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 34 rules regarding dating advice for men and women.

Some people are just too quick to judge others and voice their opinion way to fast. Only you can be the deciding factor when it boils down to maintaining a long and solid relationship, and who you want to be in that relationship with.

When all of life forces are in motion and individuals speak one way or another, it would be misleading to imply that everything that happens to us is a reaction to something we said or did. This is where good dating advice for men and women come into play.

Much as this goes against our beliefs in how the world should be. Sometimes others treat us in ways that have far less to do with who we are as individuals, than with their assumptions about who we are based on what we do and who we deal with. Who’s to say is our

Just like in our everyday workforce, we would all like to believe that we judge others and are judged by competence, performance, and hard-and-fast results, not stereotypes.

But there is overwhelming evidence from studies in many different fields that people’s judgments of others are influenced by appearance and other characteristics that cause us to see them as members of groups about which we have preexisting assumptions.

For example, seniors are viewed and placed in the ‘slowdown’ group. Everyone think just because they’re old, their sexual social life is over. I’ve always based this on the individual. Just as a younger person, it’s really based on their overall health.

If you’re too sickly to have sex, you won’t! That’s the last thing that would be on your mind. But if you’re a older person, that still have the sexual ‘fire & desire’ within, you want to be a senior that’s able to satisfy your needs and have sex.

All other things being equal, when confronted with a woman and a man they do not know in managerial positions, many people assume the man is more competent than the woman. Some may think that even in relationships, the same rule applies. But thinking this way is a recipe for disaster! See what men hate about women.

Going into any relationship, especially down the road if things lead to marriage, you should have the mindset that all is on equal grounds. If your thinking is based on anything else, then your relationship is doomed before it ever really got off the ground.

I guess sometime in your life, you have to stop playing the dating game, get serious and make that person an equal partner in your life, if things do get that far.

34 Tips You Should Take To Heart

Help offered in guiding the sexes down the right path


Here’s some ‘Do NOT’s men should take into consideration after meeting someone they find very interesting:

  • Do Not say; “Wow, did you just wolf down that chicken?”
  • Do Not buy her a rose in the restaurant, so she has to carry it around like a dork for the rest of the night.
  • Do Not tell a girl that she should grow hair any longer than it is.
  • Do Not ask her where her hot roommate is.
  • Do Not take her to an expensive restaurant and then make her feel bad for ordering too much.
  • Do Not go to the loudest restaurant in town and then complain that you can’t hear a word she is saying.
  • Do Not pick her up with the convertible top down when it’s freezing outside, just because you think it looks cool.
  • Do Not tell her to “just relax” or “go with it” when a girl gives the signals that she wants to go home.
  • Do Not have your assistant call to confirm your date.
  • Do Not tell her that nothing will stop you from watching the big game.
  • Do Not drive too fast and act like you do it all the time.


Here are some ‘Do NOT’s women should take into consideration after meeting someone they find interesting:

  • Do not tell him that you want to have kids in the first year
  • Do not dwell on your beloved ex-boyfriend, either positively or negatively
  • Do not talk about how you recently got you manic depression under control
  • Do not brag about your sexual prowess
  • Do not look at your watch incessantly
  • Do not make a guy wait alone on your couch while you spend twenty minutes primping in the bathroom
  • Do not order the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu
  • Do not talk about the size of your ass or any other body parts
  • Do not go on and on and on about how you look. They can see
  • Do not say you get drunk from one glass of wine and then proceed to drink four Manhattans
  • Do not say you never kiss on the first date and then go home with him.
  • Do not talk about your diet and workout regimen and how much effort it is to maintain your figure. Pretend it was an accident and not a grandiose effort


Now we have tips for both sexes out together on first dates. They should follow this ‘Do Not’ list:


  • Do not complain about dating.
  • Do not answer your cell phone while at dinner.
  • Do not talk about your dysfunctional family.
  • Do not talk about how hot your ex is, how good he/she was in bed, or how your date reminds you of him/her.
  • Do not go on a first date if you are sick. Reschedule.
  • Do not pass out under any condition (alcohol, drugs, sleep deprivation, etc.) unless you can prove you’re a bonafide narcoleptic.
  • Do not act insecure.
  • Do not ‘ogle’ other people at the bar.
  • Do not say that you feel like you have known your date forever.
  • Do not talk with your mouth full.
  • Do not bounce your leg nervously while driving.
  • Do not make fun of fat people, short people, or anyone with a physical condition.

Now that all is said and done hopefully, this good dating advice for men and women will lead couples to a more peaceful and satisfying love life.
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