Your Strong Character Builds Up Self Esteem

How Building Up Confidence Is The First Move

Ronald Kennedy

Published Date: May 3, 2021

Strong Character Along With Confidence Build Successful Relationship

Maybe you’re not Spiderman or some other super hero, but you want to win the one you want. That’s fine! Primarily, that’s what we target. But what we target is not always what we get.

Understand that a relationship does not simply involve the other person. You’re involved too (good thinking)! Your strong character builds up self esteem. This is a ‘key element.’ Why is this so important?

How Building Up Confidence Is The First Move.

Well, if you have problems, the relationship will have problems.

How to build confidence along with your character is one of the first things to accomplish.

You must place more focus on interpersonal relationship character building. You know the saying, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

Sure, it’s important that you select a partner who provides a strong link, but it is just as important for you to be a strong link as well. You should bring the best possible person you can to the relationship.


In trying to get the one you want to fall in love with you, you must remove as many potential obstacles as you can.

For example, the one you want may desire somebody who is good-looking, has a lot of money, or has a certain kind of education.

These can be potential obstacles. Regardless of whether you can satisfy those “demands,” being of good character is paramount. Character can ‘win out’ over superficial qualities.

It may just be harder and may take a little longer to win. But first and foremost, the most important matter should be placed on saving your relationship.

Character can actually overcome the necessity of having a good visual appearance. However, because human beings tend to judge others initially on physical appearance, this can create another obstacles you may have to overcome with your character.

To get a good jump on things, here are four important love tactics that you should follow:

Love Tactic #1…Make The Most Of Yourself

Every person is an embryonic God within him/herself. When people go into therapy, they explore their deeper subconscious thoughts and are able to find the divinity within themselves. They discover that there is good within every person.

So the more time you take to honestly evaluate your strengths, as well as your weaknesses, the better you’ll feel about yourself. Even if you’re afraid that your core is negative, don’t despair. We promise you that it is not. The deeper you go within yourself, the more positive qualities you’ll find.

This will reinforce your self-esteem, which will reflect in your appearance and come across in your character. Others will notice. Your feeling of positive self-esteem will attract others to you.

People want others to lean on, and they are more inclined to lean on those who feel good about themselves. The more time you spend on introspection, the more vibrant and desirable you’ll be.

Love Tactic #2…Inventory Your Strengths

It’s time you get to know more about yourself. Take a piece of paper and write down your strengths and weaknesses. Begin with your strengths. Include things that you’ve accomplished, ways in which you feel good about yourself, and things that are potentially good about you.

If you have a problem, something that you can change and make better, include it.

It’s helpful to know your negatives and realize that you’re not locked into them. You may not be able to change everything, but just coming face to face with your own limitations is, paradoxically, a strength in itself.

It’s not so much what you have, but how you face what you have and what you are that makes you a strong person.

You may want to divide your list into categories. Include physical appearance, intelligence, personality, vocational qualities, social qualities, and so on. By looking at the categories, it will probably be easier for you to figure out what your strong points are, as well as weaknesses that you may want to improve.

As you feel more confident and become more aware of your strengths, you will be better able to use these strengths to gain the respect and desire of the one you want.

Part of this evaluation process is to determine the factors that make you unique. Each and every person has special qualities that help make them more desirable to others.

By pinpointing these strengths clearly, you will be in a better position to attract the one you want. Modesty is a virtue when trying to present yourself to somebody else. But modesty is not a virtue when trying to evaluate your own strong points. Be as clear as you can be in knowing your good qualities.

Do not restrict yourself from correct self-analysis by being concerned about being too modest. Remember, this is important information that you’re not going to be sharing with anybody else. Run with it!

Love Tactic #3…Be Real

The more real you are as a person, the easier it is for others to relate to you and become emotionally attached to you. Being real means being honest about your frailties and weakness. (Although we’re not suggesting that you go trumpeting them through the streets!)

Get to know the real you! You are a wonderful human being. Concentrate on that, The real person within you is always easy for others to love. That’s where the expression “To know me is to love me” came from.

The more a person gets to know the real you, the more he/she will feel attracted to you. But this self-analysis may be hard for you. What can you do? Focus on the real strengths that you possess (and everyone has real strengths).

Next, explore those areas that you’d really like to improve, and determine strategies for doing so. You’ll start feeling better almost instantly. In fact, you won’t even have to accomplish all of your goals to feel like a better, more lovable person.

You’ll begin feeling this way as soon as you start getting a grip on your life! Really!

Love Tactic #4…Believe In Yourself

As a human being, you have undreamed of power. The tale is told by the Hindus of how, in the beginning of the world, men shared godhood with Brahma and the other gods.

However, man became lifted up in pride and Brahma decided to take man’s godhood away. Brahma consulted with the lesser gods and asked where to put godhood so it would be safely out of man’s reach.

“Let us put it on top of the highest mountain,” some suggested, “then man would have a most difficult time redeeming it!” “No,” said Brahma, “someday man will climb even the highest of mountains.

That isn’t good enough.” “Let us put it at the bottom of the deepest oceans,” others suggested. “No,” said Brahma, “eventually man will someday redeem his godhood if we put it there.” Brahma went on, “There is only one place to put godhood, and that is deep within himself.

It is the last place he will ever think to look, and only when he finally comes to that realization will it then be fitting for him to have it back!” What’s the point of this little story? YOU HAVE GREAT POWER WITHIN. If only you can believe in yourself.

The only thing that will prevent you from accomplishing things is your own unwillingness to trust your power.

Like Dorothy’s lesson in The Wizard of Oz, you really don’t have to look further than your own backyard to find the essentials necessary for a happy life. But in the end, if all fails maybe a breakup wouldn’t be a bad thing. It may be good for both parties.

I clearly understand it’s a hurting feeling when someone ‘dumps you.’ (I’ve been there myself.) Being a guy, just like any other guy whos been in love, you miss her and would like to get her back.

Now there is a way you can! You feel good about what you’re about to achieve because getting dumped hurts, but now you know how to get her back.


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