What Ladies Need To Know About Safe Dating | 15 Important Things To Do.



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Publish Date: July 5, 2021

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“Researchers studied the same group of students four years after implementation and found that students who participated  in the Safe Dates program reported 56 percent to 92 percent less physical, serious physical, serious physical, and sexual dating violence victimization and perpetration than teens who did not participate in Safe Dates.”

Once you have gotten yourself and your house ready for the date, there are still a few things to keep in mind that you need to do Before you are off and running.

What ladies need to know about safe dating is important to ones health. Shouldn’t health & safety be your number one concern?

What Ladies Need To Know About Safe Dating

She’s feeling very uneasy and a little nervous about this dude.

Making a mental checklist is something that you should get in the habit of doing before each date.

How Finalizing Your Dating Checklist Is A Critical Move for any young woman.


Speaking of young ladies, there’s one on our staff named Ann. One day, we were all discussing dating and relationships.

She told us that when a guy ask her out on a date, she assumes that he is taking her out. So Ann says, “I don’t expect to be forking out money when the dinner is finished.

Those excuses about not having time to stop at the ATM and forgetting his credit card at home just don’t cut it.”


Ladies, 15 Amazing Tips That’ll Give You Peace Of Mind

Things are already tough enough in our daily lives. (Some of these apply to men as well.)

But with you being a caring and loving female, who’s always looking for the best in life, you’re ready to venture out on the dating scene with a full head of steam.

But regardless of who you’re going out with, you’re still a little skeptical about the dudes you date. You just never know what type of situation you’ll end up in. So by following these important tips, you’re sure to be prepared and headed down the right path:

What Ladies Need To Know About Safe Dating

He’s driving your car. Now you’re wondering was that a good idea.


  1. Make sure your car has enough gas (If you agree to take your car. But this can apply to both sexes.)
  2. Your date may feel you should have done this on your time, not theirs. There are 10 things a person should not do on a first date.
  3. Make sure you have enough money for the date. This means going to a cash machine before you date.
  4. Even if you don’t think you’re going to pay, get some money anyway, so that you can pay in case of an emergency.
  5. Take enough money for cab fare, just in case that dude dumps you and the date goes poorly and you need to escape. Maybe your date gets to intoxicated to drive and YOU need to drive Him home.
  6. Have change for meters, tips and anything else you feel that warrants an emergency.
  7. Make sure you bring your credit card as a backup. Most restaurants don’t take checks.
  8. Have your date’s phone number with you in case you run into an emergency on the way and need to call. A date would rather hear that you are going to be late instead of sitting around waiting for you and wondering where you are.
  9. Have directions to where you are going before you leave. (Don’t try to be a ‘know-it-all) and not use your GPS. You don’t want your date yelling at you. That can be a turn off!
  10. Make definite plans. At least, have some idea of how the date will start!
  11. Have reservations or prearranged tickets. Don’t just play it by ear. Make sure that you reconfirm them before the date to ensure there is no confusion with lost reservations or tickets.
  12. Make sure the place you want to go is open. It can put a real damper on things if you drive two hours and your destination is closed.
  13. Give yourself ample time to get to wherever it is that you are going. Factor in traffic, weather conditions, getting lost, accidents, as well as anything unexpected that might come up. Then add on fifteen minutes just to be safe. Nobody wants to miss the beginning of the play, the opening credits of the movie, or the tip-off at the game.
  14. If you are planning to bring your date a gift, make sure the price tag is off, It’s in one piece, and nicely presented. Also, make sure that you have removed any cards that have your name on them (admit it, we are all guilty of re-gifting.) Just don’t give your date a gift with somebody else’s name on it.
  15. Check out the music you have in the car. At some point during the date, you might be driving together, make sure that there’s some music that might appeal to everyone, since everyone doesn’t like listening to rap music, backstreet boys or show tunes.
  16. Clean the car, inside & out. Get rid of all the McDonald & Burger King wrappers under the seat. Make sure that it doesn’t look like you are living out of your car. Also, if the inside of your car stinks like hell, then do something about it.
  17. Pre-plan some conversational topics. Read your google feed on your cell to get updated, regarding current events. Give yourself some ideas in case there are lulls in the conversation. If you know something about your date’s interests, do a little reading. Remember, a little effort goes a long way.


How To Greet Your Date With A Gift

Here’s a case scenario from one of our clients: “Abbie was very excited about her date with Tony. They had great phone conversations, a lot in common, and were both really looking forward to the date.

What Ladies Need To Know About Safe Dating

During one or their many phone conversations, Abbie learned that Tony owned a candy supply company. She’s tickled pink because candy was one of her favorite things on earth.


She just knew that Tony would bring candy on their date, because she told him several times on the phone how much she loved it.

She’s very disappointed when he arrived to take her to dinner; empty-handed. No flowers! No wine! And no candy!!

Although he was attractive and they had good chemistry and conversation. Abbie decided she could not see Tony again, because that was a sign that he did not pay attention to her needs and desires.”

You can make greeting your date a memorable one. A gift can show that you’ve taken time out of your busy day to show your excitement about the date.

It’s a token that will be remembered long after the date is done. Depending on how creative you want to be, how much time you have, and what kind of statement you want to make, you can bring a typical gift or a non-typical gift.

Typical Gifts

When it boils down to presenting a gift to someone you’re trying to know better, then these are what we recommend:

1. Flowers

2. Candy

3. A Card

4. A bottle of Wine

5. Perfume

6. A CD or Video

7. A Plant

What Ladies Need To Know About Safe Dating

A special gift for a special lady

8. One Rose

9. A Stuffed Animal

10. Baked Goods

11. A Book

12. A T-Shirt

13. Coffee Mug

14. Pen & Pencil Set

15. A Cookbook


Non-Typical Gifts

In regard to giving, there’s nothing wrong with typical gifts. They make a safe first impression. If you want to do something a little different, you can present the person with ‘Non-typical’ gifts. They are more of a risk, but if you feel like it, go for it.

  1. Books on Erotica
  2. Massage Oils
  3. Condoms (Note: These first three gifts are good only if you have great chemistry on the phone know that the other person has a ‘sense of humor’)
  4. Balloons
  5. Picture of Yourself
  6. Chocolate Roses
  7. Bottles of Alcohol, other than wine, such as fancy liqueurs
  8. Household gadgets, such as a carrot peeler or a garlic press
  9. Workout Gear
  10. Clothes, Socks or Boxers
  11. Scented Candles
  12. Freshly Ground Coffee or Exotic Teas
  13. Candlesticks
  14. Calendar
  15. Games or a book of card tricks and a deck of cards
  16. Toy
  17. Picture Frame
  18. Potpourri
  19. Food Basket
  20. Bubble bat
  21. Lottery Tickets
  22. Baseball Cards or Comic Books
  23. Stationary
  24. Baseball Cap
  25. Your Favorite Book From Childhood

Still Searching For Love


In Conclusion

You want to be a lovable and caring person, right from the beginning. You feel this is the one, and want to do everything in your power to please that person. But always keep your ‘mental antenna’ up. Beware of ‘red flags’ right from the start! If you fall in love to quickly 

“Remember, take you time! Not only should you follow your heart, but your mind as well.”


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