How To Show Respect When Out On First Date

Ronald Kennedy

Publish Date: June 9, 2021

Be Polite: Plan Together Or Compromise

Avoid Confusion

Once you’ve asked her out, find out what would be a good time, place, and day to make a connection(Or as I always say, “make a hook up). Be clear with the plans on the phone so that nobody is confused about what to wear or where you are doing. If you don’t like the plans that were discussed and laid out, offer an alternative.

For instance, if you don’t like Thai food, don’t leave it at that. Suggest that you do like Japanese food. Most people are thrilled to hear other ideas.

Dude, have a pretty definite idea of what yo want to do. Don’t use the “whatever you want to do is fine with me” attitude. (That would drive any woman up the wall.)

Women like take charge guys! They may go along with you sometime, but deep inside they want a man who is ‘strong willed.’ Have an opinion!

If there’s a scheduling problem, again give alternatives. By saying nothing, you are giving the other person the idea that you are not interested as opposed to just being unavailable for a specific night. You don’t want to say, “Can’t make it Friday. Saturday I have a wedding. Sunday I have my overeater’s Anonymous meeting.

Ladies, the dude was just calling to make a date with you, not to hear your entire calendar. What you do want to say is, “Well, I’m pretty tied up over the weekend, but Monday and Tuesday are completely free and I would really love to see you then.”

Don’t Do Anything Stupid When Out Dining

When you are out together in a restaurant, or just enjoying drinks by the ocean, don’t talk to other people on the phone (This rule applies to both sexes.) That drives most people crazy! Don’t have the other person sitting there feeling like shit. If this is the first date, it may just very well be your last. Haven’t you ever heard of respect?

Emergencies do happen and maybe they’ll be situations where you really do have to talk on your cell. More than likely you may get a text first; if so, just excuse yourself from the table and make your call. Then get off the other call quickly and apologize profusely when you return. It doesn’t take a ‘rocket scientist’ to know how to show respect towards others.

When you get the purpose of the call, remember to tell the other person.

If it’s an emergency and you must leave as soon as you return to the table, then so be it. If the other person gets uptight, then they wasn’t a good date in the first.

Another issue, even before a confirmed restaurant date, is to have a guy talk to you for 40 minutes and he still don’t ask you out. Noting drives a person crazier than these types of actions. You hang up wondering why the hell he even called in the first place?

The To Do List

What should happen is after you’ve made small talk, broken the ice and got a little comfortable, then make the date. You start feeling things seem to be going well (This is a good sign, at least on your part.) Maybe this is someone you work with and has always admired. So now you feel time to make that move.

Make that other person feel important. Tell them it was great meeting them and that you are really glad they called.

Make them feel appreciated. Tell them you are really looking forward to seeing them and to the date.

It will make them look forward to the date and feel that you are looking forward to it as well.

Make the plans clear. If you don’t want the person to pick you up, make it clear. Often, women feel nervous about having a new guy pick them up at their house, especially if it’s someone they met in a public place. Men should not feel offended by this. Women should stick to their beliefs. Don’t let a guy make you feel guilty if you want to meet them somewhere else.

Make a casual day or night date. If you prefer a day date or a brief after-work drink rather than a full-blown affair, say so! Go along with whatever is easiest and makes both parties feel comfortable.

In Conclusion

In regards to work-related dates, just because your date suggests an after-work drink, don’t assume that they feel you aren’t worthy of a weekend date. Instead, look at this as a preview to bigger dates. After all, you got a date! Be happy! But also, keep in mind that if all else fail and you just can’t ‘hook up’ with anyone, there’s always online dating. Tons of folks find online romance and is very happy. Many find their soul mate online. Check this out. See ‘How To Find True Love Online.’


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