How Grooming Yourself Will Make You Feel Great -10 Steps On Securing A Man’s Interest.’


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Published Date: June 22, 2021

Updated: February 21, 2022

“In 2017, total sales for feminine hygiene products in the U.S. were $5.9 billion, according to Global Industry Analysts, as cited in USA Today. Worldwide. sales for the year were $20.62 billion. In 2020, those numbers are expected to reach $6.2 billion for domestic sales and $40 billion worldwide.”





“Hygiene sometimes just isn’t a priority with some people. So my public health message is basically this -Bathe!” – Cristina Pasa

Regardless of sexual preference, how grooming yourself will make you feel great and ready to face the world! Also, you want the person you’re dating to make cleanliness ‘a top priority.’

Ladies, ever dated someone who decided to drop by unexpectedly and they smell like stale corn chips & used kitty litter?

Somewhere in the past, did you know someone like this? Did you remain quite or did you speak up?

The reverse could also be true. So women could be guilty of this as well too. A man like a clean, sweet smelling woman. So let’s start with the basics. My dear, It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to follow this:

Don’t Be Afraid Of Water

How Grooming Yourself Will Make You Feel Great!

Cleaning up before the date. Good hygiene is important.

1)Wash. Take a bath or shower. It sounds so obvious that it isn’t even worth mentioning, but we are mentioning it because it has been told to us enough times how badly some people on a date smelled.

Maybe the person was so busy, they forgot to shower!

Maybe the water bill wasn’t paid for 2 months! (Hell, there’s still ‘spit & soap’) No…Just Kidding! Sometimes a little silliness sets in!

Or the person pops up, at your doorstep, ‘on a whim’ because they happen to be in the area. You try accepting this unexpected visit, but you’re turned off because they ‘smell like shit’ with ‘dead rat’ breath.

Freshen up before visiting. Understand how important good hygiene is. Use deodorant soap & gargle.

2)We told you to bathe, but not in your perfume or cologne! Lighten up on the heavy use of cologne, aftershave or perfume. Many people are really sensitive to strong smells.

3)Make sure hair is neatly styled, cut or secured. People hate to see other people playing with their hair (Unless it’s a flirtatious way) or find hairs on their dinner plates (I personally think this is the worse).

4)Clip offending hairs from nostrils or ears. They are very noticeable and disgusting. (This goes for women too!)

Visualize yourself sitting across the table from someone with hair coming out of one nostril.

On the same note, women, shave your legs and underarms. Stubble isn’t sexy.

Guys, you shave too. Women hate to kiss stubble, it’s itchy. (Unless it was on actors George Clooney or Denzel Washington, then a little itchiness won’t matter.)

5)Are you a woman with noticeable facial hair? If you reluctantly answered ‘yes,’ then woman, you better get busy! Wax, bleach, shave it or get electrolysis. (Perform one or the other).

Men don’t like women who have more facial hair than them. Along those same lines, if your first date involves wearing a bathing suit, make sure you’ve taken care of other unsightly body hair.

Also, clean the wax from your ears. As far as your nails are concerned; ‘clip them!’ Make sure your nail polish isn’t chipped and your nails are the same length and clean.

(I personally love seeing beautifully trimmed, painted finger & toe nails.) It’s a turn off to me when the woman has chipped up nail polish.


Funky Breath Is A ‘Big No-No’

How Grooming Yourself Will Make You Feel Great!

Got to keep the grill looking bright.

6)Brush and floss your teeth. The most attractive people can look gross if food is stuck in their teeth.

Take a little compact mirror on your date for the post dinner tooth check.

Or if you forgot your mirror, you can always use the ‘drop the napkin under the table and check your teeth in the restaurant cutlery’ trick.

7)Check for bad breath. To do this, breath into your hand (But not in front of your date) and sniff. Bad breath tips: chewing on a piece of bread or a cracker can eliminate bad breath. Brushing your tongue works too.

Bring some breath mints and dental floss to keep your breath smelling fresh all night (Do you want that ‘dead rat’ breath?) Then you’ll be prepared for the goodnight kiss. Also, the day of the date, avoid eating foods with a strong odor.

8)Pluck eyebrows. Men, this means you too. If you have one long eyebrow that grows across your forehead, pluck a space even with the space that’s between your eyes. Nobody is turned on by a uni-brow!

9)Sandals. If you plan to wear sandals, make sure your feet look nice. (Your toe nails shouldn’t look like bear claws!) A lot of people have foot fetishes and get really turned off by hairy, dirty, and gnarled toes.

How Grooming Yourself Will Make You Feel Great!

Careful! Guys don’t like all that damn makeup.

10)Don’t overdo the makeup. False eyelashes, blue eye shadow, and caked-on foundation look fake.

We’ve heard dudes say that ‘less is more’ – they like women to look natural, not cheap. Plan on going out? Keep in mind the 15 most important steps regarding safe dating

Getting Your House Ready

Even if you don’t meet at your place, there’s a chance that you might invite your date over at the end of the night. Just as you spend time getting yourself ready for the date, have things ready on the home front, too.

Here’s a case study of a situation that recently took place: “Take the case of Marni. When her date came to pick her up, the first thing he noticed was the dead grass on her front lawn. Inside, there were newspapers piled in the entryway and he saw dirty dishes on the table and in the sink.

In addition, the entire place reeked of cat odors and he saw at least fourteen cats roaming around the living room. Not only did the smell make him sick, but he was so turned off that she lived like such a pig that he said he had a headache and canceled the date right then.”

Those lingering odors has to go! This includes pet odors, cooking odors, bathroom odors, or anything else that smells. To do this, you should empty the kitty box (Hopefully, you’re not one of those people that has 14 cats).

Check the garbage in your home. If it’s full, empty it, then wash out that kitchen garbage can. (Don’t have the inside of your home smelling like the city dump).

How Grooming Yourself Will Make You Feel Great!

You got dirty dishes in the sink? Then wash the damn things! Not only do they smell, but they reflect badly on you.

Some tips on getting rid of odors are putting lemons or baking soda down your garbage disposal, boil cinnamon sticks on the stove top, or bake cinnamon powder in your toaster oven to give the scent of homemade apple pie.

Give your house a general cleaning as well. Vacuum, dust, make the bed. Generally straighten things up. Throw out any rotten food that has been growing mold in your refrigerator.

Your date might think that you are a slob, and you’ll probably be afraid to open the refrigerator door for fear they will be able to smell it from a mile away.

Do a surface cleaning, but don’t make it so spic and span that your date is afraid to sit on your couch.

Don’t forget the medicine cabinet. Go through the medicine cabinet and make sure there’s nothing embarrassing in there, such as ‘genital wart treatments,’ ‘suppositories,’ or ‘four empty bottles of cough syrup.’

In Conclusion

Just remember to ‘put your best foot forward.’ That ‘first impression’ is so important. So regarding your home, In addition, go through your place with a fine tooth comb.

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