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A Single’s Quick Reference Guide.

In this ebook, Ron takes a light-hearted and humorous approach  on depicting dating and relationships. Here you’ll get insights on what to expect in terms of a person’s occupation, goals, secret fantasy, favorite foods, type of car, etc;

As a single person, you’ll be able to prepare yourself and use counter – strategies when things just don’t work out (and considering these wacky character’s personalities, they probably wont).

You as a single person can venture out anywhere around the city with full confidence, avoiding any pit-falls you may encounter along the way (and you better believe, they’ll be plenty).

You’ll now be able to develop counter-strategies now with ease. Think of yourself as ‘someone unique.’ You need to know everything you can about ‘your game.’

All types of pitfalls, along with uncertainties, are sure to come. But you’ll be ready! Remember intimacy, romance, and relationships play a huge role in our society today in regards to finding the proper compatible mate. Make your best shot count. Bag the best one you can.

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“In Regards To Folks Dating, Recognize It’s A Crazy World OutHow to select a compatible mate There.” Crazy Enough You’ll Need A Scorecard Keeping Up With All The Various Profiles Of The Sexes, As Described In The Book.

“In How to Select a Compatible Mate, author Ronald Kennedy takes a humorous stand, depicting various types of males and females the hapless single person is apt to meet, while searching for that “special someone.” The book is sure to keep you chuckling.”

Jeannine D. Van Eperen, Blether Reviewer author of Hearts in 3/4 Time, Love and All That Jazz, Trail to Bliss.


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Title: How to Select a Compatible Mate

Author: Ronald Johnson Kennedy

The struggle to find a lifelong mate is enough to make any single admit defeat. The torment of unending blind dates, desperate set-ups, and awkward encounters at bars makes the search for that someone special about as fun as root canal. Survival can often ride on maintaining your sense of humor.

From this need for a good laugh comes “How to Select a Compatible Mate”, Ronald Johnson Kennedy’s first book.

Appropriately labeled as a ‘Single’s Quick Reference Guide,’ the book describes typical character types to be found on the dating scene, defined using consistent headings, like ‘occupation’, ‘secret fantasy’, and ‘turn-ons’, cumulating in a rating of the potential success of a longer-term relationship with such a partner.

From ‘Mama’s Boy’ to ‘Dirty Old Doris’, Kennedy creates funny and familiar characters, sometimes followed by a cartoon drawing of the dating prospect.

This a quick and a fun book to read, whether the reader is single or married. Kennedy has a unique sense of humor that can be easily appreciated and enjoyed.

He avoids the pitfall of making a satire on this subject too graphic or offensive, without losing the slightly edgy sense of humor of the modern single.

Anyone who has spent anytime dating will find a familiar personality here, and certainly laughing at the bad memories will go a long way towards recovering from them!

Ronald Johnson Kennedy attended the Art Institute of Chicago, the city in which he grew up. Originally starting a career in the Mortuary Sciences, refocusing his efforts on this book allowed him to express two of his passions: comedy writing and cartooning.

Overall, this is a good read, and would make a very appropriate gift for a tired and desperately lonely single friend.

Reviewer: Nancy Morris, Allbooks Reviews


Sample Profile Review

I put this character’s profile at the top of my comedy ‘hit’ list. I gave myself a good laugh while creating this one. Although, all my characters profile’s give me a good feeling, this one represents many whiners living in our society today.

The men out there who’s still attached to moms apron strings. For some reason or another, they  just can’t seem let go!

Ladies, when seeking a dating partner, here’s an example of what you could possibly wind up with:

‘Mama’s Boy’

VITAL STATISTICS – Age: 24 to 49, Height: 5’7″ to 6’4″, Weight: Excess Baby Fat

OCCUPATION – You may find this type working in a toy discount warehouse facility. Or maybe you’ll run across this type sweeping hair at the neighborhood barber shop, working part-time at a nursery or helping his parents out in the family owned hardware store.


FAVORITE FOODS – Dining with him will consist of a plate of warm baby cabbages, macaroni & cheese, and a Milky Way bar.

For lunch, you’ll share a peanut butter sandwich, two candy canes and a huge bowl of alphabet soup.

Dinner will be a Happy Meal from McDonald’s, loaded with chicken nuggets and a chocolate chip cookie.

FAVORITE DRINKS – Wanna stay in and have drinks with this thumb sucking mama’s boy? If so, then be prepared to spend a cozy, romantic evening in front of the fireplace sipping Nestle Chocolate NesQuik.

Also, he’ll talk you into downing a couple of swigs of prune juice. According to his crazy philosophy, this will loosen ya’ll bowels thoroughly and help ease any anxiety progression towards a decent sexual performance.

….but first, he must call mom to get tips on the best positions!

FAVORITE MUSIC – ‘The Flintstones’ opening theme song will be high on his Top 10 chart. Also, you’ll be dancing to the beat from the ‘Three Stooges’ jingle and ‘The Simpsons’. (hey, those guys are his idols).

FAVORITE MOVIES/TV SHOWS – This childish joker will expect you to accompany him in viewing old video taped reruns of ‘Bozo’s Circus,’ and ‘the Disney Classics.’ Your fun-filled evening will also include MTV, and ‘Tom & Jerry’ cartoons.

FAVORITE SPORTS/HOBBIES – His hobby activities will include sand castle building, competitive dog & cat grooming and spit-shining old rusty wagon wheels.

As far as the physical fitness portion is concerned, his legs receive plenty of exercise from jumping up and down when he doesn’t get his way.

TYPE OF CAR – He’ll really think he’s impressing you when he picks you up in a pint-size Yugo or ‘clown car,’ which will display his newly customized Donald and Daffy Duck interior.

(he’ll glow with pride when he tells you that it took every cent from his piggy bank to get the job done).

LAST BOOK- ‘Bed Wetting Made Easy’ by Dr. Phil A. Bladder

TURN-ON’S – Tootsie Roll Pops with the bubble gum center, a well-oiled skateboard and a woman who enjoys 24-hour cartoon marathons.

TURN-OFF’S – Bossy women who are into competitive sports, a toy store going out of business, feminist groups and a chick that has a hand shake stronger than his.

SECRET FANTASY – To hold firm in his possession the largest collection of Harry Potter Magic and Mystery novels.



PERSONALITY – Still probably still camping out at home, this immature clown is half way through a mind alteration process.

Having strong family ties, he’s very sensitive to the suggestions and wishes of mom.

He’ll always compare you and your cooking to dear ol’ mom.

IDEAL WOMAN – To be a mirror image of mom.

WHERE TO MEET – You can find this type usually at any Toys-R-Us, his mama’s favorite neighborhood supermarket, the corner candy store or the video arcade.

GOAL – To one day, meet and marry a woman just like good ol’ mom.

RATING – 2.4….. You probably think to yourself, you wish you had a way to study a character’s profile of this type before you started dating. Your relationship with this man could go either way.

But the long-term lecture from him constantly comparing you to his mother, could be bad for your mental health. A very stressful thing! Unfortunately, If you have a mental collapse, this could possibly lead to drastic actions. Do you have any idea which actions I’m referring to?

Those actions that you know will eventually come; such as you going to the penitentiary and him?… to the graveyard!


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49 thoughts on “How To Select A Compatible Mate Review | A Single’s Quick Reference Guide

  1. hey I can’t tell you how much I love your site . I like how you made a page about the 10 commandments on dating women wish I would of known this advice in my past when I was dating. I really enjoy the way your site is coming around its great keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Edward for checking in and commenting. I try to make my character profiles funny and fit them into the type of individuals that walk the streets in our society today. I know I may push it to the extreme, but some dudes out here may be really like this. A females take on this would be to run away as quickly and as far as they can.

      Thanks for dropping by Edward and let me know if I could assist you with anything.

  2. Oh god, that’s too funny. Got something to laugh about at the end of the day, so first of all thank you. Even though this character is purely fictitious but we cannot ignore some such people and no doubt they will ruin a girl’s life for sure. I seriously think some women might have some points to keep in mind while dating after reading this character profile apart from just finding it funny. For example “I want a women who have all the qualities like my mom” “You can never cook food like my mom”..that you have mentioned, we all have met such people right? and we know how terrible they make their woman feel.

    This is an awesome site, it is going to be a regular stop from now on!

    1. Thank you Hari for stopping by and commenting. I’m thrilled to hear that this funny profile gave you a happy feeling at the end of your day. My point with this profile, although fictional, shows the dating public the reality of the personality and thought patterns one must endure, from potential prospects in our society today.

      Unfortunately for women looking for a compatible mate, sometimes end up with jokers that have hangups or addictions such as this. Ladies, be prepared for an unhappy situation! They just can’t cut the apron strings. (a crystal ball would come in handy at times like this; you think?).lol

      As far as cooking goes, women can’t stand it when you compare their cooking to his mother. That would be added to the ‘No No’ list, along with all the other crap a woman would have to deal with. All I can say is; “Ladies Beware! They’re out there!”

      Again Hari, thank you for stopping by. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

  3. Greetings Ron,

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! This has got to be one of the funniest blogs I have ever read!!!

    I’ll make a confession: Since I didn’t see your picture, I immediately thought this blog was created by a woman. Well, shame on me for continuing with the stereotype! The artist in you shines through and through!!! And of course, I took a peek into your Ten Commandments!

    How you combine comedy with life’s truth is quite genius!!! It seems you’ve learned well from the lessons life has thrown your way! Love the sketches!

    What a pleasant surprise!!! All the best to you, Ron!


    1. Welcome to my world, Veronica! And Yes.. surprise, I’m a guy! Thank you for commenting. I remember when I first created this character, (I have several more wacky men & women profiles) I was laughing to myself every step of the way. I’ve been drawing and painting for many years. Cartooning is my favorite thing (next to music and singing).

      I like to speak on life’s truth, peppered with a touch of crazy humor. The perfect combination for funny ride! So I’m glad you enjoyed it. Veronica, let me know if I can assist you with anything else.

  4. Loll. Any crazy character is interesting. Every pot finds a cover. There is nothing in this world that can shock me anymore. You know that, and I know that but out there are so many people that are looking for the right fit. Everybody is different, and that is good. The only difference between Mam’s Boy and the Bad Boy is that two different ladies are looking for them. Maybe the next time we can read on your site about the Bad Boy and maybe we can prove that the Bad Boy is not so bad.

    1. Thanks Greg for your comment. Yes, it’s a CRAZY world out there. All types of character’s lurking around at every turn. Innocent ladies falling victim to someone that’s a ‘Mama’s Boy.’ And what’s so funny about this situation, is that the women never know the true personality of their potential mate until it’s too late.

      Somewhere down the road, the other person’s personality and quirky ways will surely shine. That’s when all hell breaks loose! There’s no lady out here that’ll put up with some childish dude who classifies ya’ll first date out, as the most eventful night of his life. (He’s talking about eating a kids meal at ‘Chucky Cheese’ and riding the little wooden bucking horse stationed out front)

      Again, thanks for dropping by, Greg. Let me know if I can assist you with anything else.

  5. This post is so stereotypical but so funny and true. This is one of the most entertaining and elegant looking sites I’ve been on in awhile. I know, for me personally, I could always use some dating advice, so I’ll definitely be back here for sure. This particular article is as creative as it gets when it comes to the internet, so thanks. I wonder if I’d be considered a “Mama’s boy.” I hope not, lol!

    1. Thanks Peter for your comment and kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I try to make my writings and drawings as funny as possible. I love good humor! And when I can create something funny and incorporate it into today’s dating society, it makes it all the better. So much fun!

      I know online dating can get pretty nerve-wrecking. Maybe that’s why a lot of folks may think about it, but won’t do it. I offer some pretty good books on my site regarding hooking up with the opposite sex. Peter, you mentioned that you may need a little guidance. Here’s some information I strongly suggest you follow. Go here: I’m sure this will guide you in the right direction.

      Again my friend, thank you for commenting. Let me know if I can assist you with anything else. Any questions? Concerns?

  6. Looking forward to reading more posts like this. Definitely the dating scene is a source for many funny stories. Better to laugh than cry! I personally have met a number of curious types and could write a book about such characters. I wonder where do you get your ideas? It’s also very interesting that you are actually a man! Humorous, creative and well written: you captivate me as a reader. Keep on this track and lots of success!

    1. Hi IMA. Thank you for the kind compliments. My goal is to compile all of my characters profiles together (I have 24 of them, male & female) and introduce them to the world in ebook fashion, That’ll be pretty cool, huh? As crazy as these characters are, I realize that many people can relate to them in the real world. As you stated; you could ‘write a book.’ (Hey, you and many others).

      As far as capturing my ideas, (not to mention that I’m just a plain old nut case anyway. LOL), I sat back some years ago and looked at the dating scene as a whole. Also, I took into consideration the women I’ve ran across and hearing what others guys have gone through after a couple dates, I figured it’ll be nice to have a way to profile these men & women BEFORE getting in too deep. I’ve been getting a lot of positive comments on this.

      Hopefully, in the future, you’ll be seeing much more of this craziness on my website. Thanks again IMA, for checking in and let me know if I can assist you with anything else.

  7. Hi Ima, you’re right about that! Too much sadness in our world today, and not enough laughter. I’m in the process of creating profiles of many more whacked out characters for readers enjoyment. Hopefully, they’ll make folks ‘bust a gut.’ Thanks Ima for checking in.

  8. How awesome is this!!!! Unfortunately, we all know so many of these types of people. Such a perfect tip and “look into the future” guide for this type. The world needs more humor so thanks for your part. Haha. I’m still laughing. I can’t wait to show my husband this. Keep up the funny ,but great job.

    1. Hi Dhall, thank you for checking in and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed it. As I was creating this character, I was laughing as I was drawing. (I’m glad no family member was around. They would’ve thought I was cracking up!) And you know what the crazy thing is? There are dudes out there that are still tied to mom’s apron strings….and they’re in their 40’s.

      It’s so sad that some people never grow up! Even your grown children is like that. I have them in my family as well. We have to take them by the hand and guide them through life. Over the years, my attitude has always been; “You’re grown! Now get out there and find a job, and your own place.”

      My plan, as far as these character profiles are concerned, is to complete downloadable copies online. Currently, I have limited, physical autographed 8.5×11 size copies for sale. Email me at if interested.

      Again thank you Dhall for commenting. Let me know if I could help you with anything else.

  9. Absolutely hilarious.

    Don’t they say it is not funny if there isn’t some truth in it? That is what really makes it funny… Dr Phil A Bladder…can’t even type without laughing.. Mamas boy meal – warm baby cabbages. Cracks me up.

    The important thing is wakening us up to how crazy we are and how dating is even more crazy…

    You are an amazing Matchmaker… You know us well.

    All the best Ron…

    1. Thank you Robert for checking in. I’m glad you enjoyed it. You know Robert, as I was drawing and creating this profile, I kept laughing to myself, but had a good time putting this together. Keeping my pen steady was tough. LOL. It is a sad day to know that there still are plenty of ‘mama’s boys’ out there. (just check downstairs in mama’s basement). There’s plenty more characters where this came from. Just click the image at the bottom of my site’s page.

      Yes Rob, the dating world could sometimes be a wild and crazy ride! Just make sure your seat belt is on nice and tight because it could be a hellava ride. Please let me know Robert, if I could help you with anything else.

  10. I’m sure there are real stories like this one out there.

    This is hilarious! and I bet someone who is reading this and is on a dating site themselves, may have had a similar experience to this one.

    Strange but true, there are all kinds. I like your category topics, there is a lot to learn about dating here.

    1. Hi Patsy. Thank you for visiting my site. I agree. There are folks out here that fit this type. (this is the type that make women run the other way). As women comment on this particular type of profile, they always say that they know someone just like this. (wow,that’s a worrisome thing. Make a woman wanna sit in her house for the rest of her life).LOL.

      That’s why the dating scene is a crazy, mixed-up world. Some folks don’t what they’ll end up with. That’s why I put together a series of profiles, that’ll give the single individual a ‘heads up’ on what to expect.

      Thanks again Patsy for checking in. Let me know if I can do anything else for you.

  11. Hey there, this post is excellent and made me laugh as its so true lol. This is one of the most entertaining and funny sites I have found. Dating is advice is much needed and I’m glad you have created this resource. Fantastic, and a well setup site. I’ll be sure to check back soon. Chris

    1. Hi Chris and thanks for checking in. I’m glad you found my site very amusing. I love making people laugh and making them feel better as they go throughout their day. I always get a good chuckle as I create. You’re welcome to come back to my site anytime.

      Yes Chris, there are many ‘mama’s boys’ out there and unfortunately many unsuspecting women ends up with these types. They really don’t know how they are until it gets deep into the relationship; then it’s ‘bail out’ time. That’s why my intention here is to give the person a ‘heads up,’ (in a wacky way) on what to expect as they venture out on their quest for their soulmate.

      Thanks again Chris for checking in. Let me know if I could help you with anything else.

  12. Well, it was hard at first? Hard to read about myself—not understanding how you could know about me, when you don’t even know me?

    But, it’s been so difficult for me to find the perfect woman (several failed marriages, and way more real short “friendships”) that I am trying to learn about my mistakes from you now.

    However, are you sure that the romantic evening in front of the fireplace sipping Nestle Chocolate NesQuik has to go? Me and momma always loved that so much?

    1. Hi Mike and thank you for checking in with me. I’m glad you saw some value in this site; surprisingly, as you stated, seeing yourself. There are many other men out there who can relate to this profile. They are close to their moms, but over time will meet the woman for them. If a guy want to spend time around the fireplace with mom, sipping hot chocolate, then no harm done. It’s ok.

      Mike, if you’re looking for a ‘soul mate’, I can help. Just do exactly as I say. I’ve helped others before and it all starts with confidence. Let’s take a step at a time. First Mike, go to this like and get this:

      Once you get this Mike, follow the information exactly. Don’t skip anything. I’ll work with you. I’m including my email address,. or you can reach me through my site. Let’s keep in touch

  13. That’s a great post – very funny and totally true!! I love your illustrations, you do those yourself?

    I’m from the UK so can I just ask what is “spit-shining old rusty wagon wheels”….? I have no clue.

    Also, a minor point, but his age group really should say “24 -…….” Haha!

    1. Hi Jyl and thanks for commenting. Yes, these are my own creations. I’m the writer and illustrator. As I create , I get a big kick out of them whereas, I laugh out loud (I’m glad no ones around to see me laughing and talking to myself.) I have many more as well. I’ve heard from many others how they relate to ‘Mama’s Boys’. How they use to date or have a relative who fit that description.

      The part I put in about ‘spit-shining old rusty wagon wheels’ is a hobby I felt would fit this type of babied individual. (even someone from the states may also question like you did). Like a person would take polish and make old hubcaps shine again on their car. (In ‘Mama’s Boy’ case, his car is an ‘old wagon’)

      If you’d like to see more crazy profiles like ‘The Nerd’, Veterinarian Vera, Medicated Medicine woman, Guzzlin’ Gus and more, Go here: Thanks for stopping by JyI. Let me know if I could assist you with anything else.

  14. Oh, how I wish there was a pocket size hard copy for this book. It sure could be fun to carry it around and read during my free time.

    Don’t judge me, I don’t really love digital stuff, they get my vision blurry and my eyes painful. Anyways, I loved the book after reading a few things I should expect in there.

    I’m definitely reading it tonight! Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    Out of curiosity, do you think many men want to marry women who resemble their moms in all aspects? I’m trying to gather data on this. 🙂

    1. Hi Dave and thanks for commenting on my page. At one point, when I was putting this project all together, I was going to put hard copies online, but due to popular demand and research of usually how books are bought & sold online, I figured digital products was the way to go.

      In today’s world of technology and all the different devices out there that’s offered for convenience, the quickness factor with digital allows folks to get something in a matter of seconds as opposed to having copies sent through ‘snail mail.’

      In regards to your question about what types guys are searching for when it comes down to finding a compatible mate, men want someone who will fill all their expectations (of course, anything unrealistic will drive any woman away). There actually are guys out here who seek a ‘mother image.’ Why? Because they’re insecure and not comfortable in their own skin. They will most likely date someone around their own age, then later marry someone older than them. The idea of an older in control is something they enjoy (..oh well, whatever floats your boat)!

      Dave, you mentioned earlier about a hard copy of my book. I do have some limited copies in my possession now. If still interested, you can email me at . In the subject line put: Book Interest. Then we’ll take it from there.

      Dave, thanks again for taking time out to comment.

  15. It is good to see that you included humor along with the pitfalls of dating on your website.

    I really enjoy reading some of the blog posts on your site, and I think it could be a really big help. Mainly for those who are thinking about trying again at dating.

    1. Hi J J Thank you for checking in. Yes J J, the world of dating and finding that special someone isn’t always an easy task. Sometime we need humor just to help us get through all the crap thrown our way in life, the ups and downs of dating. Some people just give up searching altogether, but who wants to be lonely the rest of their life?

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post and maybe found some value in it. Share my page with others. You have to remember, there’s always that man or woman who always need that ‘nudge’ to get them back involved in the dating world. Maybe the first time may have been a disaster for them (we all get ‘knocked down’, at least once).

      When that happens, all we can do is pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get back into the mix.

      Thank you again for stopping by J J. and commenting. Let me know if i can help with anything else.

  16. This book looks hilarious! Being single myself, it is great to find people making fun of relationships – single people, married people, and the perils of dating. The characters in this book are incredibly funny – I love all their “stats” and the drawings. If everyone had characteristics like the people in this book we are all doomed. Ha ha!

    By the way, I love your site. The different posts are hilarious. You have a great sense of humor! Thanks for sharing such a humorous book with us! ~Jen

    1. Hello Jen. How are you? Thank you for stopping by.  I’m so glad you found my site very funny. This is just me and my writing and drawing style. I love creating humor and really enjoy making people laugh. it’s a ‘cool’ thing for me when I could take a subject like ‘dating & relationships’ and all the pitfalls it encompass, and make it ‘my own.’ 

      With so much crap going down in our world today, it becomes a refreshing thing to be able to sit back and take your mind off into a different setting for the moment. Off into ‘Ron’s world’ so to speak. As you pointed out, single’s or married folks, with a good sense of humor, can really get into this.

      Just image Jen, folks out there in the ‘single’s arena, with the same type of characteristics as I displayed in my book; Boy…we’d all be in some serious trouble. (…it’s even too scary to think about) LOL.

      Thaks again Jen for stopping by. Let me know if I could be of any service to you.

  17. Haha! That’s funny stuff! I’m not single, but I enjoyed remembering what it was like when I was on the market lol.

    I found my soulmate but it took 19 years of previous marriage to find her. If I had read your site first, I could have saved myself those years. But it was all for the best.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Mike. Thanks for checking into ‘Ron’s World’. lol. This is where all the craziness begins. But you know Mike, the whole world of dating and all the elements involved can get a little nuts. (so I guess you say, after reading my post is “Thank God I’m married”).

      Regarding situations in the world of dating and romance, I feel they haven’t changed much compared to the way it was 20 years ago. I was, of course, much younger then, and very much involved running around and playing the ladies. I got married at a young age for the first time, I was 21. I should have waited. But I was young, stupid and listening to other folks telling me I should marry her because she’s carrying my child.

      My advice regarding my past situation, is to never marry someone just because they’re pregnant. Follow your own mind and heart. As you stated Mike, you got a good ‘soulmate’ and that’s always good news. 

      Thanks again Mike for commenting. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

  18. Hmm, think it’s worth checking out. Going out is definitely not as easy as one might suggest. Sometimes had to push myself to go through those brain blocks.

    Oh and don’t get me started on what you might encounter. Things I’ve seen were quite crazy. But in some way good crazy.

    So anyone wanting to improve in this area of your life, it’s definitely worth to invest a bit of money to learn some things.

    1. Hi Alex and thanks for commenting. Sorry for the late response getting back. Things just happen. But I agree with you that How to Select a Compatible Mate, is worth checking out. If you love funny characters, whose profiles are featured in such a way that you don’t know what’s fact or fiction, then this is for you.

      There are many encounters male and females go through when it comes down to seeking out the opposite sex. Some may be successful, others not. But all you can do is keep searching and keeping yourself available. As you mentioned, those ‘brain blocks’ can really put you ‘on hold.’ They’ll keep on having you evaluating the whole dating scene situation, without making any real involved positive moves.

      Like you said, it’s a crazy world. At times, some good things may develop. (Hey, it’s not all bad!) All I can say is that with a little informational help (this is where How to Select a Compatible Mate comes in), the single person can venture out into the dating field, armed with this newfound knowledge and ready for anything thrown its way.

      Again Alex, thanks for commenting. Let me know if I could assist you with anything else.   

  19. What an awesome idea on how to select a compatible mate with a quick singles quick reference guide. I myself am not single, but I do have many friends who are and hate the dating scene, big time! It is such a scary thing and it seems everyone is online these days either on Tinder or elsewhere. Your way is very down to earth and non-scary. I shall pass this on to my friends, indeed.

    1. Hi my friend Meherbani, how’s it going? Thank you for dropping by and commenting. I agree that just the idea of being in the dating arena, could be a crazy place for the single man or woman to venture out in. Some seeking long-term relationships and have been searching for a while, still don’t know what the hell they want.

      Some are just there to ‘play the game.’ Not realizing that sometime ‘playing the game’ could get them into a lot of trouble. I know you’ve heard this before, that there’s always ‘somebody for everybody.’ Sometime, folk’s think they’ve landed that ‘perfect someone,’ (and it very well could be), but they blow it because they continue to seek.

      This could apply to either sex, but I think the dudes are more guilty of this. You mentioned about having lots of friends who date, but looking for better options. An easier way. A way that will prepare them for any pitfalls that’s thrown there way. I know the content in my book is crazy, but it still carries a touch of reality to it. Perfect ingredients regarding cooking up ways on understanding a person’s whole being, and preparing you ‘game plan’ in advance. Please share my link with others.

      Thanks again for dropping in Meherbani. Let me know if I can help with anything else. 

  20. The book that you have introduced, seems to provide very good value for a very low price. It would definitely interest any single person who are looking for a compatible mate.

    What’s great is that it is available in e-book format, which makes it much more convenient to read. Also, your character “mama’s boy” is hilarious, and I’ve definitely seen quite a few of them in real life.

    Great article!

    1. Hi Farhan, and thanks for commenting. Comedy and art is part of my life. I love making people laugh through my work. Dating and seeking long term relationships is what we all seek (…at least, those who’s looking). ‘How to Select a Compatible Mate’ is a funny guidebook depicting personalities you’d find out here on the dating scene.

      Everyone needs some type of guidance when it comes down to selecting a compatible mate. With this book (and its valuable content available in e-book format) a person can venture out in confidence and lasso any one he or she becomes interested in.

      In regards to ‘mams boy’ types, I agree that there are many out there looking for someone to take care of them, feed them, clothe them, along with wiping there asses. These are guys truly deserving of the title; ‘mama’s boy’.

      Thank you for checking in Farhan. Let me know if I could do anything else.

  21. Hello Ronald, This article cracked me up immensely, the mamma’s boys you have described is alive and well in every town city and culture and we all know at least one. He knows no matter how perfect the girl he finds she’ll never get his mothers approval. He’ll probably end up a bi-sexual and could probably do with the multi-pack cock rings which will make him feel more manly. Great little ‘ take the piss’ article so funny

    1. Hi Paul. Thanks for commenting on my post. I got a kick out of creating this. Yes I agree that in every city across the globe these ‘mama boy’ types do exist. Lurking around corners trying to find some sweet innocent woman who’ll take of them. These are the type so insecure and ‘babyfied’ in our culture, that the only thing exciting to them is who’ll be the next to change their diaper. LOL.

      No woman will ever measure up to mommy! Any girl he tries to date who criticize his mom will be ‘blindfolded & shot at sunrise.’ Ladies don’t do it! Don’t get involved! Is there any End to this Madness!!!

  22. Thanks for the review but the book is not to my taste. The art and the characters are very immature and kind of disgusting. The book, while humorous, seems designed by someone who hates people – a real misanthrope.

    I can’t tell from this post if there any practical advice for finding a mate around the humor. I suppose I could give this gift to someone who is a confirmed single.

    Personally, I was not heavy into the dating scene when I was younger, so I did not have to deal with a lot of the hassle. I am certainly glad that I have found my mate now and don’t have to deal with a lot of insecurity and nonsense.

    1. Well I guess you can’t please everybody. Most people love humor and get a big kick out of reading funny stuff. They say it really ‘makes their day.’ They want to see more of this style of comedy. Peter, I’m no psychic but I feel that during your ‘younger’ life you walked around with a dark, rainy storm cloud hanging over your head, while the rest of the world enjoyed ‘happy rays of sunshine.’ 

  23. Yes have nice read, funny, and true information. Many times people do not realize just how important it is to seek out the right mate who will benefit you as an individual. I swear sometimes it can be like speaking two completely different languages if you pick incorrectly haha. Keep helping us realize the importance of these and keep the laughs coming as well.

    1. Finding a compatible mate can sometime be a daunting task. My mission is to give an ‘heads up’ on the types of profiles of individuals who line our single bars and city streets. Men and women must be aware of all the crazies and weirdos out here. I love putting a funny twist on things. But the underlying reality of it all is that, although these character profiles are designed to give you a good laugh, these types of folks really do exist; so Watch OUT!

  24. The dating world can be very confusing and very difficult. Today there are so many sites for finding your mate. I often wondered what is the formula for those dating sites?
    The example you give in my opinion is very extreme. There seems to be some kind of stigma with dating and the expectations held by another individual based on criteria that may be false.
    The flow of your article is great and it is easy to follow. The information is on point and solidifies your site. Great Job!!!

    1. Hey Timothy, I’ve always said that the dating world can be like a ‘crazy roller coaster’ ride. Folks out here running around not knowing what they want in life. They try the various dating sites, still with no satisfaction. There’s no secret formula, it’s just the person themself. In regards to my samples, I like using comedy to lighten up the realistic load those dating must carry. Never an easy thing. Thanks for stopping by.

  25. Thanks for the great book idea! It looks like a fun and entertaining book that can also be helpful! Dating is something that everyone has done and can be difficult. It is nice to also find the humor in the midst of all of the difficulties as well! Thanks for passing along humor and fun in the journey that can be dating!

    1. Thank you my friend Jordan. I formatted a little humor into this information regarding our crazy world of dating. (…of course in my own special way). I know finding that ‘special someone’ can sometime be a daunting task, but very ‘doable’ down the road. Gotta start somewhere! As they say, ‘seek and you shall find.’ 

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