are and you know their worst parts and how to take care of it.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Donny, you made some good points. Beauties only skin deep. Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. Of course, regarding either sex, everybody wants a nice looking person on their arm. When you’re out, you like to show off your prize possession to the public. It makes you feel proud. But all in all, couples should really sit down, plan things out and carefully focus to see where their lives are headed.

  107. jessetoikkanen says:

    Great article about love and playing love games and much more! I really loved your quote “the sad truth is that so many people are in love but not together and so many people are together but not in love. This really shows the reality of many relationships nowadays. What comes to red flags, I have been in semi-long relationships with two different women who were (are) narcists and last time the end of the story was when I was in the hospital after her and her sisters knife attack on me. However, thanks for sharing this, bookmarked your site to read more articles later on today

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend, for enjoying my work. Shaky relationships within couples are like going on a roller coaster ride. Up and down, all around! it’s always a good thing if we can find that special someone in the ‘first shot.’ I’m sorry to hear about your woman & her sister lashing out on you with violence. (I’m hoping you soon cut her loose behind that) You did press charges, I hope?

      I always say ‘there’s somebody for everybody.’ When the right person comes along, you’ll know it. Please share my post with others.

  108. Andy Zeus Anderson says:

    Its been twenty years since I was in the dating scene but I can still remember being anxious and unsure. Sure I was confident on the outside but sweaty hands and shaky knees were the norms when I met my wife. You have some great dating tips here. The one thing I would recommend though is I spent too long looking for love and when I stopped looking so hard I finally found the one and it didn’t take long.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Yes Andy, it’s amazing how an individual can slow down their search and without any additional effort, have the person of their dreams walk into their lives. It can turn out to be a match made in heaven! It’s only fair to say that there’s someone out there for everybody. Some make the mistake of grabbing the first thing that comes along, so they don’t have to be lonely. You got lucky my friend by slowing down. Congrats to you. Please share this post with others.

  109. Aly says:

    The comment about conversation is great. It does definitely help to talk about what you are currently doing — whether it’s big projects or just little daily activities — you never know what small catalyst is going to lead to learning fun new things about someone else. Definitely try to be your best self and enjoy meeting new people no matter what!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      It’s great Aly, to put your best foot forward and keep yourself available to all. Of course, great conversation is good because you have to get to know the person you’re seeking. Everyone is different and the approach will vary. If at first you don’t succeed,….

  110. Bijan amid says:

    It is a great article because it is very informative for both sexes on how to approach ( for a guy) a girl that he likes and or to be able to date her very easily.

    I believe it is a great guideline for every guy looking to find a date and establish a relationship with a girl

    1. Thank you my friend. I’m glad you enjoyed my article on dating and relationships. Please share my article with others. A lot of educational info here, which can surely help others seeking love and its concept.

  111. Madyibilg says:

    I believe that from a male’s perspective confidence is key. You can say anything, do anything, but if not done confidently you’ll won’t go anywhere even in dating. So it’s really important for a guy to work on his inner game: meaning work on getting himself amped up, to say, for the big plunge, like self-motivation before approaching women, and work on what to say with confidence. That’s my take.  

    This is a great article. It reminds us that we men need to do the approach, the woman will unfortunately not, and if you blunder, seek the next until you get a good reception. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      I agree my friend. Without confidence, you’ll always feel ‘down in the dumps’ as though no one will ever want you. In the dating world, they’ll be up & down situations. One of those situations, you may feel things are finally going your way. But on the other hand, your confidence must be at a high enough level to except the ‘bitter with the sweet.’ Only time will tell. Please share my post with others.

  112. Carol5162 says:

    What an interesting and eye-opening video. I guess the scenario works for both men and women. I really loathe partners that believe they are the most important party n the relationship. This only makes the other partner feel like the relationship is tedious works that needs to be finished and done with. There is really a lot to consider before settling for a mate. I don’t know how this checklist can be ticked by one single person. Then there are those who know how to perfectly conceal their true nature until when the relationship is sealed. Thank you for an entertaining and informative piece.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you for visiting my site, my friend. Sometimes the world of dating can produce an field of mixed emotions. Sometime, you don’t know if you’re coming or going. Depending on ever occurring issues in most relationships, things have to be clear and understood right from the get go. Don’t wait! Establish the ‘real self’ in your relationship and don’t be a phony. Please share my site with others.

  113. Anyii says:

    Finding “the right one” is not an easy task. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have to make a priority out of looking for my soulmate; that kind of attempt can easily turn into a real waste of time.

    I also agrre with the idea that we can learn a lot from our past relationships that should make us realize the importance of avoiding toxic relationships. The right person will always help you become the best variant of yourself, not the worst one…

    It is fine to have pleasant online or offline conversations, but becoming desperate to fill the void in one’s love life at all costs can be a bad and unhealthy behaviour.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend for checking in and commenting. Relationships can be a tricky thing and a daunting task. It can be ‘mentally draining’ for that person seeking true love. We all hope for a ‘win-win’ situation! But No one ever knows what the outcome will be. You would only hope that it’s not a waste of time! Please share my article.

  114. Miriam Mendoza says:

    your web site is funny and is set up in a way that can be understood. all of the comments were by people that enjoyed reading about ol Doris.  I found it to be hilarious and pretty engaging. you have a great mix of post serious and funny. your sense of humor will (in my opinion) take you to good things in life.  it shows how you want to help people understand how to have healthy relationships and what it takes to stay in a relationship. You wrote about cheating and not being faithful. Some hard topics for some. I want to wish you all the best on your website. just keep your audience engaged and happy. You have what it takes.

    all the best,


    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Miriam for your kind words and the compliments. I’m glad you enjoyed my post and it made you laugh. In all my post, I’ve always incorporated some form of enjoyable humor for my readers. With ‘all the crap’ going on in the world today, we need more stuff that makes us feel good. I hope my writings are ‘filling the void.’ Please share my post with others.

  115. Chuna says:

    Hey Ron,

    You really made my day! It is a blessing to be able to read a post like this one. The title got me curious and excited to read through, then I started agreeing the moment I read through the first lines, and paragraph, until I finished. 

    I started with a thumbs up, then a smile, then peels of laughter followed…

    You’ve mentioned the basic, most important virtues and habits to always remember in the dating games of life:

    – Honesty

    – Sincerity

    – Humor – (recipe for a healthy relationship, may I add..)

    – Vigilance and wisdom (as in the advice-message in the video..)

    I love and laugh a lot about the farting and burping part of the story and real life…

    And I also agree much on the ‘Smile a lot’ advise. Smile is the best apparel anybody can wear that attracts everybody.

    May I just add my personal advise. I’m aware that we have individual religious opinions, but may I leave a piece of advise for singles in search of mates for keeps. I believe the God who created all things, has chosen a perfect match for each one of us. So, it is always best to ask guidance and wisdom from Him, when searching for that most-awaited mate.

    Thank you so much for posting this article.

    God bless you more,


    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Chuna for the compliments. Really happy you enjoyed it. It seems those who are seeking a relationship must inherit those qualities mentioned, before they’ll get any notice from the opposite sex. Following my advice I wrote, will put you in good standing with whoever you’re seeking. A good, impressive start is what we must seek! Please share my post. Thank you.

  116. charsleethan1 says:

    hellloo admin, thanks  a lot for sharing such wonderful and educative post with us all, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your article, i really want to commend your effort in bring such amazing site, your article eally has taught us a lot, knowing how to choose a right mate isn’t that easy, but I believe with post like these, it surely will be easy. Thanks a lot for the info.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend for reading my post, even if you did run across it by accident. LOL. I try writing articles that’s educational and funny all in one. Being educated in a plain, and humorous manner, I feel more folks can relate and understand my writing style. Please share my post with others.  

  117. Justin says:

    Hello Ronald, you have been one the few site owners who have a really nice way of captivating their audience with how they write and I really like how you have done this one. Dating is not an easy thing to do because you’ll have to bemd some of your rules to stay at peace and that can be really difficult some times. I would love to visit some other time. Cheers

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Justin, I try to always ‘rise above the pack,’ Being different is what it’s all about. Good informative writing will get anyone’s attention and hopefully hold it. You’re right, that dating and finding a compatible mate is a tough task. In reality, you win some, you lose some! That’s just the way of the world! Hopefully we find happiness in the end. Justin, please share my site with others.

  118. Fran says:

    Interesting!  I am fortunate because I’m well beyond the age of worrying about dating or the opposite sex.  However, your article reminded me of bygone days, when I went through all the questions and insecurities that one goes through when wandering through the dating maze.  It was hard work, and sometimes very tiring!  I’m happy, now, to be home alone with my cat.

    It’s a wonder that we pair up at all, with all the questions and uncertainties.  I’m guessing that, though some things about dating have changed, the way men and women relate to each other is still much the same as in my youth.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Fran for your input. The dating world has changed from past years, but not by that much. They’re still ‘nut case’ out there waiting to pounce on the more naive. It’s just a matter of taking your time and getting to know the person. Take it slow and discover their interest. You say it’s just you and your cat? You don’t have to be lonely Fran. Its never too late to find some sort of happiness in your life. It’s safer now meeting others online. (They may be a cat lover as well) Go here:

  119. Prabakaran says:

    Fascinating subject. I had a feel like reading a romantic short story.  Five basic approaches to win a woman that you have mentioned are true. Not getting attracted or intimidated by the external appearance of a person is real. First, start your conversation, and in a few days, you will get to know, or in reverse, they will get to know you. If everything goes well, you will be the winner.
    Just be your self instead of pretending is essential in building a relationship because hypocrisy will one day get exposed. I am bookmarking your site to read all your posts.


    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend for checking in with me. I’m glad you enjoyed it and decided to bookmark me for future readings. I trying writing that’s helpful to all. Educational and enjoyable. Many folks, men and women, can learn a lot here. There’s much to learn about the craziness among the dating world. Over time, more knowledge is acquired to handle all situations. Please share my post with others.

  120. Rosalia says:

    Hi Ronald, thank you for your amazing article about “How Dating Games Of Life Are Played”.

    Some great advice here!

    I think the worst part for most people is actually making the effort and going out and meeting somebody. It is always scary at first! 

    It isn’t always easy to find that special someone that you can connect with.

    You did a really good job! Congratulations!

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Rosalia, dating can be a nerve wrecking thing. Plenty of ‘highs and lows’ and never a dull moment. (At least, you hope not.)lol. As we get older, our knowledge is more focus on the task at hand. But sometimes, finding a compatible mate is not as easy as it seems. Please share my article.

  121. Ismeglamour says:

    Hello there, The big question there is how do I determine compatibility in a relationship? Relationship with compatibility exists, first and foremost, when a couple relates with equality and respect. It’s important for couples to have fun together and really enjoy the time they spend together. Relationships thrive when two people share companionship and activities.thanks so much for sharing this.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Yes, Ismeglamour. It takes two like-minded people, working together to make a relationship work. (This is where the compatibility comes into play.)  It’s a two-way street. A good bond develops when couples work towards building something solid. It all starts with good communication. Please share my post!

  122. Jonathon Howard says:

    This is a great article with great information on relationships and finding the right person to make a long lasting relationship with. Also very interesting to see how people are matched up. I think this is a wonderful thing your doing for people and I’m sure lots of people are thankful for something like this. Thanks for sharing the great information keep up the great work. 

    All the best,


    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks for the compliment on my article. Glad you liked it. Many relationships are just ‘hit & miss.’ Some folks just get together with  each other without really getting to know one another. These are disasters waiting to happen! Couples need to communicate more. Please share my post. 

  123. Md. Asraful Islam says:

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    Finally, I have read your article and enjoyed it. I would like to share the subject of the article in my social media group so that everyone can know about it.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hello Md. It’s good that you found value in my writing. I write for many people to enjoy and find some solution that will help them down the road. I find most folks need help in this area. Some need more help than others. Yes Md. Please let your downline read this post. Maybe it will provide some solution in their lives. Thanks again.

  124. Jackie says:

    A good one here, very well written and composed too. It’s wonderful how you’re able to tell us about love and life and this is one topic that needs universality. At one point or the other, we would need to select a mate for ourselves but having one that is compatible is the most important thing. Of all your articles, this one encompasses knowing traits of lovers but tells us about how to choose one that aligns with our traits.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Jackie. I’m so happy that you enjoy my work. It makes me as a writer, feel good that I have dedicated readers. The subject of love and good relationships, at some point another, hits us all. Rather it be early in life or later. the ‘love bug’ is there. We pursue are feelings when it come to selecting a compatible mate. Please share this post with your downline. 

  125. Sophie says:

    Hello Roland! Thank you very much for sharing this article on how dating games of life are played. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really elaborate one with valuable information everyone can hold on to. Commitment is that magical word that so many tend to be afraid of. Any relationship without commitment is no relationship at all, right? It builds trust and love grows stronger. Thanks again Roland

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Sophie. (it’s Ronald) Thanks for stopping by. To answer your question right away, Yes there must be commitment to have a ‘seal-tight’ relationship. It seems you can’t have one without the other. Love for the other will definitely grow, if the trust is their along with good communication. Sophie, please share my post with others. 

  126. Jbryce says:

    Thanks for sharing this interesting article, it is very important for those who are out there wanting to meet their long life partners and don’t know how to make the right decision of selecting compatible mates, this article is very practical and very understandable, the tips you shared here very resourceful and will be of immense assistance.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article. I also feel this will help guide many seekers down the path regarding, ‘hooking up’ and ‘long-term relationships.’ Dating games played now is something to stay on top of. Moving too quickly spells ‘disaster.’ My friend JBryce, please share my article with your downline.

  127. DarmiMaddie says:

    Thank you for the highlights here and for giving the full details on how this works and all. Honestly, this is great to see and I would say that I value it a lot. Surely it can not get any better than it is right now and that is good to seed. This dating game of life can only be done with the right commitment and willingness to give it chance to thrive. Thanks

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you DarmiM for commenting. All relationships can workout if, like you say, put the work in and make it thrive. Both parties have to be on the same page. Wanting to achieve the same goals in life. Of course, if those goals are not discussed, then nothing is accomplished. Communication is ‘key.’ Please share my post with others.

  128. Alblue says:

    This is such great information. As one of those singles, confidence is my weakness. Every time I meet another person (whether new or old friend), I feel somewhat reluctant to start a conversation. I’m more of a submissive and passive person. I think I need to overcome my weakness first. Or, do you think it’s alright if I appear as that ‘weak’ person and is hopeful to find the right person?

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Alblue, how are you? To answer your question, you do not have to display yourself as a ‘weak’ person thinking somehow this will draw women to you. No woman is gonna feel sorry for you and start talking to you just ‘out of pity.’ But all is not lost Alblue. I always say there’s ‘somebody for everybody’. If it’s your confidence that needs lifting, then here’s your solution. Check this out:

      1. Alblue, Sorry! The 1st link wasn’t complete, came out ‘error’. Here’s the correct link for you.

  129. Bogadi says:


    Thank you for the interesting article. Love and relationships can be complicated. But somehow because we are created with a sense of belonging we cannot avoid them. So as you said one should pay attention to who s/he chooses and how to go about that.. The foundation of good relationships is authenticity and confidence, with this, everything else will fall in place .

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Yes my friend Bogadi, we as humans, do feel a ‘sense of belonging.’ (‘Gotta find me someone to love’, like the song goes by Freddie Mercury and Queen.) Sometimes we search high and low, but just cannot find true love. And when we do find someone, it’s always for a reason other than love. So fake! Please share my site with others. 

  130. Marsha Pearson says:

    What a very thorough article on looking for the right date. The one thing I know – one should do the things that they naturally like to do. The right person might also be there, enjoying the same thing. It could be in church or it could be water skiing or anything else. If you don’t knit, don’t go to a knitting party thinking you’ll find Ms Right. That just won’t work. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you for the compliment Marsha. You make some good points there, Marsha. Having something in common is always a great way to get the ball rolling. But you never will know what a person is about until you talk. (Gotta try making that ‘hookup’). I agree if you don’t like to ski, don’t hang out at a ski resort to meet someone. Please share my post with others.

  131. DarmiMaddie says:

    Thank you for this piece here. This is honestly a very great adVice that I am sure we would all find very important and helpful. What you shared here is really great and I really find this to be superb. I think that I can actually resonate a lot with all that has been shared here. If I can,I will try my best to get stuck with this. Thanks

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi my friend. Glad you saw some value in my post. I like writing things that will humor my readers and at the same time provide info that they can use. Good, clean honest advice that hopefully may change someone’s life around. Sometime change is good! Please share my post! 

  132. evagreen221 says:

    Hello there, I have been into the dating game for sometime now and I must tell you it hasn’t been easy. As there are a lot of things going on that has to be put into consideration when going into dating. That aside, selecting compatible mates is one of the biggest issue you would come across when dating as most times it’s kind of impossible to secure a match.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Evagreen221. I think everyone has experienced a taste of the dating games at some point in their lives. (I had several wild episodes myself). They always say there’s somebody for everybody and I believe this is true. So selecting a compatible shouldn’t be that difficult. Please share my post with others.

  133. Sophie says:

    Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on how dating games are played in real life. This is a must read for anyone who is finding a partner. It’s very detailed and elaborate so it will be helpful to us. For me, I feel if there’s no commitment in a relationship, it’s better not to be in any relationship at all. What’s a relationship without commitment? I hate being single but being single can be frustrating at times but I believe this article will bring a new level of happiness. thank you 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hello Sophie, thank you for commenting. I understand the single life can get pretty lonely and I hope my article can bring some sense of direction to those still in ‘the dating game.’ There are plenty of serious folks out there, If you really open yourself up to the possibility of meeting someone. Sophie, you may want to take a look at this. Other singles have went this route with some degree of success. Go here: https://44855ct8muil3u5m4c1b7v… 

      Let me know how things go. Also, please share my post with others you know that may need my help. Thanks

    2. Sophie, If you get an error opening up the link, try this one. Sorry:

  134. Kelvin says:

    Although, these days, there might be a lot of people who do not want a very long relationship, as they find it hard to commit to one person. But there are still some of us out there who want or are ready for a long lasting relationship, that would most times lead to saying the vows. Thanks for giving us this article. I have learnt one or two from this article with which I will use to step up my dating life.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Kelvin. Many folks, sometime I feel they don’t know what they want in regards to long term relationships. Some ‘want their cake, and eat it too.’ I had a friend that was very lonely and wanted a main lady at home, but at the same time he wanted others from the street as well. I guess that happens. Please share my post with others

  135. Collins says:

    Wow, this article was very comprehensive, I think that many people just rush to enter relationships because they are lonely, want to earn that status, or are trying to follow the crowd. Before you should commit to someone, you should build a very good foundation with the person, you should literally be best of friends. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      I agree Collins that you must become friends, before becoming lovers. Many folks jump into relationships too quickly before really getting to know one another. This is always a ‘recipe for disaster!’ Communication and more time spent together is ‘key’. Please share my post with others.  

  136. Energy Kadango says:

    What an interesting read on love, dating and relationships. I felt like i was reading a book. You are a good writer. Yes i believe in any relationship you must become friends first before you are lovers. Having a sexual relationship does not mean you are now compatible to get married or stay together for life. I also picked that when you start dating someone find out all you can about them. You dont want surprises somewhere down the line. Thanks

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hi Energy, how are you? Thank you for your compliments. I agree; friends first (get to know that person.) Get comfortable enough to see if any feelings are there. If something will develop, you’ll know! Good, hot sex goes along with growth of the relationship, but never let that be the determining factor. Please share my post with others. 

  137. Kelvin says:

    Wow, very interesting article. I had to read it to the very end. This is one of the few times I’ve ever stayed this long in a blog. Indeed, there are lots of people that lack the gut in approaching the opposite sex. And the one you pointed out about how pretty a lady is. Because she’s too pretty, some men may ignore going for her. Saying pathetically to themselves that they’re not good enough to her, lol. That one alone made me laugh so hard. But seriously, some are “dying” in isolation because they can’t approach their opposite sex. Well, I’m glad I came across your article. I’ve learnt a lot on how to improve myself when approaching ladies.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend Kelvin for hanging in there until the end. I love it when I can captivate my readers and they find full enjoyment in my post. I like getting down to the true concept of the matter. Providing information the average spouse seeker could use. I’m also glad to hear Kelvin that you found value in this post that you can use. Please share this with others.

  138. Jbryce says:

    Thanks for this interesting article, dating is something that most people don’t pay attention to as much as they should, selecting a life partner isn’t something to joke with, it determines your future, your happiness and even your health. How to play the dating games is very important to be learned, as it gives you understanding of what you should do.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      I agree that dating games should be played wisely and carefully. Some folks know how to play it well at the expense of another’s feelings. They just don’t care who they hurt. Some go from one person to the next. They just enjoy doing that. Please share my post.

  139. philebur says:

    Dating games is now common amongst males and females that it’s regarded as a normal stuff. Most men often choose to date a lady initially not for the sole purpose of marriage, though but for fun. This game has actually destroyed some level of trust in ladies which makes them searching for Mr. Right. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      My friend, with so many crazy, cheating games played now-a-day, it’s a wonder many women don’t trust their men. So many dating games are played to the fullest. But there are some good folks out there, it’s just a matter of finding them. Please share my post. Thank you.

  140. Aparna says:


    This is a different type of site from the ones we usually find and that is why it is also infinitely more interesting. How Dating Games In Life Are Played, is a wonderfully written article on how to get a date. The dating game is a mysterious game that both sexes play in order to be able to attract the opposite. And there sure are rules. And those that follow the rules succeed. But those that don’t follow the rules succeed just as easily too. 

    It sure is fun. Nice article and made me think for a long time. 



    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hello my friend Aparna. Thank you for commenting. You said the ‘key’ word ‘different.’ I strive on separating myself from the ‘same old’ writing style of others. Creativity, along with great style, is what matters. Dating can be a ‘tricky’ and a  mysterious thing. But with good communication, things always work out. Please share this post.

  141. Ramah says:


    Thank you for sharing this teachable post, actually dating today. I would like to say is like a fashion everyone in this world fighting to be engaged with someone else. as we have experienced there are many conflicts on relationship every day. My believe as a marketer is to stay with a single women and also my advice in order to be away from this conflict is to get married with someone you believe you loved so much. And being patient with single one or as Islamic religion-state to marry more than one women maximum four women. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you for dropping in. I always say. “there’s someone for everybody.” All men want a good woman (single of course). As far as what goes on in other countries regarding love, (You mention Islamic religion) yes, men can have 4 to 5 wives, all living together and many girlfriends. In the states, it’s illegal but every man’s fantasy! LOL! Please share my post Ramah. Thanks.

  142. khalli2999 says:

    first off great article…really nice work. this is actually important being a decision which may be life changing, i mean for novice in the field of love dating and relationships this article explains it.for those unsure whether they are experiencing the start of a lasting connection. To find out what those looking for love should know about compatibility, the idea of “the one” and dating in general. thank you for this wonderful article 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend for checking in with me and your compliment. ‘Love is a many splendored things’ (as the old song goes.) We all want to experience that feeling of ‘being in love.’ Most of us have ‘much love to give’ but just haven’t found anyone to share our love with. All we can do is keep trying! Please share my post.

  143. Quentin Hardy says:

    Wow! So in depth and full of great details.  It’s interesting to see how dating has evolved this year all things considered.  I see you mentioned that online dating and apps are on the rise and I’m starting to see it as well.  I’m taken but a lot of friends seem to not even use Tinder anymore, opting for Hinge or bumble.  Really interesting how volatile the online dating scene is nowadays

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Yes Quentin, it seems online dating is ‘the way to go’ now-a-day. Many success stories have come from folks going this route. Of course, there’s good and bad in everything. I promote a ‘Christian dating site’. Many God loving folks come here. Quentin, please pass my site on to your single friends. Point out this is the place ‘where good people meet.’

  144. ccav66 says:

    Great information in the article. I have been thinking about getting back into the game of dating. It has been a few years now. After my divorce I thought it would be too hard but after reading this and a few other articles of yours, you make it sound so doable and enjoyable.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend, for seeing value in my site. My main goal is to help those wanting, like you say, to get back into the “swing of things.” In your case, It’s only a matter of building up your confidence. To be able to “get out in the mix.” With me being a relationship expert, I have just the thing for you. (No matter if you’re a man or woman this will surely help.) ccav66 let me know how it goes, go here:… 

  145. Nelson says:

    Just the type of articles I love reading. I find this article to be very interesting and exciting for me as I love reading anything that has to do with dating and love matters. This article is a great guide on what should be known about how dating games are being played in real life. And I must commend you for judiciously dealing with this topic.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Nelson. I’m happy to hear my site interest you and gave you much joy. I hope that your relationship is ‘steady as a rock,’ and in no need of repair. But Nelson, let me know if you need help in that area of your life. I have some great reading material or cd’s that can add value to your life. 

  146. Nelson david says:

    Hello there, As a single woman I can relate to many of the topics brought up even though I am not currently looking for a relationship it is nice to know that there are helpful tools out there! I have been in countless situations where the question of “What are we?” always arises and it is extremely awkward from any point on after that. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend for commenting. They’re are many things that goes on in a person’s life which determines the status of their ‘love life.’ Many don’t know how to move forward after a devastating breakup or loss. So they sit at ‘single status’ not concerned about meeting others. Sometime it begins with building your confidence. Nelson, email me and could help you with this. 

  147. Alblue says:

    Hi Ronald. I’m trying to take your advice. I met with a new person, but there is an issue in my career. I’m actually surprised that the person doesn’t seem to like my career changes (I changed my career field quite often, but I personally OK with this). As you said, the other person’s career doesn’t really matter to me, but it’s not the same with that person. Do you think it’s worth pursuing someone who doesn’t have the same mindset as you?

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Hello my friend. Thank you for checking in with me. A while back a few other people had this same issue. Your problem can be among men or women. You don’t say how long you’ve been pursuing this young lady, but regardless; everything boils down to good communication. (You know there maybe other things about you that may interest her.) 

      I assume you’ve never been out with this person, but you should first find out what this person has against your career changes? I imagine she don’t think you’re stable in any one field, that’s why you bounce around so much. Women seek confident, stable guys that knows what they want in life. She may still be worth going after, if you can just find out where here head is at. It also may just be some confidence building on your part. I recommended this information to others, and I feel it would help you too. Good luck & keep me posted!

       The Confident Man Program

  148. David says:

    Hi there and can I just start by saying what a great article. I really enjoyed the part about the 5 basic approaches for singles and I would like to add to that. many years ago I had very strong feelings for a woman who was nearly 6ft tall and gorgeous. I never thought I had a chance with her as I thought she was “out of my league”. I finally plucked up courage to ask her out and she said yes. Anyway it turned out she was insecure and quite lonely because she had found it extremely hard to date anyone due to most men being intimated by her height. I couldn’t believe it. Well it just shows that point number 5 is really important and you just need the confidence to make the first approach.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Wow! 6ft tall & gorgeous? You lucky dog! LOL! This is something I can’t stress enough to folks seeking relationships. To both men & women…”Don’t be afraid to make the first move!” Beautiful people are out there wanting to make contact too. Like you said, they’re ‘lonely & insecure too.’ (I find myself, even with a mask on, still trying to meet chicks. I make sure I keep my distance.) David, your comment is a testimony that should be shared. 

  149. Rorodote says:

    Wow! I love how well the Owner writes and how deeply he/she manages to inform. What an interesting article! I couldn’t help it but read twice with my eyes fixed from start to finish.  If At all I have learnt quite a lot on Confidence! It is really about Visualizing yourself as you want to be.. Thanks for this. Would love to share this

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      My friend, as the owner/writer of this article, I give you permission to share this post. Playing the dating games can get kind of tricky. You just never know what u gonna get. Then when you get it, you realize it ain’t what you want. Thanks for reading!

  150. LineCowley says:

    Entering the dating circuit can be very daunting for many people, specially if they had to deal with rejection before. You are writing in such a funny way, that it is easy to feel light hearted about the prospect of dating and meeting somebody likeminded. I did have to chuckle to myself at some of your comparisons. A very entertaining post indeed.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Yes my friend. The dating game can be filled with a roller coaster of negative emotions about someone. Sadly, these emotions can hinder a person from meeting their true love down the road. That’s why an ‘opened mind’ is the ‘best mind.’ (Don’t let that good one slip away!)

  151. Williams says:

    This post as just really change me in a bit, have always been trying to be in a relationship for a while and its as always end in one heart break or the other, then I decided to stay of relationship and focus on my career, but it’s been a lonely road all the while, reading this makes me see the error of my ways with past relationships and what to improve on. Thanks a lot.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Yes Williams, I think we all experienced one or two broken hearts in our lives. Sometimes, the dating and relationship cycle gets a little crazy and wild. And after the craziness settles down, when then realize “How the hell did I end up with this crazy ass person!?”

  152. Clue says:

    “Loving a persons wallet instead of the person themselves is not true love” You could not have said it better.  So many people these days think this way and it is actually a very sad thing.  There are so many things to consider when selecting a compatible mate.  This is a really in-depth explanation of considerations.  I think most people looking for information on this topic will find this page helpful.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Putting anything else in front of pure love, like I said is just artificial. Most women look at cars, jewelry and other things before they really get to know you for yourself. It’s frustrating not knowing where you really stand and where her heart is.

  153. Dorinda says:

    This is some really nice write up, i mean what cracked me up here was the commitment part its so difficult for most to just decide to be with one person, its like being stuff with something that he knows he will get tired of, and yes some ladies also do not fancy commitment but well yeah to be together in a relationship, trust and commitment is required. I learnt a lot from this. Thank you

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you Dorinda for stopping by. Being committed in a relationship, I guess is hard for many not being serious from the start. Regarding both sexes, folks are not satisfied with one person; they just like to ‘play the field.’

  154. Nuttanee says:

    What an interesting topic! I have to say that I agree with all your suggestions. I am married for 6 years and while reading your post, it made me giggle that really? Did I went through all those process? Lol but hey, dating and find your significant other is just like anything in life. You have to know yourself what you want in the other person, what is unacceptable to you as long as you it is all about the numbers game and just don’t give up on finding that person. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      The dating game is like a ‘big box of assorted chocolates’…you never know what you gonna got! It’s so many phony folks out here; pretending to be something their not. But hey, like you say, ‘don’t give up’.

  155. Christian says:

    You are extremely detailed I have to say. There is a lot that can really affect your relationship. Learning a few more secrets couldn’t hurt though.

    Confidence is key as they say and is definitely a key in the beginning for sure. Some things will surprise you.

    Thanks for the lovely article it is great.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thanks for reading Christian. The dating game can really ‘screw you up’ if you think you’ve found what you want, and you just settle. Big mistake! If you don’t get that ‘good feeling’, then your loss. Take your time!

  156. Lily says:

    Being able to properly approach the opposite sex is crucial as this helps a lot in keeping the relationship firm. I think building a strong relationship first is more important than longing for sex. Building a sexual relationship alone isn’t the right way to determine if they will stay compatible or get married at last.

    Men should mind what they say when approaching their ladies lest things start falling apart. Also, it’s good to know a lot about each other before proceeding to get married or stay together as a couple. It’s important to have similar interests and dreams.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      And Lily don’t forget honesty. Honesty is the foundation of a strong relationship. If trust & honesty, starts going  ‘lopsided’ then a couple has nothing to stand on, to keep things going. It all begins there.  

  157. Nico Tee says:

    I don’t have a special someone right now but what you said here is actually true. I believed that through honesty and commitment to your partner, you can find a long-lasting relationship. You see when in dating, I tend to show my utmost motive on dating. I avoid giving mixed signals and I just show what my intentions really are. Will do this in the future.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Finding that special someone do take time, my friend. You will get that ‘right feeling’ when you know you got the right one. But when you find her, you wanna treat her right. Treat her like the ‘special lady’ she is.

  158. TECH RVL says:

    This I should state is a fascinating article, Though dating has never been simpler, disappointments with it have never been more vocal and discovering love has never appeared to be more misleading, We are living in occasions where the effect, perceivability and saw significance of the youthful are huge. I am cheerful I went over this post and I’m wanting for additional from you.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you my friend for reading. Glad you enjoyed it. True love sometime is hard to find now-a-days. Many are looking past your personality, but only for what you can do for them. It’s all about material things. TECH, If you looking to see more of my articles, go to

  159. Virtue says:

    Hi there!  Such an amazing review! I must commend your good work, I learnt alot from this wonderful piece. Thanks slot for taking time to share this detailed and informative review!  Because I now know the things to take into consideration before dating and the approaches too. Thanks again. This was very helpful. 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Virtue, thank you for the compliment. I’m glad you found some value in it. I do hope you heed the advice I’ve written here, and it will help you when you venture out. The dating game isn’t that difficult; its just how it’s played.

  160. Julian Wagstaffe says:

    Thank you for uploading this. This is something I wished I had come across late in my teenage years. The content is of quality and very engaging (especially the pet getting neutered) lol. Keep producing great work as many people are struggling in the dating world, your website will help someone find love

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article. People have been playing the dating games for years. Back in the day, folks was just as wild as they are today. Just today, everyone seem more slicker. (Same shit…different day!)

  161. Luke Moretti says:

    Hello, There is a huge breakdown of engagement in young couples today, They have no idea what it takes to keep a relationship healthy, stay committed, It seems that they have a slight disagreement and oh well lets call it quits. Every relationship has its ups and downs but after getting through it together you start building history.

    I have very little time for laziness and self-motivation is something that not many seem to possess now. 

    The old journey through life aye…Times have changed

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Some folks get together and marry for reasons other than pure love. Many cases it’s just material things. As you mentioned about breakdowns, I feel these occur when there’s no compatibility whatsoever from the start. Again, they’re together for other reasons.

  162. MIchel says:

    This was a very entertaining read. I love the humor in your article and the comic relief that you provided. I have been in a relationship for over twenty years now, and I can’t even imagine myself having to get out there on the dating scene. I would rather curl up and die.

    But you are right, it is all about your confidence levels. It takes guts to get out there and take the plunge of meeting new people, which is as you say very difficult at the moment. This is probably why online dating has become so popular, as you don’t need to put yourself out there unless you really want to. But this does nothing unfortunately when it comes to building up our communication skills out there, as online is just too easy.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Thank you for the compliment, Michel. “Curl up and die!?” LOL. It’s hard to meet decent folks out there, but it’s not that bad! Tom Hanks line in that movie was ‘spot on’ when he said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get!” (That’s the whole dating game ‘in a nut shell.’) Please share my post.

  163. Carol says:

    Hi. This has been a long joyful read full of advice. Thank you for that. Dating can be fun and confusing at the same time if either partner is not clear of what they want out of it.

    I’m in total agreement with self-confidence in the dating matter. The lack of it will get you nowhere. As you have rightly said, it is through learning, practicing, and continuous action which will shine some lights on your journey in the dating world.

    Thanks again for all this great advice.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Carol, the dating game can be a roller coaster of emotions radiating through our longing minds and bodies. Rather good or bad, we just have to try to handle whatever come our way. They’re some good people out there, we just have to give them the chance.

  164. Geoff says:

    Thanks for bringing us this great post.

    I am just out of a long-term relationship and at present couldn’t even consider being with anyone else, but at the same time I am terribly lonely.  I therefore agree that it all starts and probably ends with the head.  You have to get your mindset right before you will get the confidence needed to move on.

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Sorry my friend Geoff on your long-term breakup. I know it’s rough. Most of us good guys do go through tough breakups. But never fear! Cheer up. I’ve been there too, but started reading some great material overcome my situation. (My wife died almost six years ago.) Check this out Geoff. I was able to gain self-confidence, build assertiveness and self-esteem by reading ‘the confident man program.’ Geoff, check it out.

  165. Parameter says:

    Lacking of understanding of those two words (trust and commitment) is the reason for break down in so many relationships. Many folks out there want companionship but are not ready for commitment and trust. If we must go after a long time relationship like we always desire. The elements of commitment and trust must be put in place 

    1. Ronald Kennedy says:

      Understanding is ‘key’ to make a strong relationship. Both parties must be chugging down the same track to be successful. It won’t work any other way! It takes ‘two to tangle.’ 

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