Where To Go On The First Date |10 Romantic Activities To Do.


Where To Go On The First Date. Look At The Excitement I Found.

Ronald Kennedy

Published Date: July 19, 2021




Both men and women agree that the worst place to go on a first date is to a movie.


Quiet restaurants are the best place for a first date.

The first date is very crucial in establishing a sense of compatibility and chemistry with the person you are dating. Where to go on the first date would tell a lot about your character. Your taste in establishments and eateries. (Taking your date to Denny’s or McDonalds on the first date is not going to cut it.) Right away you going to be labeled ‘cheap as hell.’ (Not to mention this may be your last date).

Where To Go On The First Date. Look At The Excitement I Found.

She wanted to play it safe. They decided on a great place to meet.

The sole purpose of the date is to get to know your date and, basically, to decide if you want a second date.

Therefore, it is important to pick a setting that allows you to get to know your date, then there really isn’t any point to going out with that person in the first place.

Keep in mind that getting to know someone can be a very stressful experience.

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So, be prepared to pick something that is fun to do, and that will ease some of that tension while at the same time give both of you ample opportunities to get to know each other.

Great First Date Ideas

These are your generic, everybody-has-done-this-before type of dates. But they do accomplish the purpose, which is getting to know your date.  Remember, what is not typical is the person that you are with. If you remember that, everything old is new again!

1. Dinner. Pick a middle-of-the-road romantic restaurant. Avoid singles-type places, which are better known for the bar scene than the food. Also, the all-you-can-eat family style buffets with kids screaming in the background are not conductive to romance.

Try to pick a place that has a variety of foods. Unless you know your date is into sushi, don’t assume her appetite is as exotic as yours. ‘Hooters’ is also generally not a good idea.

2. Lunch or Sunday brunch. It’s more casual, plus you’ve had some time to relax from the stresses of work and an extra day to get ready.

3. Coffee And Delicious. You can also find these coffee shops on those ‘off the main roads’ type areas when traveling together. Not only do they have coffee and delicious desserts, but most of them loan out board games or they have poetry readings and other light entertainment.

Where To Go On The First Date. Look At The Excitement I Found.

The vibrations are there. This couple is really trying to get to know one another.

4. Dancing. Pick a place that has the wild, dance floor (There’s one in every town or city), as well as a quiet place to have a drink and get to know one another.

5. Comedy club or a magic show. (These two are my personal favorite places). Your date will love this! Laughing helps you both to relax. Just don’t sit in the front, unless you are in the mood for verbal abuse. If you are planning a comedy club, plan on coffee before or after so you do have a chance ‘to interact with your date.’

6. Football, basketball or baseball game. Seems most people like sports. Sporting events are good because there’s plenty of time to talk and if you run out of subjects, you can always talk about the team.

7. Invite your date over and cook dinner. This only works to impress your date if you can really cook. Don’t invite someone over for a ‘home-cooked’ meal, then order take out and bury the boxes in the garbage.

Here’s a scenario regarding #7, based on togetherness: “Danielle decides that for her first date with Jimmy, she was going to impress him by cooking him dinner. She remembered that on the phone he had mentioned his love for his mother’s meatloaf, so she knew what to put on the menu.

He liked the fact that she was willing to make an effort for him, especially since his last girlfriend didn’t know how to boil water. He asked what he could do to contribute to the date and she asked if he would mind paying for the groceries. Since she was doing the cooking, he was happy to pay for them.

Instead of giving him a list, or the bill, she suggested they go to the store together and then they could cook together. Jimmy enjoyed the intimacy of cooking together and it gave them something to do to fill up those awkward pauses that often happen on first dates. He found himself having a lot of fun and told Danielle that her meatloaf was almost as good as his mom’s.”

8. Meet for a cocktail. It’s cheaper than dinner, and if things go well, you can continue the date over dinner.

9. Go to a concert. This is a good first date, but keep in mind that it will be more difficult to talk during a loud concert than it would be over dinner.

10. Museums/Art Gallery’s/Zoos/Aquariums. Places like this makes it easier to have conversation topics up front. Just make sure you fit your own conversation into the date, too.

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A Typical First Date

“Lisa was sick of dinner-and-a-movie dates. She felt that all the men she has been dating lacked creativity. She had just about given up hope of the perfect date when she met Sam. Sam was a ‘blind date’ arranged through an internet dating service.

They had been sending each other email for a week prior to there big night, and he had subtly been asking her different questions all week. He asked everything from her favorite kind of fruit to what kind of underwear she preferred. His goal was to get to know so much about her that he could plan a night that she would always remember.

Where To Go On The First Date. Look At The Excitement I Found.

She decided to take her car. He offered to drive.

  When he picked her up, They took a long drive. Nothing special, just enjoying the scenery.

Their first stop was the country museum. She had written that she liked jazz and he knew that there were outdoor jazz concerts there every weekend, during the summer months.

They sipped wine and enjoyed each other’s company, as well as the music.

Following the concert, he drove her to the beach and unpacked a cooler filled with more wine, as well as some salads, fresh fruit, bread, and dessert. He had even packed a blanket for them to sit on, a sweater in case she got cold, and some candles.

They picnicked by a stream and at the end of the evening, he gave her another candle, one that floated in water. He said that in some cultures it was a tradition to make a wish, light the candle, and let it float away.

Lisa lit her candle and wished that all her dates could be as perfect as this one. All the sexual desires were there!

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In Conclusion

You don’t have to be a ‘rocket scientist’ to put together a great date night. Knowing how to plan a nice and pleasant ‘first time’ date is simple. Follow my instructions above and just ‘be yourself.’ Many couples start the evening off trying to be something they’re not. Bad move! Relax and take your time! Main thing is to be yourself, follow all that I post here and have a good time.

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