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How To Find True Love Online | An Easy Path To Victory


Living In Our World Today


We are going through rough times now. This will go down in the history books as the worst pandemic ever. I know you’re starting to feel like there’s No End in sight! We are all in this together. Everything is being affected by this pandemic. Folks are struggling with finances and losing their jobs (Not to mention their mental health and trying to find true love, if single.) Those with spouses, those just ‘shacking up’ together or those just hoping to meet their significant other, may find a little piece of mind knowing they have someone or will eventually have someone by their side.


But what about those single men and women living alone, fantasizing at work and at the same time, wanting to be social, meet people and mingle. It’s very difficult running errands and trying to meet someone with a pair of draws wrapped around your face for a mask.(I got the idea from YouTube, until I was able to purchase some ‘real’ mask.)

I had to kind of chuckle to myself after watching a YouTube video on how to fold and construct a mask out of your underwear.  I never thought it could be done; but there I was, sitting there in front of my mirror wrapping my draws around my face. (Before you start wondering, yes they were clean!)

Now that is an issue in itself; trying to approach a pretty girl that interest you with a pair of draws wrapped round your mug. (Or at least, you hope he’s pretty. It’s hard to tell with her mask on). Watch how fast she starts backing away from your ass! We all are human. We all carry some type of craving to establish a meaningful connection with someone.

Difficult Times Ahead


I haven’t even touched on ‘social distancing’ yet, but just think about it. Yes, safety is our main concern in person! As it should be. But when it comes to men and women trying to find their soulmates, it can become a daunting task. Just the small simple action of trying to get close causes panic. So there you have it! Getting close enough in regards to meeting someone is like rolling the dice. I guess everything in life is a gamble! NO ONE, male or female, wants to get into ear shot range of what you’re trying to say. (They’ll back up quickly.) But do you blame them?

So you head back back home from the bank, or grocery store with your bags and thinking, “Boy! Another lonely night of eating alone.” You just can’t get close enough to strike up a conversation. There has got to be a better way. Online dating now is the safe way to go, regardless of distance! No social distancing required!  

You can now easily meet someone online using your laptop or mobile phone. Relax and forget about all the other crap going on. Have a cup of coffee or tea. Sit back and start communicating. This is now the new norm in regards to meeting someone for a long term relationship



So never think it’s something you’re doing wrong, in terms of making a connection. Society is just moving in a different direction in regards to dating. We are doing things today now in a more safe & healthier manner. Online dating is more safer now than ever. Meeting someone has never been easier!


Enjoy Your Stay At ChristianCafe Online Dating



You must always remember there’s someone God Has Planned for your life.

At least when you meet someone online, you never have to concern yourself with ‘social distancing’ or any facial covering. Let ChristianCafe lead you in the right direction!

After posting a nice profile of yourself and someone finds you interesting, you and that person can discuss the health of the world and the health of each other without feeling embarrassed. As I’ve said before dating online could never be easier and more safer!


Let’s all be health conscientious. We can all still meet great people today, around the country and have an amazing time. Just do it in a safe manner through a safe, online dating platform.