How the dating process work

How Singles Begin The Dating Process – Here’s The Route To Follow.

How Singles Begin The Dating Process

Ronald Kennedy

Published Date: May 15, 2021

Updated: January 23, 2022

Is On Line Dating Really Our Savior?

Each day, regardless if folks divorced singles, widowed or separated, they always stay on the alert seeking that ‘special someone.’ Understanding how singles begin the dating process is ‘key!

I start my day with a different type of hustle; not the Starbucks shuffle but the Folgers shuffle. Topped off with a nice breakfast, vitamin intake and exercise, I’m good to go.

After my shower, it’s daily computer work. I run a few other businesses but the one I’m most passionate about is online dating. 

Couple Met Online & In Love. (This Can Be You!)


How Singles Begin The Dating Process - Here's The Route To Follow.
They’re relaxing and watching the sunset

How to find true love on the internet is something many people feel is a total waste of time. We all want the usual face-to-face meeting. That’s normal.

But considering all we been through in 2020, it changed us as a society and how we deal with socializing. That’s just the way it is. Now we have to look past that and move forward.

Back in the day when online services slowly started popping up around the mid-70’s, this form of dating took a bad hit. It was frowned upon and ‘no good’ could come of it. (Boy! Were they wrong!)

I’ve personally worked one-on-one with hundreds of singles all around the world, acting as their online dating ghostwriter, managing their eFlirting life, and coaching them through hookups and relationships. They call me ‘The Love Doctor’.

They’ve had fun and found partnerships, and many are married now (There were babies produced as well.) Some may still think how can I find someone for me? I’ve learned that there are few things more rewarding than helping people find love every day. Each time a client changes his or her relationship status on Facebook, I do a little dance. LOL.

And secretly, I wake up every morning feeling like eCupid. Now, let me help you.

Is Online Dating On The Rise?

Online dating has evolved so dramatically since the first time I sent my Winkey face; everyone is plugged in, and it’s no longer something to be ashamed of.

In fact, one in five relationships begin on an online dating site. Dating on the Web isn’t something singles do when they’re desperate or lonely; online dating is as legit as meeting originally offline.

Understanding how singles begin  the dating process is 'key!
Couple enjoying each others company

This is a great site you’re on now, but don’t be afraid to ‘expand your horizon.’ If you haven’t joined Christiancafe or Elitemate, then it’s time for you sign up (it’s free) and meet ‘That special One‘ (Or anyone, depending on your dating preferences).

But regardless of your level of digital dating expertise, this information will transform the Internet into your very own customized dating-empowerment tool.

From writing your profile and composing messages to matches to transitioning offline for a date and signing off when you’re in a committed relationship. 

Shifting to the digital dating world does take a little getting used to, but without a beginning there would be no end. After all, “happily ever after” doesn’t happen without a “once upon a time.”

Think of it this way: even though it’s called “online dating,” it’s actually online meeting and offline dating. While initial developments happen online, lasting relationships happen in person.

Putting your profile online and taking it down when you meet your perfect match are both iconic moments in life, just like the first time you utter the words “I love you.” And that’s what I’m here to help you achieve. To guide you along your online journey.






Site Strategy Now

There are two main categories of dating sites: those that give you independence and those that play matchmaker.

Neither is better, they’re different user experiences. You might find that you prefer one approach to another, so here are the specifics.

Searching Can Sometime Be Exhausting

How Singles Begin The Dating Process
She has spent long hours online searching

On search-based sites, you’re in control of your eDestiny. You can search as far and wide as you desire.

You can check out different types of people, age ranges, and heights, changing your preferences with your every whim. The inter web is your oyster – you can even search other zip codes.

To some singles, like this one person Jared I mentored, this is an integral part of their strategy. He lived in Tacoma but traveled to San Francisco for half of every work week.

When your life is split between two cities, it can be challenging to meet someone.
But with online dating, he was able to set up dates in both cities to increase his chances.

For Jared – and for all search-based eDaters – being proactive about finding a mate and making sure you’re in the best position to meet him and her is how you’ll get the most out of your experience.

On algorithm-centric sites, a select number of matches is delivered to you daily, typically with a maximum amount of allotted to you daily, typically with a maximum amount of allotted selections.

You’ll truly get your money’s worth by checking in everyday, which requires dedication.

Many sites of this nature won’t send more matches until you clear out your queue, so frequent log-ins to review potentials will get the best results. I’ll teach you how to optimize your experiences on both kinds a little later.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.…or its cover charge! Free sites often get a bad rap, but in today’s techie world, many are no less reputable than paid ones.

Most singles assume that the matches on sites sans charge are not worth as much from a dating perspective.

But whether they think the people on free sites are cyber – Peeping Toms or booty beggars, it’s simply Not True! I’ve seen nearly as many lasting love connections happen via freebies as I have on paid sites.

What defines a site – free or paid – is its community. So price shouldn’t matter unless it’s a budgetary concern. The most important part of online dating is whether your matches make your heart go pitter-patter.

Money May Matter, But FREE Is Always Better.

When zero dollars are required to subscribe, there are still some possibilities to prep yourself for:


Casual members. Nearly every dating site has users with varying levels of seriousness. But in general, free sites do have a higher number of casual members.

Keeping an ‘eye out’ for ‘Red Flags on your profile matches is more relevant on sites with lower barriers to email.

You can expect to get more messages that inspire you to hit the Delete key! Of course, receiving messages from matches who don’t inspire a reply will happen on every site.

Paused profiles. On any site, you might come across users who stop logging in for long stretches. But inactive users are even more common on free sites, because users often join noncommittally but don’t follow through with the process.

In Conclusion

There are many online dating sites out here. These two, Christiancafe & Elitemate, were researched and studied. They’re considered two of the best on the market! Many active singles are on these sites, searching for the same thing as you; “True Love.” Check them out! 


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