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Using a corner of my apartment as a place of solitude, I’ve always wondered where my life was headed. It's quite, as usual. No sound in the background, No tv blaring. No music or radio playing my favorite songs.

With lights dimly lit throughout my place, I would often said to myself, “things have to be better than this!” Loneliness is a real killer! A sad state of affairs!

Being in this state is a discomfort from within. You have that desire to be more connected to others, you just have to bring it out.

A few friends would come by, wanting me to hang out, run the streets with them but I’d rather be hanging out with a woman.

Trying to keep the faith, I would stay focused because I know she’s out there. Somewhere!

Once I do find her, then the next issue I’d have to tackle with is how to deal with jealousy and insecurity.

It seems as though we all have that one friend who thinks they know everything. They’ll point out that to overcome loneliness, people who’s painfully shy, need to aggressively seek social activity.

But I don’t feel I’m that shy. I know how to open up to folks. It’s just a matter of finding someone to open up to.

They’ll concluded that “the fact isolation will lead to integrations in the face of severe automatically means that it in itself is more terrible than anxiety.”


I want to show you what I did to ‘break out’ and not be an isolated poor soul anymore:

  • Be Pleasant to others, (Although isolation has made you bitter!)
  • Be Outgoing, (Mingling with others is good for your health and state of mind!)
  • Instill Confidence Building, (strongly recommended)

Let me begin by saying that through the long months and years of combating loneliness, my life has made a complete turn around. No one (except the main ‘squeeze’ I met) can experience the joy and happiness I feel, since coming out of my shell.


                           Lonely Man Taking a Stroll On The Beach


Is fear, the biggest obstacle that’s hindering you from moving forward with your life?

Yet, there is a power that you have within, much stronger than fear, and you can learn to use it now. Break out of that shell.

The Power of Love, the source of FULL CONFIDENCE, can transform your life.

FULL CONFIDENCE is an independent film on DVD, that focused on human development. It combines aspects of both documentary films and video seminar and simultaneously provides entertainment for the viewer.

The film explores several paths to learn how to expand the internal resources that we all have, but seldom use to their fullest extent.

It has certain features of a documentary because it presents the inspiring success stories of people from different countries, contexts and backgrounds, which reflect the validity of the message.

It has elements of video seminar since the concepts presented are the result of Veronica´s finest classes and presentations delivered in universities and organizations throughout the world.

What I needed before, in the past, was to build my confidence, go out and face the world. The “Full Confidence Builder” has helped me tremendously, and will help you too.

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December 27, 2008

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February 10, 2010

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