Why Do Men Not Understand Women | An Ongoing Thought Process


Understanding Women Can Be A Daunting Task.


“As men, we know women can be loving, sweet, and adorable, but sometimes very complex as well!”

You’ve heard the old say; “Women! You Can’t Live With Them And You Can’t Live Without Them.” This holds very true to form. Men trying to understand women can become a major job!

Then one would think as strong men, who’s capable of loving, sharing, providing, and protecting, are we missing something? Maybe.

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But first gentlemen, let’s start with theory and simple principles ! These two are a way to guide your decisions and actions (and you know what guys, they work.)

As with most things in the cycle of life, mating is a complex system, just as understanding how women operate is a complex thing as well. You may start to wonder; “Are we all from the same planet, when it comes down to relationships?” “What are we, as men, really working with?”

To be successful at it, you must understand these theories and principles and then apply them to whatever your choices are and then act upon those actions within the course of your love life span.

My goal to all males is to point out where & how to apply those theories and principles. For now, let’s focus on some questions that men may think about….

Question #1 – Are all women unpredictable or just using their God given smarts?


Some men take a women’s understanding of them as something ‘good’ for now, but fear it may come apart down the road upon further advancement.why-do-men-not-understand-women-an-ongoing-thought-process/

Over past years, when you look at how love is spread out among our society, it’s just not enough.

It got that way for one overwhelming reason: none of it is based on an empirical understanding of how people and a person’s mating habits actually work.

Today fellas, you’ll understand a complete different approach, not only based on theory and principles, but on all other factors.

If a particular time is needed to talk about this issue, then make today that time. The study and science of human mating has flourished in the last 25 years or so, with astonishing new theories and findings in fields such as evolutionary psychology, hunter-gatherer anthropology, psycho metrics, behavior genetics, and animal communication.

Today, I can offer deeper insights, more evidence and a more systematic perspective on mating than any culture ever could at any previous point in history.

“As a male, who was considered for years a smooth ‘ladies man’ back in the day, I feel I’m qualified to explain not just what works with women, but why it works.

I can explain not just what kind of traits you should develop to attract the women you have the ‘hots’ for, but how to develop those traits in the most efficient ways possible. As far as the ladies part goes, following the ‘Ten Commandments of Dating’ is a good start.


Man & woman going for walk

Using science and evidence to guide your mating life isn’t just practical; it’s also ethical.

Science respects reality and helps you take responsibility for what you believe, while resisting dogma, superstition, and overconfidence in the process.

But first understand the principle: make decisions about what you believe based on the best scientific, empirical evidence you can find.

Question #2 – Should we consider a women’s perspective?


Of course we should, since we obviously have a perspective on mating within ourselves. But what so many guys fail to account for is that women have their own perspective, and it is different than ours. You have to understand it and account for it to be successful in mating and long-term relationships.

If you don’t understand women right now, that is no accident.

Women evolved to be more complicated than you can understand, so they could protect themselves from being seduced, manipulated, and exploited.


Couple becoming intimate

Now trying to attract women without understanding that theory and them – who they are, what they want, what they’re attracted to – is like heading out into the wilderness and trying to find your way through without a map or compass.

It will just get you more lost which is exactly the problem most guys face in our society today. (and you know we don’t need to be any more confused than we already are.)

As men, we have to understand women on several ‘key’ positions:


  • why women evolved to have certain sexual concerns and preferences, given how prehistoric mating worked
  • why women seek good genes in us, good loving partners, and good dads – not necessarily from the same guy
  • why women feel anxious and vulnerable about sexual harassment, stalking, rape, sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), unwanted pregnancies, and slut-shaming
  • why different women seek different sexual experiences and relationships under different conditions with different guys, from hookups to boyfriends to husbands
  • why women value some key attractive traits in us, such as our overall physical health, mental condition, intelligence, willpower, kindness, and how well we can protect
  • why women value some key proofs in regards to men, when it comes down to such issues as social success, material success, aesthetic style, and romantic commitment
  • where women go to meet men, and how the supply-and-demand dynamics work in those mating markets

All of this boils down to a simple principle: fellas, if you want to try and understand the woman’s perspective – what they want, why they want it, and how to ethically give it to them – then you will find it much easier to become attractive to them, and you’ll be much more successful with your mating efforts.

Question #3 – As sexual active guys, do we think of ourselves as confident hunters & gatherers?


Maybe you think you got it all together. You probably think women should feel the same way about you as well. But are you really putting your best foot forward?

Women like a well-dressed & groomed man that smells good. Guys shining in confidence and radiating a positive personality all the way through! Is this you?

Keep in mind, women know how to play the game too! To catch the hunter’s eye, they’ll always look their best.

One of the main things I’ll teach you is how to be attractive to women – specifically, how to hone your skills and be aware of the traits women look for in us. I can guarantee that you will find mating success.

Remember, this is just to get you started – for it to work, you must do the work. You didn’t chose which genes you inherited or what family you grew up in.

But from this day forward, you must take personal responsibility for your life, your choices, your habits, your traits, your mate value and your attractiveness to women.

Nobody else can do this work for you! Taking  responsibility for your personal growth and social attractiveness is one of the core principles.

The downside of taking responsibility for your attractiveness is that becoming a better ‘man-of-the-world’ will take an enormous amount of work and determination.

The upside is that taking charge of your attractiveness will help you have great experiences and relationships with great women that yield benefits in every domain of life, health, money, happiness, altruism, and self-actualization.

This is because the ‘better boyfriend’ ideal overlaps a lot with the ideals of manhood that most men aspire to. If you make yourself highly attractive to women, an amazing life tends to be a natural byproduct.

For men, at least, sexual self-improvement is the road to a better overall life.

Question #4 – Can we be honest with ourselves, and most importantly with others?


“Honesty is the bedrock of self-improvement and mating success.”

If you try to fool yourself about what you really want, you’ll never form the type of life you want and implement the actions necessary to get it.

There are plenty of women out there who want the kind of sexual experience or relationship that you want; you just have to find them. But you can’t find them if you’re not honest – with them or yourself.

Honesty builds your social status, which improves mating success over the long term. Most women expect that most men are lying most of the time, and they hate it.

In a world of liars, seducers, and charlatans, the man who stands up and tells the truth about the world, about himself, and about what he really wants is very rare and very attractive.

There is a reason most women list honesty as one of their most – desired traits.

Hey guys, I’m not trying to tell you that honesty is the only thing that works. Of course there are ways you can lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate your way into success.

A lot of them, in fact. And we know most or all of those methods very well (learning what works often involves trying things that don’t).

I would never endorse or teach these methods to the single guys out here because they will actually hurt you in two ways:

  1. Lying reduces your long-term mating success: Once a woman sees you as a liar, there is no coming back from that. She will almost certainly tell her friends about you, and when she does you become a pariah.
  2. Of course, you can find other women to exploit and lie to, but is a very difficult path to long-term mating success. It is far easier to have long-term social relationships based on trust than to lie through your teeth and have to make new relationships over and over again.
  3. Lying makes you feel like shit, and it hurts your life: The only people who can lie without emotional consequences are sociopaths. For everyone else, there are real psychological harms that come with deception. The evidence is very clear that perpetual liars have less career success, less mating success, less satisfaction in their relationships, and even shorter lives.

So if you really want to learn how to lie, cheat, and manipulate women, then you’re on the wrong dating website. Go search else where! I’m not moralizing or telling you to be honest for any reason other than this one: “An honest, ethical approach to mating (and life) works the best in the long term.”

Question #5 – Do we, as men, want to achieve a ‘win-win situation?’ 

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Some folks in society hold the cynical view that sexual relationships are a zero-sum game, meaning one person’s gain is the other person’s loss. This view says that in a one-night stand, the man is the seducer and the woman gets seduced, he “wins” and she “loses.”

In a relationship, If a man and a woman argue, one must win and the other must lose. In sexual politics, feminism’s gain is patriarchy’s loss. This zero-sum way of thinking assumes a perpetual “battle of the sexes,” and sadly, it is common in both gender feminism and the mesosphere.

This “battle of the sexes” view is totally and completely wrong.

It is counterproductive, counter-intuitive, and counter to thousands of generations of evolution. That is why we endorse the opposite principle.

“Gentlemen, your mating goal is to find and create ‘win-win’ relationships, where both you and the woman are better off because of your interactions.”

So dudes, what do you think? Is your love life Rockin’ or Rocky? It’ll be nice to hear from the ladies on this as well.

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